Should you be afraid to move away from Florida in 2020?

    afraid to move away from Florida

    This question might seem confusing if you forget about Corona Virus Pandemic. Don’t underestimate the instructions you have to follow in order to stay safe and sound. Although you have been planning to move away from Florida for a long time, now you are not sure how clever that is. What you can find out if you contact our long distance movers Florida is that we are proceeding all moving processes with caution. We will give our best to help the process be as stress-free as possible. Nonetheless, it is natural to be afraid to move away from Florida in the middle of the Corona Pandemic. You may wonder how does moving during a pandemic work though? And more importantly, are moving services even still available? Yes, they are but under changed safety rules. Here is advice on how to proceed safely with hiring movers, packing, and unpacking your belongings.

    Availability of moving services

    For now, we have not seen any notable shutdowns of service among major moving companies. Our Moving and Storage Florida gives the best to keep everyone safe. Moving companies could keep working but with new protocols in place to keep everyone safe. So if you have already scheduled your move and haven’t heard anything, assume that your moving company is still providing services unless told otherwise, but still call just to confirm. If you are worried about moving during a pandemic and your move is still upcoming and for which you haven’t scheduled movers, here is what you can do. It’s hard to say what will and will not be available in the months to come, so leave worries behind and take care of your health. For now, continue to do research on companies and ask directly what steps are being taken when you reach out.

    afraid to move away from Florida
    We understand your fears about your upcoming move. Also, we will give our best to make this both safe and less stressful.

    How to stop being afraid to move away from Florida?

    Now when you determine your moving date, you need to consider storage solution. And while you are wondering which size of the storage unit will be suitable for your upcoming move, there is one problem. What if storage facilities stop providing their services? Same as moving companies, major storage companies continue to run operations. Of course, don’t be surprised about limited hours of accessibility and a reduction in the number of customers who are able to access their units at any one time. Storage companies should also be following proper hygiene practices. It including sanitization of access pads and the requisite six feet. Besides, it will have to be more space between customers and customers and the customer and employee.

    Preparation for moving away from Florida

    Even if you are afraid to move away from Florida, there are some reasons what you want to overcome that fear. Warm weather in Florida is different from any other country weather. Most people would love to enjoy it. But for some people, it could become so hard, especially in the summer months. It gets so humid that nothing helps. Even if you walked around carrying an air conditioner pointing directly at you, you would still be sweating. As there is a lot of humidity, the weather can get really messy sometimes. But messy is not enough to explain destructive hurricanes. You can defend yourself from many things expect nature disasters. You can’t go against nature and stop hurricanes in Florida or anywhere in the world. 

    Despite some cons of living here, Florida is a great place to live.

    Here is the list of reasons why you want to move away from Florida:

    • bad public transport
    • high crime rates in South Florida
    • crazy drivers everywhere
    • lack of historical landmarks
    • too many tourists
    • humidity
    • warmth
    • a lot of bugs and wild animals.

    The good news about your plans

    There are many reasons to leave Sunshine State. But there are also many reasons to stay. In case you find Florida too expensive, try to just move to a different part of Florida. Maybe you did not know, but some parts of Florida are cheaper than the others. If you are looking for top cities to raise a family in Florida, there is a solution too. It means you can stay in Florida and find a city that suits you more and where you can relocate.

    Consider moving to another city in Florida.

    Selling your Florida home

    If you find that Florida just is not for you anymore, start looking for new homes somewhere else. Remember to put your home up for sale after you make a final decision. Don’t be afraid to move away from Florida, because you will not have to wait for too long to sell your house. Luckily, there are many people looking to buy houses whether it be cheap or not.

    Otherwise, if you are moving because of new job opportunities in another country, think twice. We will recommend you to offer the home at the lowest price possible. It will ensure your home sells faster. If you prepare yourself right, you will be able to sell your house this summer already. Having an open house is an advantage if you want to sell your home fast. Nevertheless, having an open house is not easy, but it will increase your chances to get a good price.


    Make sure to follow the World Health Organization’s advice whether you are moving or staying in Florida. If you find that leaving Florida in 2020 is the only option suitable for you, then we hope you are happy with your decision. Nonetheless, if you have decided to stay after reading this article, it will be a good decision, too.

    Once again we want to remind you that moving to a different part of Florida can make your stay even better. Besides, you will be there when people from other states and countries still arrive. It will be good for you to stay and make them feel welcome, just like you used to feel after you came here. Undoubtedly, Florida is not for everyone but everyone is welcome in Florida. In the end, you should not be afraid to move away from Florida this year. But you should consider all pros of living here once again.