Sharing a storage unit with a friend – is it a smart thing to do?

    Sharing a storage unit with a friend with blue doors

    Renting a storage unit has so many benefits. For one, you will get that extra storage space that you don’t have in your house. If you are renovating, you can keep your items and furniture safe in storage. Next, if you are moving abroad for a couple of months or generally moving with Florida movers, you can keep your items in the storage rather than keeping them at your friend’s house. The list goes on, but the most important thing is you will benefit from renting a storage unit. However, for some reason, you might end up renting the unit with your friend. This might be either due to financial reasons or because you don’t need to use the entire space in the unit. Still, sharing a storage unit with a friend might not be the smartest idea. Let’s see if you should rent storage with your friend. 

    Sharing a storage unit with a friend – the location 

    It is always better to find Florida storage units near you. It is all about being practical and making a situation convenient for you. There is no point in renting a storage unit far away from you. Then, you will have to spend more time traveling than actually being in your storage unit. If you will use some items from your storage unit frequently, then there is no point in renting storage across the town. This situation can become more complicated if you want to share a unit with your friend. If your friend lives close to you, then, it should not be a problem to find a storage unit close to you both. However, if your friend lives far away, you will have to find a storage unit somewhere in the middle. It might not be as close to you as some of the other storage facilities. 

    pins on the map
    Check all the storage facilities near you

    The size and paying the bills  

    Before looking for a suitable storage facility, you need to decide on the size of the storage unit. For example, what if you have a much smaller pile of items to store? How will you divide the rent between the two of you? Even though it is almost always a little bit uncomfortable to talk about finances and money, you need to make an agreement. The storage units won’t disappear. You can always ask your cheap movers Florida if they can recommend a storage facility. Additionally, it is important to see who will pay every month. Usually, you can only put one name on the lease. This means you will be responsible if your friend doesn’t pay his part on time when your name is on the lease. For this reason, make sure that you trust your friend and that your friend is responsible enough to pay their part regularly. 

    Sharing a storage unit with a friend – all the documents 

    As mentioned in the previous paragraph, you need to decide whose name will be on the lease. Most storage facilities require only one name on the lease. It would be extremely beneficial if you can put both of your names on the contract. You can ask the employees from your storage facility if this is possible. If not, then you need to decide with your friend whose name will appear on the lease. Why is this important? If someone violates the storage facility’s rules, the person who is on the lease will be responsible. For example, if your friend decides to store forbidden items, you will be responsible for a breach of contract. The same thing applies if your friend fails to pay their part of the rent on time. For this reason, make sure that your friend is responsible and complete all of their obligations on time. 

    person signing a document
    Decide who will sign the lease and all the documents

    Respecting the personal space 

    When you are renting a storage unit with your friend, you need to respect each other’s space. What exactly this means? For example, you will use 70% of the storage unit. Therefore, you will also pay 70% of the rent. If your friend suddenly decides to use some part of your storage space, you will be paying more than you’re actually using. This shouldn’t be a problem if your friend offers to pay more since they are using some of your space. However, if they don’t respect the boundaries, then, you might end up arguing. In order to avoid this unpleasant situation, you need to communicate regularly so you can solve any problem that might come up. In addition to this, you also need to come up with a good plan for organizing your storage unit. 

    Sharing the storage unit with a friend – security measures 

    Even if you are renting a storage unit alone or with a friend, it is really important to pay attention to security measures. These should include the following. 

    • 24/7 surveillance – it is extremely important that the entire storage facility is covered in cameras. Someone should monitor the entire premise 24/7. This is one of the ways to prevent robberies. 
    • Fence – there should be a wired fence around the premise if you want to rent an outdoor storage unit. 
    • A security guard – the storage facility should have a security guard it will make rounds and check the entire premise of the facility. 
    • Lights – again, the storage facility should be well covered. 
    • Access – you should be able to access the storage unit with a code or with a key. Additionally, you should have a different key for your storage unit. 
    a security guard walking by
    See if your storage facility has a security guard

    The key keeper 

    Lastly, you will only receive one copy of your key. Therefore, you should decide who should be the key-keeper in this case. The person who will use the storage unit more should have the key. Sharing a storage unit with a friend is a good idea if you want to save money and space. However, if you don’t trust your friend, better rent the unit alone. You should not lose a friend over a storage unit.