Reasons why people retire to Florida

    Retired man sitting on a beach in Florida and fishing.

    To retire to Florida, means, simply put, that you’re going to enjoy your senior years living a comfortable, peaceful and quiet lifestyle. However, sometimes, you may hear about a certain natural disaster or crime on TV or read it in the newspapers and think that it might not be the best idea to retire to Florida. Such a line of thought isn’t the best one, especially having in mind the increase in the number of people spending their retirement years in this southern country. Florida is actually pretty crime and disaster-free. Let’s see why you absolutely should retire to Florida, and break a few stereotypes on the way, shall we?

    Florida is actually a pretty safe place to retire into

    To retire to Florida means that you’ll be relocating to one of the safest and senior-friendly states of the US. It’s a pretty safe place, with countless neighborhoods and little to be desired when it comes to safety and stability. A single look at the Department of Justice statistics will tell you that not only is it safe, but it’s also one of the safest places. When you’re moving to Florida, your only moving criterion should be whether the housing is affordable, which brings us to our next point…

    neighborhoods in Florida like this one are what makes Florida such a great place to retire to.
    Florida is actually known for its safe and peaceful neighborhoods.

    When it comes to good housing, Florida isn’t lacking

    Simply put, Floridians enjoy the little things in life – their peace and quiet. Live and let live. That’s why many see it as desirable to retire to Florida. Florida, unfortunately, has not managed to stay out of the ’08 housing bubble, even though significant recovery efforts have been made, and have produced results. If you want to retire to Florida, you will have to avoid the big cities, and especially city centers. The place you’d want to avoid the most when you want to retire to Florida is obviously Miami. It’s the most populous, and as a result, the prices on housing have jumped by a staggering amount.

    So, which places should you pick when you finally retire to Florida?

    Well, there are many. You’ll want to avoid big ones like Jacksonville, Tampa, and Orlando. The ones you want to focus on are:

    1. Fort Lauderdale;
    2. Pembroke Pines;
    3. Miramar;
    4. Clearwater;
    5. Boca Raton.

    Now, of course, there are countless other places and municipalities that you want to take into consideration when you decide to retire to Florida. What you’re looking for is a place with 150 thousand inhabitants maximum, of course, if that’s your thing, you can always go for something smaller. This is not only because of housing prices, instead…

    These two senior guys playing chess wish to retire to Florida in order to have some peace and quiet
    “Kids these days… I’ll have my peace and quiet when I retire to Florida. You know, back in the day…”.

    Both great and small places have their own distinct advantages, however, small cities have what senior citizens are looking for

    Now, don’t get me wrong, if you would like to live in the center of Miami when you retire to Florida, by all means, go for it. Living in a big city offers several distinct advantages: all the jobs are there, for one. Second, there are numerous universities nearby. The nightlife also happens there. For this reason, a young urban professional will look to live as close as possible to these key focal points. A senior citizen, however, is looking to retire to Florida, not look for a job there.

    Senior citizens also do not (usually) attend university. And, well, there are always a few exceptions to the rule, but you can’t exactly imagine Grandpa going to a nightclub. What these people are looking for are orderly and peaceful, that is, enjoyable neighborhoods, where there is little to no noise or problems. For these reasons, we recommend smaller cities when you decide to retire to Florida.

    Another important factor is the taxes

    This is where it gets serious. Since retired people are no longer looking for a job, and cannot just wake up and decide to start working one day, it’s important for them to get as many tax breaks as possible. This is a reasonable stance, considering that they’re not as able-bodied as when they were younger. So, this is why Florida may actually be one of the best destinations to retire to.

    St. Augustine, as seen by this drone view, is cheaper to live in, than, say Miami
    Neighborhoods like this one are definitely cheaper to live in, even though the tax breaks may be smaller.

    When you retire to Florida, keep in mind that Florida doesn’t have any personal state income taxes, which means that you get to keep the entirety of your pension. This is usually what makes or breaks a deal when it comes to retirement, as it is extremely hard for senior citizens to re-enter the workforce. However, in some counties, tax breaks are smaller, but the costs of living are much lower. You may end up with numerically less money, but you will have much more purchasing power.

    Climate is definitely a deciding factor when people decide to retire to Florida

    Now, a climate may make or break a pensioner’s day, and his or her mood too. Scientifically speaking, older people are much more sensitive when it comes to weather and temperature changes, and most of them favor a warm climate. This is why Florida is the best destination available to them. The climate varies from a humid subtropical (in the north) to pure tropical (in the south and near the coastline). The rainy season is May through October; however, this doesn’t apply to all parts of Florida equally.

    Florida also has very mild winters, which is also a big bonus for people who decide to retire to Florida. The only US state that has a milder winter is actually Hawaii. Average winter temperature in Florida is 65 °F (18 °C), however, there are some places in which the temperature goes as low as 41 °F (5 °C). This means, in short, that it may be sweltering heat sometimes, but the weather is usually perfect for outdoor activities!

    Florida is an ideal place to retire if you’re a senior citizen, so why don’t you contact you moving services Hallandale Beach, and come over here!