Packing mistakes to avoid when moving

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    Moving to Florida or moving from Florida somewhere else is a beautiful experience. But, what to do when is time for packing? How to do it, and where to begin? It is easy to make packing mistakes without the proper knowledge. So, before moving, learn everything you can and leave your stress behind. Involve the whole family in packing and you should work together as a team.

    Family packing team.
    Pack boxes together as a family. Your kids will be so excited and happy.

    Avoid packing mistakes with simple tips an tricks

    If you have no time for packing, or you are not a person for that there is a solution too. You can hire packing services Florida and make you move much stressless and easier. Packing professionals know their job. If you are worried about your stuff and you do not want to damage them, hiring professionals is the smartest solution, especially if you do not have time for packing. On the other hand, if you pick a different solution, to pack boxes by yourself, then you should learn what are packing mistakes and how to avoid them when moving. 

    Separate enough time

    You will probably need much more time than you think. Even if you have a plan. Emotions can be so strong, and they can overwhelm you. So, take it slow. Maybe, if you invite a friend to help you with deciding what to take is the smart choice. Also, you will have other obligations. Changing address, transferring medical records and other documents, school records if you have kids…You never know what can happen. Estimate the time and energy required to pack for a move. Learn how to avoid the biggest moving mistakes too, and your move will be nice and smooth.

    The clock.
    The clock is ticking. Start on time and you will have enough time for everything

    Sort and purge

    Organizing is the key. Before moving purge you home. Fewer items to pack it is better for you and also, for your wallet. Take just the necessary belongings to your new place.  Go through every room and think what items to keep and what items to toss. Moving companies charge according to the weight and size of your boxes. So, cleaning will save money too. When you learn how to avoid clutter and try to stay organized, unpacking at your new home will not be frustrating and stressful.

    Packing materials and boxes

    How much packing materials you will need? And what can you use for wrapping? Most of the people make their packing mistakes with packing and wrapping supplies. The problem is, they underestimate the amount of stuff and in the end, they have the lack of boxes. Also, this is the case for newspapers and air bubble foil. After all that work, you do not want broken or damaged items. So, to avoid this mistake, collect enough boxes and packing materials.

    Do not overpack boxes and label them

    When we talk about boxes, it is a mistake to overpack them. You can hurt yourself and damage the items. On the other hand, it is much easier and simpler to put them and packing them into the truck or van. Labeling is going to help when you unpack it.  If a box is fragile or extremely heavy, mark that just in case.

    Properly pack fragile items

    Fragile items are the most difficult items to pack. What will you need? First, bubble foil and duct tape. Second, newspaper. Wrap your breakables into a bubble foil two or three times and tape it. In the bottom of the NEW AND FIRM box put newspapers (make a ball with newspaper). Then around the fragile item also put the newspapers and close the box. Most people are not professional packers, but the good news is you can learn easily how to pack fragile items. Your irreplaceable items deserve the best treatment.

    Do not forget to pack essential box

    An essential box is the most important box. People usually forget to pack it, and they realize it on the first day of the moving. What should you have inside? Some of the essential items are:

    • Toiletries – Toothpaste and brush, towels, soap, shampoo, hand sanitizer. If you want to avoid packing mistakes, pack those few things. Imagine how hard it is to find them on the first day in the new home.
    • Cleaning supplies – Where to eat if you have a dirty and dusty table? How to clean it and take a shower? That’s why cleaning supplies are important. But, make sure you pack new and unopened supplies.
    • Clothing – Pack few t-shirts, underwear and socks.
    • Unpacking equipment – It is time for unpacking and you do not have scissors and knife. Always have a pair of scissors with yourself.
    • Food and medications – Snacks, juice, food for kids…Yes, you can order a pizza but, it is not healthy to eat fast food every day. Medications and first aid kit are also in this group.

    Have your valuable items with you

    Documents, jewelry, passports, insurance, collector items…Do not pack those items with the rest of the boxes. The moving company will take care of them of course, but you never know what can happen. It is safer. because they could be lost.

    Do not pack hazardous items

    toxic sign.
    Do not pack hazardous materials. Hire a special moving company for those items

    There are specific items that you should not pack or move. Movers will not ship hazardous items because of the safety reasons. Also, if you take them with you, it can be expensive and dangerous. So, as you can see it is not just one of the packing mistakes you can make. Some of the hazardous items are:

    • Acids
    • Guns and ammunition
    • Fireworks
    • Lab chemicals or any kind of chemicals
    • Gasoline