Moving to New York with toddlers – tips and tricks

    Moving to New York with toddlers

    Every parent knows what a roller-coaster having a baby is. Take all the everyday responsibilities and the busy lifestyle, add moving to New York with toddlers to that, and now this adventure is close to a space voyage! And as it often happens during relocations, unless you opt for hiring Florida to New York movers. Check out our full guide for parents moving to New York with toddlers to ease the stress and enjoy the transition.

    Woman with a toddler in the kitchen
    Pack everything you need for three days (or more) in one bag or box and keep it by your side for easy access on moving day and the first few days after.

    1. Make sure you stick to your routine when moving to New York with toddlers

    Babies require and thrive on the routine you establish early on. You shouldn’t let your moving obligations or the chaos of packing get in the way of your regular daily routine. Instead of hustling to pack everything last minute, you need to start packing as early as two months before moving day. Packing over a longer period of time reduces stress and enables you to have enough time in your schedule to follow that routine. Take advantage of toddlers’ nap time and their early bedtime to handle packing in many little segments. Most importantly, remember that you need to sleep as much as your baby does!

    2. Create a checklist to follow

    In order to keep your calm during the relocation, it is best to start planning everything two months before. Create a Count Down Calendar and hire packing services in Florida. Then print the Calendar and hang it up in a place you can easily take glances at it. The best place would be somewhere you can check it while playing with your kids. That way you can follow it easily and arrange to check it regularly. And the satisfaction of checking off moving tasks will be very rewarding!

    Baby sleeping
    And on the actual day of moving to New York with toddlers, arrange to have your little ones somewhere else.

    After moving to New York with toddlers, first unpack the kid’s rooms:

    After moving to New York with toddlers, you should set up the nursery first. This will allow you to easily change and put your kids to sleep. This is one of the most important hacks, especially on the first night of your new home. You’ll be very tired so take advantage of this trick. Also, you should arrange the toddler room to look like the one in your old home as similarly as possible. If the surroundings are familiar, this will help both you and your baby adjust to the changes.

    Now you can start the next chapter of your life by contacting Purple Heart Moving Group. We will move you to your new home where your little ones can play, grow and explore the world! Don’t worry about a thing as long as you have our experienced movers on your side! Enjoy your happy relocation!