Should you choose binding or non- binding estimates?

    Should you choose binding or non- binding estimates

    You’ve decided to relocate your home or office to another place? There are a lot of questions that are going through your mind now. You must be wondering how to organize the whole moving and what it involves. There are plenty of things which you should take into consideration when it comes to moving. One of them is for sure a question should you choose binding or non- binding estimates. Making this kind of decision isn’t easy. Having a bigger picture of the differences between those two types of estimates is important. This article might help you understand the distinctions so that you can make the right decision.

    Inevitable parts of the relocation

    As you probably know, relocation is a complex process that includes a lot of tasks. Every process of relocation should start with a good plan. As much as every other thing in one’s life. In order to stay in the line, making moving checklist is a crucial part. Moving budget is also one item on which you should pay attention. Making a budget plan will help you not to cross the limits. You will also be able to monitor your expenses. There are even ways of making budget cuts, which will for sure make you happy. Every penny is important in such a big thing. That is why it is important to wisely choose between binding or non- binding estimates.

    Gathering information and planning are inevitable parts of moving preparations
    Invest some time in planning your relocation and moving budget

    Packing might have an impact in deciding between binding or non-binding estimates

    As one of the most important task on your moving checklist is packing, it deserves to be mentioned. Packing is a very time and energy consuming job. We are paying attention to packing while talking about binding or non-binding estimates with a reason. The fewer boxes you have the less your moving costs will be. And the moving itself will be much easier. So before packing your items start sorting which items should you move. Have on mind packing mistakes that you should avoid and the process of it can be successful. In case you are not about to pack your things by yourself there are packing services that will do that for you.

    A bit of help is always needed

    Some of the moving tasks you can do it by yourself, but for some of them, you will probably need a little help. Besides the help that you can have from your family and friends, help from professionals is always a better option. Especially when it comes to finding a reliable moving company. That is when top moving services Miami can make your relocation easier and stress-free by providing a different kind of services. Their aim is customer’s satisfaction and with an experience that they have, you can have more time for other important things.

    Hiring professionals can help you in making decision- binding or non- binding estimates
    Hire a professional moving company

    Binding or non-binding estimates

    Since money is a crucial factor in moving, informing about costs and getting estimates from moving companies is very important. Before you choose the one that has lower prices, let us see what actually those estimates are.

    What represent binding estimates?

    Binding moving estimates represent the total cost of your moving set by your moving company. You will have a written agreement with you movers about the expense of the move. They will give you the relocation costs plan by estimating the weight of your items. As well as the distance of the route and destination point. This kind of estimates has both good and bad sides. We will give you the facts about binding estimates that might be of help in choosing binding or non- binding estimates.

    Pros and cons

    • This type of estimates is most accurate because a customer will have actual costs of moving. From the time of the agreement to the time when the move happens.
    • The customer has a guarantee that that price will not be changed, even if in most cases it is higher than the non-binding estimate. So, movers are usually charging the binding estimate fee for this guarantee at the original estimate price.
    • If you decide prior to the moving day that you need packing services, you will be in need to pay extra money for it. The same case is with additional boxes. So pack wisely your possessions, in order not to cross the limit. That is the reason why we mentioned packing in the text above. All items that you would not like to move, but yet to safe, you can store them. Storage unit a good option, especially in this case when you have more boxes than you should.
    • In case your moving company has to do some additional services to complete the move, it will also boost your final bill. You will be asked to pay for the services upon the delivery. Some companies will not deliver your possessions if you do not pay your charges.
    • One more thing that you should have in mind when choosing between binding or non-binding estimates. The price for binding will stay the same even if you have fewer items and weight. That means you can lose a lot of money.
    Making a contract with moving company when choosing binding estimates
    Making a contract when choosing binding estimates

    What are non- binding estimates?

    Non- binding estimates are the most common estimates and can show you an idea of what final moving costs will be. The movers’ obligation is to explain to you that prices can vary. That means that cost in most cases might overstep the estimated price. It is not a guaranteed price; it is only what moving company estimate on the bases of your requests.

    Pros and cons

    • Movers will not charge a fee for non-binding estimates.
    • There is no contract with this kind of estimate.
    • The price of the estimate can be lower if you have fewer items, but also higher if you have more. It depends on the inventory of your goods.
    • A non-binding estimate is every estimate over the phone or online, without representative coming to your home to investigate. And it is impossible to estimate on by yourself the number of your possessions.
    • There is a rule that movers cannot collect more than 110% of the price that is on the list of their non- binding estimate. Nevertheless, if a company had to provide additional services in order to complete the relocation, a rule will not apply. But have in mind that you are not obliged to pay any charge exceeding 110% until 30 days after delivery.
    • If you are looking to pay less, non-binding is a better option, as your final cost might be lower.
    • You can be sure that non-binding estimates are accurate, as long as you end up packing as you already agree with your movers.

    How to make the right decision- binding or non- binding estimates

    Making a decision on which is better- binding or non-binding estimates, is not easy. The customers choose rather binding estimates because they will not have to worry about moving charges. But if you cannot accurately judge your items and be sure about the weight, non-binding is an option. First and foremost, it is important to have an expert that will estimate your goods. Ask from the moving company to have in-house/office inspection and estimation. This will for sure increase the level of stress while you are organizing the move.

    Think twice before you finally choose between binding and non-binding estimates
    Ask for in-house/office estimation from movers in order to increase the level of stress

    We hope this article will help you in finding out what is better for you- binding or non-binding estimates. A decision that you need to make depends mostly on the situation you are in. Choosing the right moving company can ease the whole process of relocating a lot. Especially if you are moving your business, commercial movers Florida is the best solution. With professionalism on their behalf and the proper estimates, your office relocation will be stress-free. So contact us, and make the right choice.