Pantry relocating tips

    Pack your pantry like a pro

    Moving has its challenges. In fact, most people believe that moving is quite tricky. The reason for that attitude is probably the fact that moving is difficult to organize. Take, for example, your kitchen. It certainly takes time to pack all those trinkets laying around. What about big and bulky appliances like a fridge? Or all those fragile items? One way to solve your problems is to lookup moving and storage Florida and find a reliable moving partner. On the other hand, if you want to move on your own you will have to make a good packing strategy. Luckily for you, you have come to the right place. We will show you how to pack your kitchen like a pro. Since the kitchen is a broad topic, we will concentrate on the pantry. So, stay with us for useful pantry relocating tips.

    Step one: declutter your pantry

    We all have a lot of stuff that we don’t use that often. They are just sitting there attracting dust and allergens. The reason for this is that people are often emotionally attached to some items they consider as family memorabilia. Other times, it’s just pure laziness. So, resist your urge to procrastinate, as now is the perfect time to get rid of everything that you don’t need. There are many benefits of doing so:

    • The packing process will be a lot easier. When you discard all those redundant items, the packing process will be pretty straightforward.
    • Time-saving. Less stuff to pack means shorter packing time. It’s as simple as that.
    • Trimming moving costs. The price of every move is based on two main factors. The instance of the move and the total weight of the shipment. In other words, the less stuff you decide to pack, the less you will pay for the move.

    Pantry relocating tips, step two: Use all the food

    Some things are not advisable to move, and food is one of them. It’s just not cost-effective. Unless you are moving just across the street. Food can spill, get spoiled, and thus ruin the whole shipment. Bear in mind that many moving companies will refuse to transport any type of food. Finally, why would you bother packing something that you can buy in the nearest store as soon as you arrive at your new place? Since moving preparations are a process that could last for several weeks, you should try to use the food that you already have.

    On the other hand, if you have to move in a hurry, and you don’t have time to prepare your own meals, you could give your pantry supplies to your neighbors. Also, you should consider donating. You can drop by one of those non-profit organizations or local charity institutions that provide food for those in need. It is always a good idea to give something back to the community. If you have some valuable items in your pantry that you would like to keep for some time, you can also rent one of the Florida storage units, and decide how to deal with them later.

    Picture of a meal
    One of the best pantry relocating tips is to use all your food before you move

    Additional tip: How to choose a quality storage unit?

    If you believe that you should rent a storage unit, you should first make sure that it ticks all the right boxes. These are the factors that you should take into account:

    • Safety parameters. Check if the storage unit is equipped with quality locks, surveillance systems, and night guards.
    • Climate control. These storage units guard your belongings against harsh outside factors such as heat and cold. They also prevent the appearance of mold.
    • Accessibility. Choose a storage unit that is near your place, and that can be easily accessed by van or truck.

    Step three: Make a moving inventory

    A good moving inventory is something that you should make for every room in your home, not just your pantry. It is a prerequisite for a successful move. A moving inventory will help you to keep track of what you have already packed, and what still needs to be packed. Also, when you have a moving inventory you will lower the chances of leaving something behind. Finally, the unpacking process will be a lot easier too. So, grab a piece of paper and write down all the belongings you are taking with you.

    Picture of a person writing something in a notebook
    Make moving simpler by creating a moving inventory

    Pantry relocating tips: Packing tools

    There is just one more thing that you must do before you start packing and that is to get some moving supplies. Moving supplies are basic moving tools that make moving simpler. Use them to properly pack your belongings and to keep them safe during transportation. You can get moving supplies at any hardware store, or order them online. Anyway, here’s what you will need to pack your pantry:

    • Cardboard boxes
    • Packing paper
    • Packing tape
    • Bubble wrap or styrofoam peanuts
    • Old clothes or some piece of soft fabric
    • Marker pens or sticker labels in different colors
    • Scissors
    • Box cutters
    • Basic tools like screwdrivers

      Picture of a couple with moving boxes on their heads. IF you want to put our pantry relocating tips into practice, you will have to get some moving supplies
      Moving is easier when you have quality moving supplies

    Step four: How to pack fragile items?

    Pantry and kitchen are full of fragile items like glasses, dinnerware, wine bottles, jars with jam or pickles. Now, we already said that you should try to use your food supplies, but there will still be some fragile items to pack. Here’s how to do it properly:

    • Wrap fragile items like glasses and fine chine in packing paper.
    • Stack glasses vertically and plates horizontally inside of a cardboard box.
    • Be careful not to overstuff the box. Too much weight can tear the bottom of the box.
    • Fill any leftover gaps with soft materials to prevent the breakables from tumbling around during transport.
    • Tape the boxes on all sides with packing tape, and seal them tightly.
    • Use markers or sticker labels to write the contents of the box.
    • Label these boxes as fragile to make sure your moving partners deal with those boxes with extra care.

    All things considered, a pantry is not that hard to move if you have a clear plan and appropriate moving tools. Follow out pantry relocating tips, and you will be able to relocate to your new home without any problems. Good luck!