Should you tip your Florida movers?

    dollars are used to tip your Florida movers

    Tipping your movers is one of those questions that many people have. You might not know how Florida movers operate – are they like waiters, whose pay often is connected to their tips, or do they function differently? If you are very satisfied with the service, should you tip your Florida movers? This is a natural question to ask – after all, these people will struggle with your furniture and spend day(s) moving it! So, today, we solve your dilemma – and answer your questions!

    When should you consider against tipping your movers?

    Just like in a restaurant, you will want to tip your Florida movers if you are happy with their service. Similarly, if you are not happy with the job they did – then you should not tip them, or reduce the tip you were planning to give. There are many reasons for this.

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    Your movers shouldn’t expect a tip for bad service!

    First, they might have broken some of your items during the trip – sometimes, this can happen if they didn’t pack like a pro! Maybe they were late on a moving day with no warning or explanation, thus making the whole thing horrible inefficient. They might even take more time to move by using some time-wasting tactics. This sadly often happens with fraudulent movers who charge by the hour, so take note!

    Finally, they might not have organized well. Unreliable movers can make the process difficult by leaving things behind, for example. Or, even worse, they might be rude and disrespectful. In all of these cases, it is perfectly understandable to lower or eliminate their tip!

    When should you tip your Florida movers

    Conversely, if you were highly satisfied with reliable moving services Miami, then you absolutely should consider tipping the movers! What’s more, we encourage you to plan it in the total moving costs. Usually, you will tip anything from 5% to 20% – depending on how happy you are with the moving team.

    Of course, your decision should depend on your circumstances – and you will not usually calculate the tip based on the total cost. A way to figure out how much you should tip your movers is easy – it scales on how long the move took. If it was a half-day move (4 hours), then $10 per person is the usual tip. Similarly, if it is a full-day move (8 hours), then you should tip $20 per person. If they spend more than 8 hours on your move, then expect to pay around $40 per person.

    money on the plate
    Think about how much to tip!

    There are two more things you should consider when you want to tip your Florida movers. First is the difficulty of the move. Do you have stairs in your home? Heavy furniture? What about a tough-to-get-in driveway? All of these things make the move difficult for your movers! Similarly, think about the benefits you provided. Did you get the team a good lunch? Did you help in some way? In these cases, they might not expect such a big tip – however, we do encourage you to talk to your movers when in doubt!