Moving with family – quick-step guide

    We all know how difficult moving with family and pets can be – we’ve all been there, after all. You see, there are a few steps you can take to make your moving with family much easier, quicker and less unpleasant. So, how does one do that, exactly? Your experts from one of the best moving companies Miami are more than willing to give you some sage advice on the matter at hand…

    Moving with family is much easier when there’s division of labor

    By yourself, you can do a lot, over an extended period of time, of course. This is, of course, because you’re not packing just your stuff – but also the stuff of your spouse, kids, pet, and perhaps even the extended family. This is, of course, one of the major problems everyone faces when moving with family. Now, what you can do is divide the labor. There are certain organizational tips and tricks you can pull off when you do that, and here they are:

    Moving with family is much easier when the whole family participates.
    Moving with family is much easier when the whole family participates.

    Ask the kids to do some lightweight stuff

    Provided they’re old enough, of course. Telling a 10-month old to pack his stuff is likely to result in some cute gestures and sounds, but not in actual results. But, if your child is somewhat older and able to understand requests, you can ask him or her to do some easy chores, such as:

    • To put all the clothes in a single pile;
    • Than to divide the pile by person: “Mommy’s stuff goes here, your stuff goes here, etc”;
    • Ask him or her to match all the socks.

    That way, your child will be busy for some time, making moving with family all that much easier.

    If kids are busy during the move, chances of a mess like this one happening are very slim.
    Giving the kids something to do during the move can also prevent some adverse effects of loosened parental control due to the move.

    Divide the labor between yourself and your spouse

    Modern corporations operate on the principle that specialized labor division is the optimal solution. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t try that with your own family, especially when you’re moving. It’s going to make moving with family all that much easier for all parties involved. Normally, this means that you and your spouse will take the separate aspects of moving. For example, you may start packing the living room items, while your spouse may start packing the bedroom items. This is how moving with family becomes that much easier. Getting everyone involved is the most effective solution when moving with the whole family in tow.

    Hire a reliable moving company

    Hiring a reliable moving company is an “umbrella” solution to many moving problems, often because it is the most effective solution. We believe that it is also the most effective solution for problems that arise when you’re moving with family. Now, the more stuff there is, the more expensive the moving is – but this can also be a way to save money. See, when there’s a family in tow, you have to make sure that everything is packed correctly. Now, with all the stuff lying around, it’s very difficult to actually pull off. This is why we recommend hiring expert military movers – they also do domestic moving services, because they will do it in a much safer and quicker way.

    Ask some of your friends to help

    But don’t forget to buy them a beer afterward! Or Coca-Cola, or whatever they like. The point is, moving with family is always difficult to pull off by yourself, so ask your friends to help you out with that. Hopefully, they will be willing to lend you a helping hand.

    Do not forget to have a toas with your friends when you're done moving with family.
    Do not forget to have a toast with your friends when you’re done moving with family.

    So, the big moment of telling the kids that you’re moving…

    Due to their psychological predispositions, children are as a whole not likely to take to this change well. They will, after all, be parting with the home that they have grown up in, and it is likely to hit them hard. Some of the children, of course, will be thrilled – they don’t see the breakdown of the emotional attachment, but they do see fun and excitement, as kids are wont to do.  Try to present the moving as an entirely new opportunity to make new friends and also try to present the destination as a playground. This way, your child will be much more likely to immediately accept the fact that you’re going to start your lives anew. And, to make it even more fun for the child…

    Ask the child for his opinion before you start moving with family

    This is a way to get the child involved. Basically, what you have to do is to give him the idea that he’s in charge – said idea must don’t necessarily have to be true. For example, ask him questions like:

    • “Do you want dad’s shirts to go into the brown case or the black case?”, or
    • “Which shirt are you going to wear on the day of the moving?”;
    • “Which coffer enters the car first?”

    Questions like these provide the child with the illusion of autonomy – the child feels like he’s the boss because he said the dad’s shirts are going to the brown case, but the reality is, it doesn’t matter into which case they’re going, so long as packing goes on as usual.

    Finally, pick up the best time to move with family

    This largely depends on the preferences of both you and your child. For example, if you would like your extroverted child to socialize quickly, you may want to move during school time. On the other hand, if you need to take your time packing and preparing for moving with family, you will want to move during holidays. This largely depends on the age of your children, as well as their general psychological capability to adapt to new environments.