At Purple Heart Moving Group, we believe that the only way to manage a relocation is to plan it the right way. If you are thinking about moving your home or your office, hiring our moving services Florida can ease up the entire process. Whether you need professional help for transporting your belongings, our relocation assistance Florida is there to help you organize the entire move.

When it comes to relocation, our company offers all sorts of transportation, packing, and storage services. If you are not sure how to choose the right moving service for your move, keep reading. We’ll make sure to explain how we manage to keep our clients happy and become one of the most-trusted moving companies in Florida.

Why is Purple Heart Moving Group the best solution for you?

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We let our clients speak of our success

Finding a reliable relocation assistance Florida is not an easy task to do. Between so many companies offering their moving services, it’s hard to choose the best one. Purple Heart Moving Group is a long-standing moving company with highly competitive moving quotes. If you need to hire reliable moving services Florida, consider hiring our moving specialists.

When it comes to relocation services, our moving company offers both residential and commercial moving assistance. Our goal is to keep our service on a high-level. By listening to our customers’ needs, we suggest the best moving solution. We understand that your possessions are valuable to you. That is why we make sure to organize your relocation in the most professional manner. Also, with our Florida movers, you don’t have to worry about the possible damage of your moving boxes. We are here to keep your things safe and secure while moving them from one location to another.

  • Purple Heart Moving Group offers the best moving quotes for local and long distance relocation. If you are planning your budget, make sure to get your moving quote.
  • Our company works by carefully organizing skilled workers. If you ever had a bad experience with a moving company, it’s time to change your opinion. With our moving services Florida, all the hard work be our job to do.
  • Professional movers that we hire are always on time. We make sure that our workers act professionally and efficiently.
  • Your belongings will be safe with highly qualified and licensed movers.

Local moving services in Florida

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Choose the best packing and transportation services for your move

If you are moving from one city to another, you should have enough time to plan the move. However, this is not always a possibility. Making an inventory of every item in your home takes more time that one might think. However, our specialty is keeping every moving box safe and making sure that nothing goes missing during your relocation.

Purple Heart Moving Group is a local moving company Miami that’s both affordable and efficient. Our team of experts is ready to hear your unique moving situation and suggest the best solution. If you are moving locally, and don’t know how to choose the best moving service, let us help! We can suggest a moving service and try to fit within your moving budget.

When moving locally, people often think that it mostly applies to transportation services. However, our moving services Florida include professional packing and labeling of your moving boxes, as well as loading and unloading to the moving truck.

If you are moving from a bigger home to a smaller apartment, we can take care of the additional moving boxes and find a storage solution for you. If you are moving locally on the budget, we are ready to give you the best value for our moving services Florida.

Moving long distance? We will take care of planning your move

Unlike local moving, long-distance moving implies other logistics that you should let professionals take care of. If you are moving cross-country, interstate or overseas, professional moving assistance is more than recommended. There is a simple reason for hiring movers in this situation. Reliable long distance movers Florida can organize a relocation up to 5 times faster and more efficient than a homeowner. Depending on the nature of your move, you should take the time to look for your new housing and a new job. If you are moving long distance, we can take care of all the stressful planning. Before you decide whether you need professional help with moving your boxes, take a look at what our long distance moving services Florida include:

  • Planning of the moving day timeline. If you are moving your business, we will adapt to your company’s working hours. On the other hand, we make sure to handle a home moving process in the shortest period of time.
  • Supplying all the packing materials. You don’t need to waste your time on finding moving boxes and wrapping paper. Our packing services include all sorts of materials to secure your belongings for the road.
  • Well-equipped moving trucks and skilled moving professionals. If you want to hire a trustworthy moving company Florida, Purple Heart Moving Group is at your service.
  • Packing and unpacking services for your long distance move
  • Climate controlled storage solutions

High-quality corporate relocation services Florida

office building
Our movers will make sure to honor your company’s work schedule

When moving your home, the moving company you hire is responsible for your belongings’ safety. However, we understand that that moving a business includes a higher level of organization. Our goal is to relocate a company from one location to another, without interfering with your company’s working hours. Business moving Florida should be planned in detail, and that’s not easy to do without listening to our clients’ wishes. This is why we are always open to adapting the moving process to your company’s needs. We understand that you are not the only one depending on the successful office relocation. In order for you to organize your employees, let us do all the hard lifting.

