Should you help your movers?

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    You’re getting ready to move. You’ve hired a moving company. You have everything planned out. And you are waiting for the movers to arrive and load your belongings. But, you’re wondering if you should maybe help your movers? Or simply get out of the way and let them work. If you want to be helpful but not be in the way, there are some things that you can do. Likewise, there are some things that are better left to the professionals.

    Best ways to help your movers

    If you want to help your movers, you should consult with them beforehand. Call the moving company and ask if there is anything you can do to help. They most likely won’t need your help when loading items. When you hire one of the best moving companies in Miami, you don’t have to worry too much. There are many things that you can do. Things like packing properly and ensuring that the driveway is clear. Likewise, there are some things that you shouldn’t do. Things like helping them load and lifting heavy objects. They will do most if not all of the heavy lifting.

    Pack before they arrive

    One of the best ways in which you can help your movers is to prepare everything before they arrive. If you’ve decided not to hire packing services and decided to pack for a move by yourself, you should be packed when they arrive. If you are not, they will have to sit idly until you finish packing. So, make sure that everything is ready. All the boxes should be sealed and labeled. If you want them loaded in a specific way you can tell that to the movers.

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    You can help your movers by packing all of your belongings on time.

    Get appliances ready

    Another thing that you can do to help your movers is to get the appliances ready. It’s better to have everything prepared than to do it on a moving day. So, unplug all the appliances and bind the cables. That way, when the movers come, they won’t be wasting any time with them. But, leave the loading to them. They are experienced and know how to handle even the heaviest objects.

    Know when to get out of the way

    Once everything is ready your movers will start loading your items. And you should get out of the way for that. After all, you’ve paid for professional moving services Miami. And there’s no need for you to load items by yourself.  Movers know how to load your items properly. And they can’t be responsible for any damage that you cause during loading. They have training and experience when loading almost any kind of item. And if you are worried about them damaging something simply tell them. There’s no need for you to load it personally.

    Kids and pets

    It’s important to make the working environment safe. Both for your movers and you as well as your kids and pets. Your movers will be carrying a lot of heavy things. And having kids or pets running around the house isn’t safe. They should be confined to one room. You can ask a friend to come and watch the kids. It will help your movers work without worrying about accidentally hurting someone.

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    You should keep your kids busy.

    Separate items that won’t be moved

    Having to ask the same question over and over again isn’t fun for anyone. And your movers probably won’t enjoy asking you whether or not to move your items. So, if you are moving most of your things, get the ones you aren’t out of the way. Likewise, if you are moving only some of the items, separate them. That way you will help your movers work quickly and without having to ask too many questions.

    Make sure the driveway is clear

    When movers arrive, it’s very important that the driveway is clear. So, make sure to tell your neighbors not to park in front of the entrance on that day. If some of them did park, go to their door and ask them to move their vehicles. That way you will ensure that your movers will be able to park their truck close by. Same goes for your new home. If you are moving locally, you can go there a day earlier and warn your neighbors. You can put up a sign saying that you will be moving in. And asking them not to park in front of the building.

    Be there

    It’s best that you are present when the movers come to load your belongings. Why yes, you can assign a friend to be there,  but you are best equipped to answer all the question about your home. Only a homeowner will be able to give proper directions and pointers. So, if you still haven’t bought your ticket, try and be present during the move.

    But don’t be too aggressive with your advice

    You’ve hired professional movers. They have the skill and the experience to move just about anything. And one thing that you shouldn’t do is tell them how to do their job. They’ve trained for it and know how to handle everything. Many people want to be helpful and constantly tell their movers what to do.

    Remove things from the walls

    If you’ve hired packers to come and pack your home, you can help them by removing everything from the walls. Take down all the pictures, paintings, mirrors and so on. Put them all up against one wall. It will be much easier for your movers to locate and pack them.

    Shelves on the red wall should be taken down to help your movers.
    Take things down from the walls.

    Make a floor plan

    Once everything is transported to your new home it’s time for unloading. You can help your movers by making a floor plan. You can draw it or simply write it down. But make sure to mark what goes where. That way they won’t have to guess. They will have an easier time since they will immediately know where to go. And your unpacking process will be swift and much more organized. As you can see, there are many good ways to help your movers, and you should follow them.