Planning your office move-when to start

    a man planning an office move

    Moving can be tough, whether it is planning your office move or relocating your home. The most important thing is to plan everything you can and get an adequate help. This doesn’t have to be that difficult, so let’s see what we can do about it.

    Create a solid plan before the process starts

    Having a plan is essential in many aspects of life. Of course, there are many things you can oversee, but let’s not focus on that. The first move is to hire commercial movers Florida to help you out. As long as you have a solid plan, that is focused on important aspects of the relocation, everything’s good. Planning means you will ensure that every crucial task is completed by a certain part of the team. Planning your office move means defining the following aspects:

    1. Defining the task itself
    2. Assigning the tasks
    3. Setting a specific timeframe
    man making a plan as an easy way of planning your office move
    Planning your office move is easier if you make a plan first

    People in charge of the process should be great at handling pressure and making quick decisions. Try picking someone you trust and who is well organized. That person should ensure trust in others as well and also be a great motivator. This is the time everyone will have to work double. Moving your company as well as doing their jobs, so it can be stressful. A person in charge of the moving process should be able to handle that sort of delicate situation. So choose wisely who that will be. You will take upon yourself a great deal of tasks, but be careful not to overwhelm yourself. It will bring no good to you or to your employees.

    When is it a good time for planning your office move

    This is a tough one because there is no great time for such a big task. Planning your office move includes a lot of variables. One of them is the time in which you are going to execute the move. For different sorts of businesses, different seasons can be suitable. Consult with Purple Hear Moving Group about timing. Being familiar with the workflow over the year will help your planning a lot. If there is no end date to your lease, you are in luck. This way you will be planning your office move in the period you figure will be the least stressful. That means moving during the least hectic period. As we mentioned, this is different for every company.

    a calendar
    There is no a perfect timing for moving that applies to each business

    If you have a deadline heading regarding your lease, well, it will be clear when you have to organize the move. This doesn’t have to have a bad effect on the move or your firm. Having a deadline can push people in the direction of amazing creativity. Use that to your advantage, and do not forget to appreciate it as well.

    Hire helpers and discuss the relocation packages

    You will need a lot of professional help with your relocation. Here, we are talking about movers, cleaning services and volunteers. When looking for a moving company, do your research well. Going for recommendations from others is always a win and can almost guarantee you a stress-free move.

    a woman talking on her phone
    Hire professionals to help you with your office move

    Since this is an office move, try looking for a company that handles most of the work. This includes cleaning, packing, trucks, boxes, etc. You will lift a ton off your and the employee’s chest and that means a lot. Learn how to negotiate a good deal with your movers regarding relocation packages if you are moving long distance.

    Downsize, but keep the business expansion in mind

    When planning your office move there is much to think about. For instance, your business growing in the next couple of years. What you can do about this is consider a bigger place when relocating. Even if you are not planning on making your business bigger, the bigger place is always a good choice. It’s important that you and your employees feel comfortable in your office.

    a home office
    Try to downsize your office before you move

    If you are not moving desks and other huge items, but plan on buying new ones, there is something to do here. Plan out a sale of the stuff you can sell and fund a part of the relocation. Keep planning your office move without taking that money into the account. Use it to deal with unexpected moving expenses. Having some extra money aside just in case is always a good idea. It keeps your stress levels lower and keeps you focused on the main task. Decluttering is always a fun experience and can also relieve your stress. What is also great about it is that you won’t move your office along with junk laying around.

    Consider renting a storage unit

    When planning your office move things might not always go as planned. Maybe there is some room left between a new lease and the old one. This is where the storage units come to the rescue. Store the items such as documents in the units. You can finance the units with the money from the sale of the items after you downsized.

    storage units
    You can rent a storage unit for your office items

    Renting a storage unit will also come in handy if you are relocating by yourself. This move can ease your work and move-related stress. A storage unit in the middle of the two locations, or closer to your new one will ease your transition.

    Planning your office move implies a lot of work for you and the rest of the company. Use your resources wisely and plan everything you can. Leave the rest to the professionals and do not stress out. Your business will be up and running in no time again!