Packing tips for a last minute move

    A man looking at his watch, thinking about packing tips for a last minute move

    Although we can say a lot before jumping to the subject, the title of this text infers that there is not much time for lengthy and philosophical introductions. So, we will cut straight to the case. These are our best packing tips for a last-minute move. If you find them too complicated, or too much to handle, be smart about this and call movers Davie FL to help you out.

    A last-minute move means that time is working against you, and there is a great amount of pressure present. This can make decision making rather hard, and prioritizing near impossible. Luckily, we are here to do that for you. Start with:

    Getting the logistics out of the way

    If you plan on hiring a relocation company to help, start looking for Florida movers right away. Depending on the number of services you plan on hiring them for, this might be the biggest part of your job. Try to find a company that has good reviews, and nothing too shady about it. For example, too many excellent reviews can be considered a red flag, since no one is that perfect, and even if they are, real people will still find something to complain about.

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    One of the packing tips for a last-minute move: find realistic reviews, and really go through the comments before making the decision.

    Now, if you plan on moving or packing on your own, your work is not yet finished. Having a DIY move means that you need to find a moving truck to help with your endeavors. Compare pricing from three different renters, and see which one suits you best in terms of quality, fees, and overall reliability. Try to make the decision right then and there, and schedule your move.

    Finding the right moving or truck-renting company, you have a great head start. Time for your next task, and that is:

    Removing the things that you do not need

    Decluttering might seem redundant in times when you are looking for packing tips for a last-minute move. However, decluttering is rather crucial in order to make your packing as short as possible. The logic is simple: the less you have to pack, the quicker and easier it will be. Go through each room, closet, and cabinet of your home, and take out all of the items you no longer want or need. Items from the newly created pile should be differentiated into three piles: donate, recycle, and toss.

    The key in this step is to think practically, not sentimentally. Relocation gives you this wonderful opportunity to get rid of the items you no longer need, and start this chapter in your life fresh and anew. Try your best to resist the urge of just packing everything, with an intent of sorting it out once you unpack. It is much easier to do this before the move, save both energy and time on packing, and make the unpacking that much simpler.

    A neat looking living room
    Start this new chapter in your life by being surrounded only with the items you have use of.

    After your pile is sorted, get rid of the items according to their categories. Take the trash and recycling items out to their bins, and drop off your donations. Goodwill will take pretty much anything, as long as it is in good condition. Your used linens and towels will serve great at your local animal shelter, while unopened, unexpired, and preferably canned food will be greeted with a big smile at your local food pantry.

    Packing tips for a last-minute move worth gold

    Packing for a last-minute move means focusing a little less on organization, and a little more on simply getting everything in a box. Further meaning that the goal here is to get all of your belongings from your current home to your new one. Preferably in an impeccable state, and in a short frame of time. So, say goodbye to optimally sorting your items, or even having time to list what’s packed where. Keep your eyes on the prize, and follow these packing tips for a last-minute move:

    1. Pack now, sort later

    Do not bother with keeping similar items together, or having a ”theme” for each box. The time for sorting is long gone. This means that you put things where they fit, even if you end up with a box filled with socks, water glasses, and board game dice. Your goal is to pack everything, whilst being mindful of your items’ safety. You will deal with sorting in the process of unpacking. And, this time only, it is okay to skip labeling. Just make sure to at least write ‘fragile’ on a box that holds anything that can break easily.

    2. Use soft items to wrap breakables

    This can be regarded as killing two birds with one stone. Not only will you pack your socks with your vases and glassware, but you will also protect these fragile items at the same time. Apart from socks, know that towels, clothing, and pillow sheets will all do great. In addition, not only will this save you time and space, but money as well, since you no longer need as much of packing supplies.

    Five men in suits wearing coloful socks
    Who knew socks could be so versatile.

    3. Set up boxes as the need for them arises

    Since you will be all over the place, you want to keep your space as clear and manageable as possible. A great way to do this is to set up boxes as you are ready to fill them. Once a certain box is full, tape it shut, move out of the way, and then set up a new one.

    4. Don’t bother too much with clothes

    This is one of the crucial packing tips for a last-minute move. You want to pack your clothes as they are, not wasting too much time on perfectly folding every piece. When it comes to items hanging in the closet, wrap a strong garbage bag around them, starting from the bottom, and tie the bag’s strings around the hangers. Keep the dresser drawers intact, and simply remove every drawer. You would then wrap it in packing materials, such as plastic wrap. Or, you can keep the entire dresser as it is, provided that it’s not too heavy to lift. Just make sure to wrap it with plastic wrap, so as to prevent any opening during the road.