Moving While Pregnant – Smart or Not

    Moving while pregnant could be serious adventure

    Many women have doubts about moving while pregnant. It is obviously one of the special questions that pregnant women have. On one hand, they feel that can go whenever they want. On the other, it could grow in the big medical problem. It is not weird if you feel that you will be happy to move in while pregnant. Many researching say that nesting instinct is very high during pregnancy. It could be even higher in the last trimester. So, do not confuse with the strength and willingness to make a new home in this period. Taking all we said in mind, American Pregnancy Organization recommends delaying of moving while pregnant in special situations.

    Moving while pregnant should not be a stresfull action
    Moving while pregnant should not be stressful

    Preparing for moving while pregnant

    It is obvious that you must be prepared for moving while pregnant. As the matter of fact, you must prepare more seriously than other people. It is not bad if you use a help, or be prepared for any problems.

    Pack in advance

    Whatever the reason for moving while pregnant is, you will not be forced to pack your stuff immediately. You will have some time for preparation and packaging. It is not bad to start with packing in advance. Right when you decided to move, you should pack things that you do not use daily. Pack wardrobe that you do not use at the right moment. Besides that, try to explore the place when you will move. If you hire local movers Miami, they could help you in exploring and preparation.

    Organize yourself

    Use a paper or agenda and write down everything you think about. Moving while pregnant include issues with memorizing. Maybe it is a myth, but allegedly pregnant women forget things. In order to avoid that, write down ideas, questions and notes as soon as they come in mind. In that way, you will avoid unnecessarily drama, stress and anxiety. Ask your doctor about possible problems that you should consider off.

    Pack things according to the room

    It is much safer and easier if you pack things from room to room when moving while pregnant. You obviously can separate things that you should pack in special packages or at the end. However, things like wardrobe and shoes should be separated from kitchen supplies or bathroom cosmetics. It is also good to label every box by the room. That will help moving company to organize transport, too.

    Pay attention to these things!

    You are aware of your condition and surely know that moving for you is not that simple. You also cannot take it for granted, or easy like every other moving. There are a few situations that you should prepare you and your partner on if you are moving while pregnant. Some of them you can take just as pieces of advice. Other could be very serious life-saving tips.

    Accept help whenever you can

    Even though you feel that you are not so tired in danger situation you should take a help. Pregnant women usually feel as they can do whatever other people do. They do heavy tasks putting themselves in a dangerous situation. You should be prepared for tiredness, neck and leg pain, losing breathe and anxiety. All of these are actually normal in every moving. Moving while pregnant means special condition and health problems. So, if your college, friend or family want to help, to not reject them. Taking a help from any of packing services Florida may help, too.

    You should ask for a help when it is needed if you moving while pregnant
    Do not hesitate to ask for a help if you moving while pregnant

    Pack three-day bag

    Moving is never a short time process, so prepare yourself for that, too. Every pregnant woman should have a three-day bag in every circumstance. Moving while pregnant demands having it. There are many serious situations with the health when a pregnant woman should go to the hospital. We do not want to scare you, but every physical activity endangers your health. That could also be a short and simple testing and examining. It will be much easier if you stay in the hospital with all you need on your hand. You will be calmer with that bag, too. On the other hand, it will be easier to have a bag if moving and unpacking take too long.

    Ask the doctor and the internet for the recommendation

    It is obvious that you will need to have a new doctor and a hospital after moving. It is not bad if you ask your doctor for the advice or recommendation. They could know people from other hospitals and medical centers and surely provide you a good advice. On the other hand, you should research the neighbor and that is possible only with the internet. Look for the grocery stores, coffee shops, mommy clubs, and even fitness center. That will make your new life easier.

    Why you should move while pregnant?

    In case that you still doubt, there are some reasons why is moving while pregnant a good resolution. You will finish all job when you can sleep and take a rest without crying baby. Cleaning and unpacking should be much easier without the baby. You will also be able to make a room for the baby and buy all the stuff you need. Speaking about the buying, moving while pregnant save your money. You will be able to have a better mortgage in the bank if you and your partner are alone. Finally, you will not be so vulnerable in front of the new neighbor while you are still alone.

    Moving while pregnant could help in making new friendships
    Moving while pregnant include new friendships

    There are situations that American Pregnancy Organization does not recommends moving while pregnant:

    • If you have really heavy packages and boxes and not many people to help you;
    • In case that you are not prepared for using non-toxic cleaners (you must forget on bleach, acids and other chemicals);
    • When you do not know the new home and rooms arrangement in the new house;
    • Maybe you do not know people in the new neighbor – good friends and mommy group can be very useful but sometimes it is easier to make new friendships with a baby;
    • Prepare for the isolation – caused by sitting at home all day with the baby and moving and adaption to the new neighbor;
    • Moving while pregnant could actually take more time for preparation, protecting and adapting than when you already have a baby.