Moving your business during global pandemic

    a woman with the face mask

    Moving isn’t easy even in normal circumstances. What makes it even more difficult now is the situation the world is going through. Either way, you have scheduled to move during this time and that is exactly what you are going to do. Let us help you with moving your business during global pandemic hoping to make it easier for you.

    What to keep in mind if you are moving your business during global pandemic

    People are on the edge now. Nothing is certain and you have to live day by day. Long term planning is now a thing of the past. At least until the situation calms down. What this is going to mean is that you will have to be extra careful with how you handle moving. Purple Heart Moving Group knows all about being super organized. Basic tasks will stay the same but moving your business during global pandemic means adding extra effort.

    You will need to put extra effort into making sure you and your workers are safe. Moving your business during global pandemic means you will need to acquire:

    1. Gloves
    2. Masks
    3. Alcohol
    4. Food
    Masks and gloves you need to use when Moving your business during global pandemic
    Make sure to have masks and gloves before moving your business during global pandemic

    Make sure you are strict about workers respecting the measures. Yes, you need to relocate, but also stay healthy. Do not overcrowd the office to make the move quicker. This can only impact your and the employees’ health. Definitely not worth it.

    Make a solid plan for every action

    Having a solid plan is crucial for any major task. The value of a plan increases significantly if there is a pandemic in the equation. Your plan should have week to week tasks for employees that are included in the moving process. Start applying the plan a few months before moving day. There is a lot to do and quite possibly a few people to do it.

    The plan should include basic tasks like getting paperwork in order and settling utilities. The task number one on the list should be hiring commercial movers Florida. Make sure that every employee follows the timeline so you are meeting the deadline. Put a person you trust in charge of a moving committee. They will be in charge of relocation-related tasks. Moving your business during global pandemic means being super organized. The person in charge should keep you updated about the moving process and be the link between you and the rest of the employees. Of course, you are also a part of the moving process. You are a leader setting the example for others. Not just a tree bossing around and doing nothing. Be there for your employees and watch as they progress.

    Hire professionals to help you

    Hiring professionals is always a good idea if you want a smooth moving experience. Cleaning services and moving companies are there to ease your life. In times such as these, the professional help is essential. A lot of your employees will be scared to move in these circumstances. And that is completely justified given the state of the world right now. Because of that, you will probably be short-staffed for the whole moving process.

    a woman looking for professional movers on her lap top
    Always opt to hire professional movers

    That’s where the professionals step in. They are trained to do their job as quickly and efficiently as possible. Meaning you won’t be dealing with deadlines, stuff poorly handled and moody employees. All of us are stressed in this period, but you cannot force anyone to be in a good mood. No need to make it harder for anyone. It is a tough time for everyone. So hiring professionals for your office move will be the least amount of work for you. Just make sure you clarify the rules and your plan.

    Declutter first, then start relocating

    Decluttering is essential in any part of the move, and now more than ever. There won’t be that many people willing to help out here and you are getting close to the deadline. Meaning you will have to move a smaller amount of stuff. And trust us this is great news despite moving your business during global pandemic. Making room for new furniture is a must! The new space of yours must be prettier than the last one.

    Sell or consider donating your old furniture to shelters. If you opt for selling you can use the money to cover at lest one part of the moving process. There can be some unplanned expenses that can ruin your move. Make sure that does not happen. Either way, it is a step you must take when relocating. Make sure the paperwork out of date is tossed away.

    Renting a storage unit

    If a global pandemic caught you off guard, no worries. The expiring lease and the new one often do not meet. So you can opt-out to rent a storage unit as a  way to ease the transition. Pay for the unit with the money you made from selling supplies and furniture. Moving your business during a global pandemic means you will have to wing it a lot.

    storage units
    Renting a storage unit is a good idea when moving a business

    Renting a storage unit halfway to your new location is a great way of relieving the pressure on everyone. But this means that decluttering is a necessary part of any move. There is no room or money to spend on extra storage space. You should also keep in mind that you cannot work from a storage unit. This is just a temporary solution until you get to your new office place. It may seem like a long period. But given the amount of work you have, trust us, it will go by quickly.

    Moving your business during global pandemic is tough, but not impossible. You will just need to be a bit more creative when it comes to methods. And please make sure that you are following the regulations. Staying safe and healthy is the number one priority it times such as these. No room for risk! Good luck with your move!