Pros and cons of hiring piano movers


    There is not a better item you can have that can scream luxury than a piano. Even if it’s not a grand one, but a stand-up piano, it will still enrich your home and make an impression. The instrument is beautiful to hear and beautiful to have – but there is a darker side to this. Because of how big and heavy it is, it can be often pretty tough to move. Just to paint a picture, a piano can weight anything from 300 pounds to being an over a thousand-pound monster. And their costs can be staggering as well. This is why people often consider calling moving companies Miramar Fl to help them move their people. If you are tight on the budget, however, you might consider the option to do this yourself. So is better? Well, in this article, you can find pros and cons of hiring piano movers!

    Think about your piano’s mechanism before considering the pros and cons of hiring piano movers

    Having a piano means you probably know what type of a piano it is – unless you inherited it from someone. Understand just how your piano works will be beneficial to your success in moving it. Usually, Coral Springs movers recommend disassembling huge, heavy items. This makes it not only easier to move but to pack as well. However, when it comes to pianos, this is most often impossible. Piano craftmanship takes skills and time, and this is why you cannot break it down into pieces.

    Piano strings
    Piano strings have a complex mechanism.

    However, examining the piano will give you valuable information about it. You can discover the heaviest parts of it, so you will know where to direct your attention. Usually, the heaviest part of a piano is its cast iron plate. This is the harp that sits right on top of the soundboard and holds huge tensions that string put on it. Because of this, the harp is usually the heaviest part of a piano.

    The size of the iron plate, though, depends on the piano itself. Grands will have a bigger, heavier one than a spinet or a stand-up piano, obviously. This makes them harder to move than the smaller pianos, and it can get even tougher up and down the stairs. So, consider what your piano is and how hard it will be to move it before delving deeper into the pros and cons of hiring piano movers.

    Moving the piano by yourself requires a lot of preparation

    The first thing you need to understand that if you want to move a piano by yourself, you will need to prepare for it well. One of the cons of hiring piano movers is that you will need to pay them for the move, but doing the work yourself might not be as cheap as you think!

    First, you will need to get the proper moving equipment. Without it, it can be almost impossible to move the piano. This includes getting (or renting) a number of things:

    • moving truck or a vehicle that will carry the piano;
    • a ramp you can use to get the piano into the vehicle;
    • a moving dolly that can withstand the weight of the piano;
    • furniture straps that will secure your piano both to the dolly and in the truck;
    • padding materials like blankets which will protect your piano (and other items and walls) from damage.

    As you can see, there is a lot of things that you need to get before moving your piano. However, that’s not all. If somehow you damage the piano – the costs can be horrible. You might also damage the walls, floors or other items when moving your piano, so there are those costs to consider as well. Consider all of this when you get a quote for your move!

    A man clutching his chest
    Avoid injuries when moving a piano by hiring piano movers.

    What’s more, moving heavy objects is very dangerous. You need proper techniques to lift such items, and if you are not careful, then injuries can happen with ease. Also, if you are getting your friends to help you, make sure they don’t have a history of the leg, arm, hip or back injuries.

    Professional movers are well-trained

    When considering the pros and cons of hiring piano movers, one thing is clear. They offer moving and packing services because they know what they are doing. Moving a piano is pretty hard – and it is the best idea to have around someone who knows exactly how to do it. The workers go through various training exercises and preparations for this. This is why they are fully prepared to lift and move the piano and keep it in check.

    What’s more, they will have the exact moving equipment you need. Just give them a call and talk about your piano, and you can come up with the right dolly for it. They might even help you figure out if you can disassemble your piano somehow – or discover an easier way to move it. Then, they will also help you with the logistics of moving it. You will need to plan a route for the people moving the piano to take. Otherwise, they will blindly run into things and just cause too much damage.

    Five stars - pros and cons of hiring piano movers includes their experience
    Calling professional movers for your piano seems like a clear decision.

    So, even though there are both pros and cons of hiring piano movers, calling the movers seems to be a safer bet. Moving the piano by yourself is hard. You can end up with damages that might have cost you more than you would have spent on the moving company itself. Add to that the fact that movers know what they are doing – and that they have the proper equipment for it – and the choice is clear!