Post-move paperwork to take care of

    A guy taking care of post-move paperwork

    Taking care of post-move paperwork might not be the best way to bring your relocation to an end. Surely you’ve had a different picture in mind. Something including a nice bottle of wine with a delicious dinner and a proper toast, perhaps. Well, you don’t have to cancel those plans altogether. Simply postpone them. After all, when you are finished with all the documents, you can really get the feeling of completion and a job well done. So, let us see how you ought to go about this process.

    Post-move paperwork you ought to address

    As is with any task that involves multiple steps, it is best to solve it by listing all there is to do. You are probably familiar with this method. After all, having to relocate has certainly put you in a situation where the proper organization is the only way to go. Even with the best Florida movers, one needs to be aware of all there is to be done. As for your post-move paperwork, you will need to take care of the following:

    1. Your utilities
    2. The Postal Service
    3. Your and your kids’ educational files
    4. Medical and veterinarian records
    5. Driver’s license (depending on the distance of your relocation)

    There is one more thing that might need addressing. Namely, if the reputable and reliable movers Davie FL handled your move, you can skip this step. However, if something went awry during your relocation, and you notice there are some issues, or items missing, make sure that you add the insurance claim to your list.

    A notebook and a pencil
    Making a list of post-move paperwork you need to take care of is the best way to start dealing with this task.

    Ensuring normal living conditions

    Or, in other words, taking care of the utilities. This is by far one of the first things you should take care of upon relocating. That is to say, you want to make sure your utilities are up and running. Now, one might say that this is best addressed before the move. That individual would not be wrong. However, it is totally understandable that, with all the running around and taking care of things, you simply lost track of it. Still, this is no reason to worry. Simply get to it as soon as possible. And, the way to do so is to make a couple of phone calls to the companies we will now list:

    • water company
    • electricity company
    • gas company
    • internet provider
    • cable provider and telephone company

    Calling the Postal Service

    In case it might have not occurred to you, changing your address is not a thing you do in secrecy. Unless you want to get that rush of running away from the law. We are not ones the judge. However, if you are not too keen on reenacting Bonnie and Clyde, and still want to receive your letters and notifications, we suggest something different. Namely, notifying the Postal Service. Although most things these days are done online, the government sector and official authorities are more inclined to old school methods. So, it is smart that you oblige. Failing to do so can put you in all sorts of trouble. And, if you are not keen on spending time sorting problems with the government, just make that simple phone call already.

    Post-move paperwork regarding education

    Whether it is for you, or your kids, this is one of the post-move paperwork you want to get sorted pronto. There is a lot to do at the beginning of the school year as it is. No need to spice it up with documents that aren’t quite right. So, make sure that everything is in order by contacting the educational facility, and asking about the papers you need to collect and transfer. Keep in mind that these papers can sometimes be a tad expensive, so brace yourself for some high fees. However, after you make sure it is all good, you can enroll yourself, or your kids with no worries.

    A girl worring about school
    No reason to stress over school before it even began.

    Taking care of the medical records

    Looking for your medical records when you have some serious problem (we will deliberately avoid any examples, as we are sure you can think of many) is not a situation many like to find themselves in. For this reason, taking care of your medical records on time is one of those responsible and adult things you should do. Preferably prior to your moving day, collect all of your medical files, and bring them along. Once your relocation is finalized, make sure to find a new physician, and transfer all of the medical paperwork to your new health facility.

    When it comes to pets

    The previous paragraph referred to your whole family, including your furry friend. What’s more, when moving with your pet, you must be extra sure that their veterinarian files are with you. Still, if you managed to overlook this task as well, not all is lost. When you unpack and settle, make a phone call to your former veterinarian. Be polite and ask if they could mail the records to you, or directly to the new veterinarian. Yes, it is that simple. For some reason, dog files are much easier to transfer that human files.

    A dog looking a bit ill
    Don’t wait for your pet to get sick before you transfer its veterinarian files.

    Documents regarding your vehicle

    The last post-move paperwork you should tackle regards your car. Now, just because it is the last on our list doesn’t mean it should be the last on yours. As a matter of fact, you want to get this sorted soon. A car is a nice thing to have, and being able to drive it is a rather preferable convenience. For this reason, you need to ensure that you are indeed allowed to drive it. In case your vehicle is not registered to the new place you moved to, driving it is not recommendable. So, avoid getting on the bad side of the police on your new place, and get this sorted.