New York City vs. Miami – which one do the singles prefer?

    Those who do not enjoy their first romantic encounter by way of an app are rare. Since for most of the last decade, “swiping” has become the primary way of connecting. However, even in such a digital dating climate, there are a lot of people who sometimes find it absurd that we’d require a virtual interface to meet people amid million metropolia. And of course, for decades, people didn’t. But for the sake of it, Purple Heart Moving Group experts answer the critical question of the dating market: New York City vs Miami – which one do the singles prefer?

    Man in a suit leaning on a wooden wall
    If you cannot find the time to form a deeper bond because you’re busy on your grind, don’t worry – nor is everybody else.

    Was dating better or worse before this internet courtship era?

    All that vintage appeal aside, dating back then came with its own set of rules -and a lot of dedication. Which begs the question: Was dating better or worse before this internet courtship era? To find out, our Florida to New York movers reached out to residents of both metropolis and we have included all ages. We want to know about all the trappings of dating New York City vs Miami! And now we know both the best and worst aspects of dating in the current romantic climate. Here’s what we’ve learned about the nature of looking for love online.

    New York City vs Miami find a different dating scene every day

    Both in New York and Miami, you can submerge yourself into a different dating pool just by switching areas. Go to a happy hour on Wall Street if you’re looking for a more affluent type of crowd. But if you prefer the artsy types, just hop into Bushwick. Finally, if you are looking for a sugar daddy, spend more time in Tribeca.

    You don’t need to watch and love a certain sexy show about NYC to know that being single in the Big Apple is kind of a trendjust about no one under the age of 35 is seriously settling down. Not that they’re even trying to, for that matter. It’s no surprise, knowing that New York is the best place in the world to sow your oats, so to speak. But it has a lot of romantic spots too. People are gorgeous, fascinating, and very driven. After all, they wouldn’t be able to afford to live in Manhattan (mostly) if they weren’t.

    New York City vs Miami and meeting people from all over the world

    Uniform is luckily not a word anybody would pick when talking about the people of New York. This renowned melting pot is boiling with millions of people from all around the world. This means you won’t even have to buy a plane ticket to meet up with a cool person that has a cute accent.

    Another huge bonus of living in NYC as a single person is that you will never have to run into the date you ghosted. If a borough the size of Manhattan was more one of the more disperse cities of the world, you would, unfortunately, have a one hundred percent chance of clumsily running into that awkward date. You know, the one you ghosted and wished to never encounter again? However, in the Big Apple, that is virtually impossible either way. But even if this happened, you could just fall back into a crowd of people and disappear in an instant. Good luck trying that in Missouri.

    Bar in New York City vs. Miami
    There are countless places to meet people from thousands of events happening every single night, to amazing bars, restaurants all around.

    What about Miami’s singles scene

    Miami has a truly fascinating social life that could be both exciting and intimidating for a new person moving there. When you learn how to spot the tourists, get bored of bachelor parties, one-reality-show celebrities, and people only looking for one night stands, you’ll find that there are plenty of ways you can mingle with the Miami’s most attractive bachelors and bachelorettes. Just call one of the best moving companies in Miami to relocate you to the bustling city. Now, depending on what you like, here’s where you can meet Magic City’s hottest singles.

    What’s better, New York City vs Miami if you like to dance?

    NYC has a terrific dance scene and an eclectic nightlife. But if you prefer partying on a yacht, Miami’s got you covered. Surely, the city’s most famous clubs do attract a lot of tourists, however, plenty of affluent people still come to make a VIP appearance. Megaclubs like LIV, Bâoli, and Nikki Beach can offer you feasting your eyes on some beautiful people. There is no shortage of strong drinks, famous DJs, and single people who came dressed-to-impress. All in all, maybe the day parties on the beach are what could decide for you in this epic battle of New York City vs Miami.

    What to do if you are not into the bar scene in the first place?

    If meeting someone at a bar isn’t your style, don’t worry. Miami residents love to grab a book and sit at a local coffee shop. On the other hand, if you like art, meeting people will be easy at a screening at the Perez Art Museum in Miami. Finally, if you are into philanthropy, join a charity you’re passionate about and start mingling!

    Are you looking to meet someone while breaking a sweat?

    Miami is great for that! You can meet biking enthusiasts enjoying a group ride through Downtown Miami at Critical Mass. Along the same lines, the Brickell Run Club hosts a free mass run, so why not joining in? Finally, the Miami Rowing Club or Miami Dragon Boat Club offers you to marry exercise with Miami’s exciting water views. What could be better than that?

    What should every single person carry with them when dating in 2020?

    Here’s a shortlist of answers that single people in both the Big Apple and Miami have provided us with on how to best prepare for the dating jungle that is 2020:

    • You should put on a smile, a positive attitude and let’s not forget breath mints.
    • Hand sanitizer is a must!
    • Our respondents say that single people should always have a credit card with them, because these cities are expensive when it comes to entertainment and dating.
    4 girls smiling
    In a bustling city, your neighbors never judge you on your one night stands, what’s more, your neighbors don’t even know who you are!

    We also asked people how would they describe dating in 2020 in one sentence:

    • One person said there is someone for everyone.
    • Other people explain the dating scene experience of getting all the highs and all the lows on the same night!
    • Most people agree that to find a relationship nowadays, the stars and schedules must align.