NYC street fairs and festivals to visit in 2019

    NYC street fairs and festivals

    If you are in the Big Apple or thinking to move there any time soon, there are some things you simply can’t miss. New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world, and everybody knows it never sleeps. Whatever you want to do, wherever you want to go, you can always find anything you want there. From small cozy places to big and pompous events. Speaking about things you can’t miss, you should know that NYC street fairs and festivals are something else. They are happening all over the year, which is great as you will have something to schedule every single month. These festivals are great as post-move relaxation idea, or a place for quality family time.

    A few words about NYC street fairs and festivals

    The first thing you need to know about NYC street fairs and festivals is that there are so many of them. And each of them is one of a kind and has its own story. Some of them are located in the best NYC neighborhoods for young couples, others are in the center of the fashion world, and some are in the artsy parts of New York City. Therefore, there is something for everyone’s taste. All you need to do is to research a little bit and you will find your cup of tea in no time.

    Another thing you need to know about NYC street fairs and festivals is that they are happening for various reasons. You co go and have fun listening to the fantastic music, eat specialties from the world-famous cuisines, or purchase most amazing trinkets, jewelry or other hand-made items. As you can see, it can be a great choice for a family day, or maybe a shopping spree. And the best part is that there are many such festivals in NYC for the whole year. Therefore, if you miss one, there is no need to wait for the whole year. Just try to find a similar festival in another borough. There is a big chance you will be able to visit it very soon.

    Some of the best NYC street fairs and festivals to visit in 2019

    Every year there is at least one new festival. That is why it is a good idea to find a list of all fairs for the following year. You will notice that every year the list is bigger, or at least different. Which is great as you will be able to experience something new. You need to realize that visitors of these events are not only residents of New York City. Thousands of tourists are actually coming to the Big Apple just to be a part of them. And they are coming from all corners of the world. Some are even moving to NYC afterward as they fall in love with these streets. And if you are thinking to relocate to NYC, make sure to find good and reliable Florida to New York movers. They will handle everything for you.

    In order to help you with your research, here are some of the most popular street fairs and festivals in NYC to visit until the end of 2019:

    • The Feast of San Gennaro
    • Bleecker Street Event
    • Hester Street Fair
    • Atlantic Antic
    • Smorgasburg
    • 37th Avenue Festival
    • Forest Hills Fall Festival
    • Free museum day
    • Oktoberfest in Central Park
    • Brooklyn Book Festival

    We could continue adding events to this list the whole day. And probably would miss some along the way. That is why we will leave you to continue researching and find festivals and fairs you would like to visit.

    The Feast of San Gennaro

    This event happens every September in Manhattan’s Little Italy, and it has almost a hundred years’ tradition. You will have the opportunity to eat in the best Italian restaurants, see a parade, visit free concerts and compete in cannoli eating. And everything is red, white, and green

    Participate in cannoli eating competition

    Oktoberfest in Central Park

    You probably already know about world-famous Oktoberfest that happens in Munich, Germany every year. But did you know that there is one in Central Park as well? Yes, you will be able to drink some of the best German beers and pretzels. Therefore, make sure to put this festival on your list.

    Oman holding beer
    Experience Oktoberfest in NYC

    Hester Street Fair

    This festival has it all – tasty food, live events, and great shopping deals. Even though this fair has one of the best food selection, you will not only be eating. There are many themed events you will be able to participate, such as a vintage day or lobster-and-beer blowout.

    Brooklyn Book Festival

    This is the largest free book-related event in the whole New York City. And some of the biggest stars, national and international, are presenting their newest work and signing books. Here you can buy new and used books, find something you have been searching for a long time, or get a piece that will become a best-seller soon.

    book fair
    Make sure to visit the Brooklyn Book Festival

    It is time for your NYC street fairs and festivals adventure

    Finally, you can start your NYC street fairs and festivals adventure. All you need to do is to research a bit, make a list of festivals you want to visit and circle the date. Keep in mind that there are many festivals during the year. Not to mention that they are happening in all parts of New York City. It can be a great occasion to go to another borough you haven’t visited for a long time. Or simply to enjoy things you love. In case you or your family member are in the service, use the convenience and amazing offer of military movers for moving to the Big Apple. And once you experience this amazing city and its festivals, you will never want to leave again.