Packing guide for seniors

    elder person holding a cane

    Packing must be the dullest part of any moving process. This process can be even more tiring after you reach a certain age. But do not let that stop you from reaching your dream destination. Let us help you with our packing guide for seniors to overcome this together.

    The most important tip from our packing guide for seniors is to hire professional help

    Let’s face it, doing this alone will be very difficult. Yes, you probably can manage it by yourself, but why would you? Packing services Florida are here to give you a helping hand. Aside from packing services, you should consider hiring other types of professionals as well. Moving as a senior does not mean you have to jeopardize your health.

    elders holding hands after reading Packing guide for seniors
    The best Packing guide for seniors is a tip for hiring professional movers

    Cleaning services and movers can also be helpful in many different ways. After you are done packing, there will be a ton left to clean, and that can be hard even for youngsters. No need to push yourself that far. Hiring cleaning services for your old and the new place as well is a smart move during relocation. Movers can provide safe transport for your valuables while cleaners do their job. Call some younger family members to help you if you want to save money on cleaning and packing. This packing guide for seniors is about all forms of help to you. It will require some organizing but hey, try to have some fun while at it.

    Decluttering is the savior of the relocation process

    You might not think much about it at first. Moving companies Hollywood FL can confirm the importance of not skipping this part of the relocation. This is why packing guide for seniors golden trick is decluttering:

    1. You will be getting rid of unnecessary stuff
    2. Saving money on packing supplies
    3. Saving time on packing
    4. Not moving dirt along with you

    There are a lot more upsides of decluttering. Trust us when we say that you will feel 10 times lighter. The decluttering process  will get you a bit emotional though. Going through all the old memories of family and friends especially when moving is rough. You may be tempted to carry all this with you, but it is not worth the trouble. Pick out the most important and valuable stuff and take them with you. The rest will probably sit in a garage. If you are keen on keeping more than you can carry, consider why renting a storage unit might be a good idea.

    cluttered table
    Declutter your home before you start packing

    Gather quality supplies

    Around your house, there are probably a lot of valuable items. Fine china, figurines and chandeliers will need extra care. Some of those items might be better off in the hands of professional packing services. If you are determined to do it alone, you will need to know where to gather quality packing supplies. Buying packing supplies can come after the process of decluttering. You will have a more clear vision of how much stuff you have.

    By doing it in this order, there is no way to make a mistake of overbuying. Moving is a pricey process and there is no room for spending more than you must. So make sure you have an estimate or to do it yourself. Making an inventory can come in handy here. Not just when buying supplies, but later when the moving takes place. Keeping track of all your thing means a piece of mind. Contacting your moving company right after you notice that something is missing is crucial. And this will probably be solved in a minute.

    Packing room by room

    Same as with decluttering, packing room by room is the most efficient technique. Packing guide for seniors is all about efficiency. Start off by packing the least used parts of the house. Those are storage areas and spare rooms. Use them for storage as you continue packing bedrooms and other important areas. And if, for example, you have to know how to transport furniture long distance, you can always find good guidelines online, or ask your movers for help. The house will be functional for longer periods as the moving day approaches. All the people helping you will not be bothered by the chaos around and they will also be able to function. Make sure you label all the boxes with the contents of it and the room they belong in.

    a living room
    Dismantling big furniture can be a good idea when planning a long distance relocation

    Having everything around the place is stopping you from being functional. And can also jeopardize your health. Stumbling on something in the dark and falling over is going to postpone your relocation. So do not let that happen and stay organized! Add the boxes with items to your inventory list as well.

    Do not pack perishable food and hazardous items

    Some things are better left behind. Besides clutter, we also think of hazardous items and perishable food. There is a quick fix regarding food. Create your eating plan for weeks to come before your move. Make sure to only buy necessities so no food is wasted. When family comes by to help, make meals for them! We are positive they just adore your cooking. Canned goods are free to go with you as they are safe for transport.

    Hazardous items are not something to be transported. If you are not certain about what those are in your home, make sure you check the labels. Fuel for your moving machine and a lot of cleaning products should not be transported. You will be putting you and others in danger. Besides, why not give them to your next-door neighbor? If you are currently thinking about moving to Florida, and your neighbors are fresh out of fuel, then give it to them! Make someone else happy and stay safe!

    Packing guide for seniors is all about helping you get the best move possible. Besides us, you have professionals and families willing to give their best. Do not be afraid of moving just because you are a senior. This will be a lot of fun. Your Florida retirement plan is soon going to become a reality!