Recommended FL cities for millennials

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    Florida has an abundance of good characteristics that attract not only millennials but also people of all ages and preferences. Whether you are looking for the best place to retire or start school, you will be able to find it in the Sunshine State. And what is one of the things this state doesn’t lack? It’s the opportunities. In some of the best FL cities for millennials, you get a chance to work on your career and personal development while at the same time enjoying your youth to the fullest. For that reason, Purple Heart Moving Group gives you a list that will consist of the obvious favorites, as well as those places you would never think to consider. Let’s begin.

    Miami is obviously one of the best FL cities for millennials

    Let’s not kid ourselves. The first city you thought about after reading the title of this article was Miami. That’s because Miami is the biggest and most developed urban area in Florida. As such, it can provide you with opportunities, services, and amenities of all kinds. From picking among the best local movers Miami has, to having many job openings and as many nightclubs for some weekend fun, this city will never disappoint. So, we won’t dwell on the reasons why Miami is on our list any longer. The reasons are pretty obvious, don’t you agree?

    A car next to a beach in Miami, one of the best FL cities for millennials.
    Everyone knows that life in Miami is grand!

    Orlando is a close second

    As the county seat of Orange County, Orlando is bound to be a good place for life. When it comes to millennials, any fairly large city can hardly be a bad choice, as those types of places offer numerous opportunities in all spheres of life. But what makes Orlando one of the best FL cities for millennials is the sheer amount of amenities you have at your disposal. You have the Universal Orlando, as well as Walt Disney World to begin with. As a popular tourist destination, you are guaranteed never to be bored.

    Although, there is one negative side of living in Orlando. While finding a job will be fairly easy, scoring a good-paying one will be very difficult. Unless you are highly trained and qualified in your field of expertise. Then you have nothing to worry about.

    Tampa is becoming a large metropolitan area

    In the past, Tampa may not have been known as a big and metropolitan area. Instead, this Florida city was somewhat famous and loved for its unique, retro vibe. Today, Tampa is becoming increasingly developed and is able to offer you the best of both worlds. It’s where urban meets suburban and we can’t help but love it! As a millennial in Florida, you can hardly do much better than Tampa.

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    The best of both worlds unite in Tampa – one of the best FL cities for millennials.

    As mentioned, the area is constantly developing and new venues are being opened almost on a daily basis. New venues and buildings equal more business opportunities and more people living in the city. The more populous Tampa is, the more chances you have of meeting someone and forming close bonds. If it helps, Tampa is also one of the warmest places to settle in Florida. Although, there are many of them to choose from, considering which state we are talking about!

    Hallandale Beach is a small, yet charming place

    Who would have thought that a small, coastal town would be one of the best places for millennials in Florida? But it most certainly is. People usually visit Hallandale Beach during spring break. Once they have a chance to enjoy its sandy and beautiful beaches, they can hardly go back to the daily struggles of a big city. The best thing about this place is that it’s populated in just the right amount. While you could rent one of the many storage units Hallandale Beach has to offer, you most probably won’t have to. There is just enough place for everyone and for everything.

    So, if you are not enamored with big cities and the hustle and bustle they bring, Hallandale Beach will be the right place for you! Don’t worry – just because it’s small and peaceful it doesn’t mean it won’t provide you with all the opportunities you need.

    Nothing can take Fort Lauderdale off the list of the best FL cities for millennials

    Taking into account the sheer fact that Fort Lauderdale has over 6.000.000 residents, it’s easy to see why each millennial would be happy here. The county seat of Broward County is located just 28 miles north of Miami. Should you get bored in Fort Lauderdale (as if that were possible) all you would have to do is jump in your car and in an hour or so you will be in Miami.

    An aerial view of a neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale.
    Whether you end up living in the elite part of Fort Lauderdale or a humble one, doesn’t matter.

    At the risk of beating a dead horse, we would again like to say that Fort Lauderdale, like all the other entries on our list, offers great business as well as personal opportunities. Every aspect of your life will get a chance to improve, and that’s all possible right here, at the beautiful Fort Lauderdale, which also happens to be one of the top south Florida cities for startups!

    How do you choose?

    In the end, it all comes down to what is and what is not acceptable for you! Those who like small places already know which place from our list to choose. Those who like metropolitan areas will most likely opt for Miami or Fort Lauderdale. And those whose heart desires a bit of a unique vibe will go for Tampa. In the end, as a young professional, whichever place you choose, you won’t make a mistake. These FL cities for millennials all come packed with numerous advantages. And have we mentioned how extremely beautiful they are?