Proper ways to pack shoes for moving

    What are proper ways to pack shoes for moving

    If someone made a survey of what was most difficult for people when moving, we are sure we would get a lot of different answers. But we’re sure that many would agree that one of the biggest problems is to find a good solution for packing everything you’ve had on your mind. This is especially problematic if you’re moving with your family. The problem multiples as many times as there is the number of family members involved in moving. Luckily nowadays there are many tricks you can use to pack a great number of clothes by using vacuum bags by compressing them, thus getting more space. The problem occurs when packing awkwardly shaped items such as shoes, or small objects. Again, luckily, there are ways to pack shoes for moving that work fine. And, we are eager to share them with you.

    shoes in color
    Prepare your shoes for transportation

    No rushing when you need to pack shoes for moving

    If you thought that we would suggest you get some fancy materials for packing your items when relocating, you were wrong. We are completely aware of all the costs that occur when moving, and that everyone is looking for ways to cut their moving budgets and save as much money as possible. Here, one of the most important things to invest in is time. And that’s for a simple reason. If you plan to use them in the future, then you better handle them gently. And you’ll succeed in that only if you do not rush. Rushing will only increase the possibility of making mistakes because of which, you could damage your shoes.

    Before you pack shoes for moving, clean them

    Now, there might be some of you who will think that this step is unnecessary when you already have too much work around packaging and planning other obligations. However, you can look at this task as something that will be of much greater use in a nearby future once the relocation is over and once you start with the unpacking process. Imagine having a huge pile of moving boxes scattered all around the house. Inside, there are items which you will need to unpack as soon as possible in order to get back to a normal course of life. We are not clairvoyant, but we assume that you won’t be so eager to clean and wash everything then. That is why you can do yourself a favor, and do this tedious task before sending the shipment.

    Proper care and maintenance of shoes are mandatory

    Shoes in a wardrobe
    Have your shoes cleaned before packing them

    To ensure the good performance of your shoes for a longer period of time, regular cleaning is one of the ways to achieve a good result. Also, even if there are a few scuffs on some pairs of shoes, you can still use a couple of tricks to remove those scruffs off your shoes. The best part of it is that it won’t be an additional blow on your overburdened budget. Instead, you can use some of the things commonly found in the house such as baking soda which has a multipurpose use even for health. Other useful things for cleaning that you can use before you need to pack shoes for moving are:

    • Dish detergent does miracles when being mixed with just a little bit of warm water. By using the scrubbing technique, you can easily remove any scuffs from your shoes.
    • If your shoes are made of patent leather, then you should use a nail polish remover. After that, make sure you have baby powder in order to protect the material the shoe is made of.
    • For suede and vinyl shoes, a brush will do the job. Just make sure to remember not to go back and forth with the brush, for that can only damage the delicate surface of your shoes.
    • Toothpaste is great for shoes covered in canvas. And just a little bit is quite enough to remove the scruffs and use them again.

    Packing footwear begins with a packing paper

    And this packing paper should also be clean. You will take each shoe and wrap it in one half of the packing paper. This way you will protect them from rubbing during transportation. It will help a lot if you would wrap each shoe individually. And as we stated earlier in the article, it is quite mandatory to invest enough time in completing this task. On the other hand, if you do not have enough time for this, then contact packing services Florida and you can expect quality and efficient service. A team of professionals will handle all the packing for you. In the meantime, make sure to finish other moving-related errands.

    Use original boxes

    There are many benefits of using original boxes when you need to pack shoes for moving. For starters, you will avoid a problem of missing some shoe. Assuming that you have carefully packed your shoes, you should not have any shoes left unmatched. Another great pro of using shoeboxes is that you can keep your shoes inside them for long enough until you’re done with unpacking. In case you’ve thrown away some of the shoeboxes, it is perfectly fine to use plastic shoe containers instead.

    a shoe box
    Use original boxes to pack shoes for moving

    It’s useful to mention: When packing shoes inside shoeboxes, do not forget to stuff them with socks or some folded paper to preserve their original shape. If you opt for socks, that’s a great way to save some free place inside boxes and bags when packing clothing items.

    To pack shoes for moving, bubble wrap is of great use

    If you are concerned about particular pairs of shoes, you can always use additional methods to protect them more. One of them is bubble wrap which we suggest you use for shoes that could easily be damaged, such as high-heel shoes, or patent leather shoes. Also, if your shoes have buckles or zippers, feel free to use bubble wrap.

    Do not waste packing materials on shoes you won’t need any more

    Although it might be difficult to say goodbye to some dear, old pair of shoes, perhaps this moving is the time to finally ditch them. Besides, it will save you some money since you will use fewer boxes for packing items and less space in the moving truck. Also, if you are moving to someplace with a warm climate, like Coral Springs, you won’t need some heavy, winter clothes or shoes anyway. However, what you will need is the help of Coral Springs moving company to relocate you there fast and stress-free.