Popular decluttering methods to use

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    Getting ready for moving means that you are going to have to go through a bunch of your items and prepare them for when the movers come. In order to make sure that you move efficiently, you will want to carry as little items with you as possible. Obviously, we are not suggesting getting rid of the majority of your belongings. However, we are saying that you could use some popular decluttering methods in order to make sure that you will not be taking unnecessary items with you. If your goal is to not spend a fortune on your move, bear with us.

    We are going to suggest different ways to downsize your moving load. Sometimes, people discard the possibility of letting go of some of their belongings right away. You should not do this. Be open about your move and you will be able to move at an affordable price.

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    There are only so many jars that you should have in your kitchen

    The most popular decluttering methods

    Before we get in medias res, let’s take an overview of the popular decluttering methods that you can use. You will find out that some of them might sound familiar to you. The usual reason is the fact that plenty of popular decluttering methods are actually quite reasonable ideas that all of us have thought of at a certain point. However, realizing what we can use them for can sometimes take us a while. In fact, even movers Pompano Beach FL have had customers astound upon learning what their decluttering options really are.

    So, let’s cut to the chase, these are the most popular decluttering methods that you can use:

    • Give away items that you have not used in the past year
    • Get familiar with the Konmari decluttering method
    • The Packing Party is a good way to get rid of unnecessary items
    • Go 20/20 and save space

    To give away is one of the most popular decluttering methods

    One of the most popular decluttering methods, and at the same time, probably the most generous one, is to give away your excess items. By items, we do not mean clothes only. Basically, there are so many people in need that almost anything in a good shape can be valuable to those who are not blessed with the means that we have been. If you happen to be moving or simply sorting out your clothes, you should make sure to get rid of the items that you have not worn recently. It will make your moving estimate much lower.

    The only thing that such items will be doing for you is to gather dust. And that is not something that you need. Therefore, do yourself a favor and donate your old belongings.

    Konmari decluttering method sits pretty high on the list of the most popular decluttering methods

    Konmari decluttering method is different from the rest of them. It takes into account the benefits of minimalism when moving. The key component to it is your feelings toward your belongings.

    The idea behind Konmari is to decide whether you should keep your items or not based on the feeling that they spark with you. Also, it is not location-based. Rather, it focuses on the type of items that you need to declutter.

    Konmari is one of the most popular decluttering methods
    Books are great, but keep only those that you are sure that you are going to read again

    For example, imagine if you had to decide which books you should get rid of and which books you should keep. Plus, you are probably going to have them in multiple rooms. So, in order to declutter according to Konmari, you should bring them all into one place and declutter on spot. It will give you a perspective of how many such items you possess. Furthermore, you should take each and every one of them in your hands. Listen to your feelings about each one. Keep only those that fill you with joy.

    Introducing the Packing party as one of the most popular decluttering methods

    The Packing Party works pretty easy. The goal is to find out what items you really use and which you should perhaps get rid of.

    The way that you are supposed to play the game is to box up all of your possessions. Professional packing services Florida can help you with this part if you feel like this task is too complicated to take on yourself. As time passes by, you should take out of the box only the items that you are using. Do not put them back after you are done with them. Play the game for 21 days. After three weeks, take a look at what you have been using. Then, turn to the box of unused items. Are you sure that you need all of them? Now you are ready to make your decision whether to get rid or hold on to them still.

    20/20 rule is a great way to save space

    The 20/20 rule is a pretty straightforward one. Take a look at the pile of items that you want to declutter. Then, go through them one by one. Think about whether that item is more valuable than $20. If you cannot get a new one for that much, you maybe should hold onto it still. However, in the case that you can get a similar or the same one for less than $20, it may be a good idea to say goodbye to it. After all, making one such decision will enable you to downsize on the number of your possessions.

    Image of a minimalist living room
    Living with less will enable you to feel more

    On the other hand, it will not put you in a position of losing a lot. Sure, you might end up needing to buy some of those items again after a while. Still, the freedom that you will get by living in a less crowded space is worth it.


    In the case that you are looking for popular decluttering methods, you may decide to use some of the above-mentioned ones. We can tell you that living with fewer possessions can be very beneficial to your soul. Give away what you are not keeping and help this world become a better place for all.