Whether it’s important documents or fragile pieces of furniture, damaging or losing your belongings is not an option for us. We guarantee the safety of every single moving box we transport. Our moving services Florida always include high-quality safety measures. No matter what the nature of your business is, we can handle it professionally. Besides corporate companies, we also relocate:

  • Office spaces of all sizes
  • Libraries
  • Local and chain stores
  • Storage units and warehouses
  • All sorts of facilities

Don’t worry about packing supplies, we will provide it for you

Believe it or not, packing can be one of the hardest parts of the transportation. A lot of items you possess don’t seem so fragile until getting into the moving truck. With many years of experience, we found the perfect way to safely pack and secure our clients’ belongings.

crates for moving
Need additional packing materials? We will supply them all.

Our professional packing services in Florida include various packing materials. If you need any additional advice about the packing process, we will make sure to help you. On our website, you can also find many useful tips and tricks for successful packing. There are many reasons for hiring professional packers, but let’s list the most important ones:

Efficiency and timing

No matter how far you plan to move, there might not be enough time to pack. Professional packers know the best order of packing your belongings. What we consider important is the right size of the moving boxes and the best-quality packing materials. This is why we will always make an inventory of your home (or an office) and plan the packing process accordingly.

Security of fragile items

Moving fragile items like artwork, mirrors, antiques and furniture has to be done professionally. We know that losing and breaking of your valuables can cost you more money than the move itself. This is why we take special care of fragile moving boxes, after securing them for the transport.

Additional moving services Florida

Military moving services

If you need to relocate for the military service, there’s no better way than to hire a moving company. Purple Heart Moving Group is one of the best military moving companies in Florida. Our relocation assistance Florida can ease up your move. All you have to do is talk to us about all the details regarding your military relocation.

military man kissing a dog
Spend more time with your family and let us do all the hard work!

When it comes to military moving, it’s not always easy to take enough time and prepare for the move. Your biggest concern in this situation is spending as much time with your family as you can. This is why our moving services Florida will provide an efficient moving service in order to help you avoid moving complications.

Transportation of the fragile and bulky items

Whether you are moving your home or a local business, some items are too heavy and bulky for you to relocate on your own. However, professional moving services Florida are here for your convenience. If you have antique pieces of furniture, our moving professionals will know the best way to secure them. After packing the furniture pieces into special packing materials, they will know the best way to fit them into the moving truck.

In case you are relocating valuable items like artwork or bigger electronic devices, we know that losing money is not an option. In order to keep everything safe during the transportation, we will take special care of the fragile items from your inventory.

We offer storage solutions in various sizes

Self-storage unit or a warehouse? We provide both.

During the moving preparations, you will probably spend most of your time decluttering your home. Sorting out your belongings is important since you might not need to move them all. If you decide to leave a few of the moving boxes behind – we have the solution. Purple Heart Moving Group will help you find a convenient storage solution that suits your needs in the best way. If you need a storage unit, we will find it for you. We also offer bigger storage spaces and warehouses for our business clients. Our storage units Miami are climate-controlled and equipped with the maximum-security system.

If you need your furniture disassembled before storing, let us do it for you. Our skilled movers know how to disassemble furniture and reassemble it again. Not every closet or sofa bed can fit every storage unit. This is why we help our clients make an inventory of their belongings. After you know how much you need to store, we’ll help you choose the storage that is the best for you.

How much will your relocation cost?

This is the question most people ask before the move. It’s very important to know your moving costs in advance in order to avoid overspending. This is why we always make sure to discuss all the moving details with our clients before signing the contract. Our main priority is for our clients to want to come back to us. This is why we never hide any additional moving cost or relocation fee.

Before you decide to hire us, you can visit our website and get your own moving quote today. Depending on the distance and nature of your move, your final moving cost will be formed. If you want to book our moving services Florida few months ahead or off-season, we will make sure to offer you a discount. Decide what’s the best moving service for you and contact Purple Heart Moving Group today!

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