Pros and cons of military housing

    A soldier in front of a US flag in military housing

    The moment a member of the U.S. military receives orders that he or she is to relocate, the process of househunting will begin. Upon this notification, they are faced with a choice of living off base or rather living on it. Although the decision is dependant on numerous factors, some of which include the quality of on-base housing, the services available to the person in question, and whether he or she would like to be surrounded by other military families, we can still number certain pros and cons of military housing that affect all. Before you start making your moving checklist and packing your bags, see that you go through this text, and get familiar with what’s in store.

    A soldier kissing his dog
    Having that you want only the best for your family and yourself, let’s see whether the military housing will suit you.

    Pros of military housing

    1. Not commuting from afar

    The vast majority of military bases have are based on a simple design. This makes the traveling from point A to point B much faster and simpler. Such rule transfers to the commute as well. When living on base, you will be closer to your unit, and spared the worry of traveling from afar to get to work. And speaking of being spared the stress and worry, know that you can hire professional military movers, so as to help make the relocation itself simpler and easier.

    2. Services that benefit military families

    Military housing will provide you with the types of amenities and services that will make your life much simpler. They make it so as to simplify your life as much as possible. Living in military housing means being near affordable shopping, a fitness center, recreation facilities, a pool, schools, and churches. It is easy to understand why such an organization is very favorable for families when looking at all these benefits. Besides having a much shorter time in commute, you will be able to achieve so much more with the closeness of other necessities.

    3. The safety that comes with military housing

    While many upscale neighborhoods almost promise safety, none can provide like the military base. It is the only place whose claim of enforcing safety has value to it. To start off, every person entering the base needs to have an identity check. There is no entrance without verification. So, unless the person who wishes to go inside is a resident or someone who works in the area, he or she will not be allowed to enter the premises. Besides such rigorous rules at the doors, close-knit nature of military neighborhoods also comes with a sense of home security to it. Everyone knows everyone, there are random car checks and military police are constantly patrolling the area. It is safe to say that nobody living in military housing will have to worry about security.

    Two police officers looking at a phone
    With reliable and professional patrols overlooking the base, the safety of your home will not have to worry you.

    4. The support of the community

    No one knows how stressful military life can be better than people who go through it as well. Even more so in times of war. Both the soldier and his family can have a really tough time during such periods. However, being a part of the military community whilst living on base will prove to be of much help. This community was created specifically for them and the special challenges they face. There are services available for military families, some of which include helping spouses deal with a PCS move, outreach programs and help to deal with deployment. In addition, you are surrounded by people who understand your worries best. Many of them will be able to provide words of comfort or simply the nod of understanding and acknowledgment.

    Cons of living on base

    1. The housing itself can be a bit of a lottery

    The fact that you’ve decided to live on base doesn’t mean that you will be moving to a top-notch house, all with voice command and indoor pool. While some bases have tremendous family housing units, made up of spacious, well-kept and neat homes, others cannot offer about such comfort. There is a chance that you can get into some older home that is in need of a renovation. So, have this in mind when making your final decision. It’s best that you get familiarized with the housing your base has to offer before hiring reputable Pembroke Pines movers to help you relocate there.

    2. No housing allowance

    Military housing comes with the lack of soldier’s housing allowance. To be more exact, the military will take it from him. Thus, some soldiers opt for a modest living off base, so as to save cash. You can do this by simply collecting the housing payment, and trying to live as inexpensively as you can.

    3. Waiting lists are a true nightmare

    It is important that you realize how some base neighborhoods have waiting lists of 6 months up to a year. Consequently, it would be best that you apply as soon as you get orders. That is if you think that base life is for you. It can also happen that the military moves your belongings into an off-base location whilst you wait for your on-base home. Still, you can see how this double move can be quite arduous and inconvenient.

    A lot of lists
    Besides being quick to apply, you will also need the virtue of patience. Waiting lists will surely test it.

    4. Unyielding rules of military housing

    As you can imagine, order and control over the situation are highly valued in military housing. After all, who can expect less from the U.S. Army? However, this also invokes some especially strict rules. You can expect housing inspections whose job is to ensure that you are caring for the home they have bestowed upon you. There are also certain agreements that you take on yourself when choosing the on-base life. One of them, for example, includes how often you must mow the lawn. If these intrusions are something you can live with, you will do just fine in military housing.