Moving to Hollywood FL – what to expect?

    Moving to Hollywood FL

    Are you thinking about moving to Hollywood FL? Do you still have any doubts at all? Well, you’re in the right place! We’ll give you all the information to help you decide if moving from Colorado to Florida key is the best choice for you. This will include the situation in the Hollywood, FL real estate market. This Broward County town has a population of 146,791. The city is very ethnically diverse. The average income in Hollywood is $46,791 and the median home price ranges around $181,700. These numbers should give you a pretty good idea of how affordable this town is for you. Read on for more of the pros and cons of moving to Hollywood FL. You can find out what to expect in terms of education, the job market, housing, and the general lifestyle. We hope our guide will help you with your decision making!

    City skyline you can enjoy after moving to Hollywood FL
    If you didn’t know by now, Hollywood FL is an average-sized city but its people have the largest hearts on the East Coast!

    This is not a large town

    The number of people currently living in this town is over 150,000. Neighborhoods are not that far apart, which you can tell because they cover just over 30 square miles. Normally, the most commonly asked question people ask our movers and packers Florida is how to find the perfect neighborhood for themselves? It will be easy if you already have a friend or family member living there because you will be able to explore and choose. The city suffers almost no traffic jams so people do not have any problems while commuting from and to their jobs.

    How to choose a neighborhood before moving to Hollywood FL

    Also, if you already have someone living in a different neighborhood in Hollywood, you probably won’t see them that much. So, worry about living close to your friends and family rather than the place where you are working. That’s why it is crucial to pick the neighborhood that will suit your needs the most! Also, it is imperative to find your future place of living before hiring international movers. People often make a huge mistake by thinking they can execute a big relocation in a hurry. They only end up having a lot of issues that they have to solve while packing, moving and house-hunting. Ḥorror! That is why you should first find your new home and then handle the logistics of the move.

    Moving to Hollywood FL for education

    If you’re moving to Hollywood FL with your kids, or to continue your education, you’ll be happy to know that Florida has an exceptional educational system. All the schools here belong to Broward County, which is one of the largest public school systems in the US, coming at 6th place. It is also one of the fully accredited school systems in the US. It is home to over:

    • 315 schools
    • 141 elementary schools
    • 1 K – 8
    • 42 middle schools, which is an amazing thing about moving to Hollywood FL. Your school-aged children have a wide choice of schools.

    If you don’t want to enroll your kids in public schools, you can enroll your kid in private schools. If your child can’t attend classes, no worries! Just choose one of the virtual schools Broward County has to offer. After moving to Hollywood FL, you’ll have no problem with these kinds of situations.

    Electronic chip
    You can find HEICO, Aerospace, and electronics parts manufacturer, in Hollywood FL.

    If you are looking into high schools in Hollywood, you can choose from:

    • McArthur High School
    • South Broward High School
    • Hollywood Hills High School

    These three are among the best high schools in this county. There are also several middle schools and quite a large number of elementary and private schools. You can be at peace with your child’s education and future after moving to Hollywood FL. Consult your children and talk to them about what will be the best school for them. You should do this before you start organizing your move. Especially if you are organizing a cross country relocation. And, of course, you won’t have to worry about it if you hire reputable long distance movers. We can help you have a smoother and safer relocation so you can focus on more important things!

    Explore the job market in Hollywood

    The main source of income for Hollywood residents is tourism along with aerospace and electronics productions. After that, the biggest employers in this town are companies working in the health care industry. In 2011 only, Memorial Healthcare system had around 9,500 of medical staff on their payroll. Other medical healthcare services joined it with 4,000 and 1,200 employees. In December of 2012, the unemployment rate was at around 7 percent and it’s continued to drop!

    People in suits are shaking hands
    The best thing for you is to find a job long before moving to Hollywood FL. It is a good idea to start job hunting as soon as you can.

    Find out what the living costs are before moving to Hollywood FL

    Maybe you have prepared for this, or maybe this information will surprise you. Either way, the fact is that the cost of living in Hollywood FL is fairly high. In all reality, it doesn’t go much higher than the national average. Things that are not really affordable here are consumer goods and housing. If your desire is to buy a single-family home, you can find an astonishingly wide range from $160,000 to multi-million dollar properties. If you opt to rent after moving to Hollywood FL, that will cost you up to $700 per month. And that is without utilities, and – only if you are lucky! Most commonly, the price of renting will revolve around $1,500 per month.

    Cost of living in Hollywood FL is a little bit above the average

    Bills vary from $100 – $3000 per month. Indeed, this does seem a bit expensive, but you could save some money with a little investigating. Try to cut your expenses wherever you can and you’ll end up saving a pretty good sum. This is a good idea if you need to hire Purple Heart Moving Group or rent a storage unit when moving to Hollywood FL! We wrote this article in hopes that it will help you make a final decision! There are a lot of pros and cons of living in any place, so we try to provide you with crucial information. Now all that is left to do is have a safe relocation!