Moving to Pembroke Pines- why and how

    Palm trees of Florida

    So, you’ve decided to move to another place and start a new chapter in your life? You are now probably wondering what you can expect and how will you adapt to the new environment? These all are the questions that are common when you are about to take such a big step in your life. Especially if you are moving with your family. Relocation is not an easy thing to do, but the benefits could be great. First and foremost, a variety of new opportunities are in front of you which might change your life for good. If you are thinking about moving to Pembroke Pines, you are in the right place. In this article, we will try to give you an insight into what living there looks like and why you should move to this place.

    Florida is calling

    Arguably, Florida is one of the most beautiful places to live in the United States. With great weather, a lot of activities for families and job opportunities moving to Florida can be the right decision. This state has a population of around 21milion and it is the third most populated country in the United States. The capital of Florida is Miami, but there are so many other beautiful places for living. Each area of Florida has a lot to offer. Imagine a life near the beach, palm trees all around you, a nice house because of the low costs of estates. Sounds nice? One of the many places in Florida worth giving a chance is Pembroke Pines. So, in this article you will see what moving to Pembroke Pines can provide.

    Moving to Pembroke Pines, Florida
    Florida is one of the best places to live in the U.S.

    Preparations for a moving to Pembroke Pines

    Relocation and the process of preparation for it might cause you a headache and a bit of stress. There are a plenty of tasks lined up in front of you. In order to stay on the right path make sure you are well organized. Creating a moving checklist is one of the things that can make this process much easier. Probably the most important task that you will have to face it is finding a good moving company. The safety of your possessions is in the first place, and it is only reasonable that you will want to hire professionals. By choosing experienced Pembroke Pines movers, you will not have to worry about anything. The professionalism and dedication to customer’s needs is their priority. This leads to increased customer satisfaction with different kinds of services. With this one big task marked as done, you can start preparing for packing.

    Making a good checklist will help you when moving to Pembroke Pines
    Making a checklist is an inevitable part of moving

    Facts about Pembroke Pines

    Gathering information about the place where you should move to is important. Knowing the basic facts about this place will help you to get the bigger picture of it. Pembroke Pines with the population of around 168k people is the second largest city in Broward County, after Fort Lauderdale. It is situated in Florida’s southern Atlantic Coast and only 25 minutes ride north of Miami. Great connection with Miami, the center of events in different life fields is an advantage of this place. It is more relaxed than Miami, oriented to a more quiet life. Yet at the reach of the hand to the best that Miami can offer. Accessibility to the Port Everglades and the Port of Miami is an important fact. Similarly, the infrastructure provides easy access to the Miami International Airport and Fort-Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport.

    Fort Lauderdale is the most populated city in Broward County
           Fort Lauderdale, Broward County

    Tropical rain-forest climate makes this area hot and humid in the summer with temperatures around 80-90 degrees. Winters are warm, with a temperature that goes between 75-85 degrees with very occasional cold periods. So you can have a sunny day spent on the beach whenever you want, despite the time of the year.

    Walking down the neighborhood

    When we talk about moving to Pembroke Pines we must mention that this place is regarded as really friendly and welcoming to everyone. It’s a warm community and nice neighborhoods can provide an interesting life. You can easily adapt to the environment and get along with neighbors. What makes this place interesting is a lot of cultural, religious, ethnical diversity. And meeting them in a small place like this makes it easier to adjust. Some of the subdivisions of this city are Boulevard Heights, Silver Lakes at Pembroke, Pembroke Lakes etc.

    Religious diversity of Pembroke Pines is at its best, with many churches built around the city center for an easier approach. And most of them are accessible throughout the day. Most popular ones are Oasis Church, Potential Church, West Pines Community Church, Pioneer community Church, Crossway Church, and many others.

    Pembroke Pines offers different kinds of business and educational opportunities. Vibrant place but on the other hand very relaxing for a living, especially for people with kids. It has a high quality of life so it can meet the needs of everyone, families, singles and senior citizens.

    Education- a great reason for moving to Pembroke Pines

    As an important factor for those who are moving with kids – there are plenty of elementary, middle and high public schools in Pembroke Pines, around 30. For those who seek higher education, there are several private schools along with Barry University, Broward College, Florida International University and Keiser University. The Broward County, along with Pembroke Pines has more than 200 schools. This all makes this area attractive to young people willing to gain knowledge in one of many great universities.

    Entertainment as a great factor for moving to Pembroke Pines

    Apart from great opportunities for getting good jobs and having high-level education, this place can be fun too. Proximity to beaches and shopping centers is what matters for both male and female population. Pembroke Pines has nice restaurants, bars, and clubs, so nightlife is also rich. There is also an option for going to Miami and West Palm Beach which lie not far away. Luckily, transportation is perfect, so you can easily experience something different and more urban.

    Miami street with cars and palm trees
                                Miami, Florida

    Kids have various options for spending their free time indoor and outdoor. Parks for getting in touch with nature and relaxation. And entertainments such as Fox Observatory, Gallery of Amazing Things, Pines Ice Arena etc.

    For culture and art lovers

    The mission of the Art and Culture Pembroke Pines Department is to offer places of culture at affordable prices. There are four facilities with art exposures and these are Fletcher Art and Culture Center, Susan B. Katz Theater and River of Grass Arts Park. Those two offer art, piano and drama classes and are hosts to many cultural performances. There are also Studio 18, fine art gallery and workspace for professional artists, and The Frank.

    As you can see there are a lot of things that Pembroke Pines can provide. Having a new city checklist will for sure get you familiar with a new place and its charms, as there are certainly more things that will suit your needs. It is up to you to explore them after moving to Pembroke Pines. We wish you a nice and easy relocation and a great beginning of a new life chapter.