Must-have apps for moving to Florida

    Tablet with must-have apps for moving to Florida

    If you are planning to move to Florida you will need to have a good plan and a moving company you can trust to perform your move. However, there are some apps you can download that will help you with planning a move and settling in Florida. If you are interested to find out which are must-have apps for moving to Florida, continue reading our article. Our main focus was on apps that will help you organize your move and ease stress during the moving process. However, keep in mind that apps can’t be a substitute for movers. Without any further ado let us get started.

    Must-have apps for moving to Florida – apps that will ease your moving preparation

    Moving preparation includes everything from finding a new home to unpacking. Before you can hire the best movers like Purple Heart Moving Group you should have prepared a moving plan and work on packing and other preparations. You can easily download apps like Moved or MoveApp. They will help you stay organized at all times. There are options for booking movers and storage units near you. Also, you can use them to order your packing supplies and selling items you won’t be using anymore. It is smart to have one of those apps installed on your phone. Moreover, you will have an easier time tracking moving preparation process if you have quick access to your moving plan true the app.

    However one of the must-have apps for moving to Florida is for sure Google Keep app. It is mainly for making lists and notes. You can also color-code them so you can find which list is for packing and which is for general moving tasks. Therefore you can always have the ultimate packing checklist on your phone. You will have less waste using digital checklists and you can easily edit it whenever you need to. Without a checklist, it is going to be hard for you to follow true your moving plan. For that reason, we advise you to make one on your phone by simply downloading an app like Google Keep.

    Moving checklist
    It is better to have a moving checklist on your phone.

    How can apps help you organize a small move or a last-minute move?

    The answer to this question is simple just because we live in a technology era where all you need is your smartphone. Moreover, there is an app for almost everything. By downloading apps like Dolly you will easily access databases of moving experts in your area and also you can rent a moving truck if you are planning to move on your own. However, if you have your own transport you can use it to hire just labor-only workers to load unload and help you carry heavy furniture pieces. That makes Dolly the perfect app for last-minute moves. Also, you can use it if you are planning to move in less than two weeks. Yet another thing about this app, you can use it to find junk removal companies, and also you can donate your belongings true this app.

    Also, if you need a freelancer to help you label your box or organize your clothes you can find one true TaskRabbit app. However, there are some things you should leave to the professionals. It is better to pay professionals for packing services than freelancers with no packing experience true the app. Find movers that offer packing services if you don’t know where to start. They are experts and they will pack you in no time. Also, you can learn some of the best packing tips and tricks from watching them do their job. Moreover, they will pack you faster than you can imagine, and also they tend to use their own packing supplies.

    couple packing boxes
    Use your apps to hire freelancer or professionals to help you with packing

    What else can apps help you with?

    You should consider apps like Letgo and Facebook Marketplace to declutter your home. These apps will help you sell all items you are not planning on using anymore. That will make your moving process way easier and you will have fewer items to pack for your relocation. Furthermore, you will earn some extra money that will help your moving budget a lot. If you still have items you can’t place in your new home you should consider some of the options for cheap storage Florida has to offer. Make sure your storage unit is just like the one you need and we are not talking just about size. Also, make sure your storage unit has good security and video surveillance.

    Yet another app to consider is the app that will help you with scheduling a move-out or move-in cleaning. Imagine you have to clean after packing and all moving preparations in your old home and before unpacking in your new home. Therefore Handy is must-have apps for moving to Florida when it comes to hiring a cleaning company. You can also use Handy to hire a handyman to help you with assembling your furniture pieces. 

    Must-have apps for moving to Florida – when you unpack and start a life in Florida

    When you are done with your move there are some apps that can make your life in Florida easier. Moreover, once you have them you will use them all the time. For that reason you need to have apps like:

    • Tri-Rail –  it offers you access to a commuting rail system and also you will always know if your train will arrive soon.
    • ParkMe or ParkMobile –  Use them to pay for your parking.
    • Uber or Lyft – The most used ride-sharing system in Florida.
    • News and weather apps – You should definitely use them to stay informed. No matter where you are planning on living you should use those apps on daily basis.
    Man holding a phone
    There are some must-have apps for moving to Florida you should use

    Apps can ease your move, especially the planning part of that. However, keep in mind that apps are just code and program you are using on your phone. Therefore you will still need to hire people to help you prepare for your relocation. However, if you are using them to ease the coordination of tasks make sure your electronic devices are charged and that they will survive the day. Good luck with your move, and don’t forget to charge your phone.