Spring cleaning hacks – Florida edition

    spring cleaning hacks

    So, spring has finally arrived! Are you ready to freshen up your home? Whether you are living in a small or a big household, a big spring cleaning will bring more air to your home. In case you are planning a relocation, you should also clean your current home, as well as the one you plan to move into. If you are planning a relocation to Florida from New York, your movers can help you pack and transport all of your moving boxes. Before hiring one of the moving companies NYC to Florida, let’s take a look at some spring cleaning hacks you could enjoy. Here are some tips for spring cleaning your Florida home.

    Disinfect flat surfaces

    One of the things most people forget to do on a weekly basis is to disinfect their homes. Pet hairs, food stains, and other dirt can pile up during winter months. That is why some spring cleaning hacks can be useful to us all. Disinfecting flat surfaces is necessary from time to time. Once the spring arrives, it’s easier to let more air into our homes and clean it thoroughly.

    white doors
    No matter the size of the home, there will always be some hidden corners that are tough to reach and clean.

    For this purpose, you can use your preferable cleaning products, but some soda powder and vinegar could do the job as well. Make sure to use clean towels for this job and your home will be spotless. This hack is specifically good to use while cleaning the kitchen, especially the area around the stove and sink.

    Clean hidden corners

    No matter the size of the home, there will always be some hidden corners that are tough to reach and clean. One of the common spring cleaning hacks is about getting to all those not-easy-to-reach places and clean them well. Make sure to check corners behind your home appliances, bigger furniture pieces, the back of your wall decorations, etc. Also, if you plan to declutter and sort out your clothes, don’t forget to clean your wardrobe area and all the cabinets.

    Refresh the carpets

    If you have rugs, carpets and curtains in your home, here are some useful spring cleaning hacks. Soft fabrics could use some refreshing once in a few months, and spring is the best time to do it. Whether you prefer to call professionals to handle this job or want to do it on your own, your home will be grateful. Keep in mind that cleaning bigger surfaces in your home will freshen up the air, too.

    drying carpets
    If you have rugs, carpets and curtains in your home, here are some useful spring cleaning hacks.


    Clean your storage bins

    Do you know all those boxes and bins you use for storing miscellaneous items? It’s very likely that most people don’t bother cleaning them at all. However, if you used some of the home storage ideas for all the extra belongings, you should keep them in safe and clean spaces. Make sure to take all of your belongings out of the bins and wash the bins with soap and water.

    Sort out your closets

    If you live in a state with cold winters, unpacking summer clothes will be exciting. One of the biggest benefits of living in Florida is enjoying all the sunny weather all-year-long. Make sure to sort out your clothes and wash the pieces you want to put away. If all of your spring and summer clothes are clean, you should make sure to leave it out of the closet for a few hours so it can freshen up.

    Use the steam cleaner

    If you have a home version of the steam cleaner, you can use it for the following spring cleaning hacks. A steam cleaner can be useful for cleaning everything from flat surfaces, furniture pieces, door frames and pillows. If you want to steam clean your couch, make sure to vacuum it first and check if the cleaner will potentially change the fabric color. Keep in mind that steam cleaner is not safe for use on every item in your home.

    Don’t forget to deep clean your car

    Your car is probably the place you spend a lot of time in. If you want to disinfect it and give it a thorough clean, you can do it in a few ways. First, you can drive it to a car wash place and let professionals do the cleaning.

    washing a car
    Don’t forget to deep clean your car.

    However, you can also wash it in your back yard if you have the time to do it. Make sure to use safe cleaning products that are made specifically for this purpose.

    More spring cleaning hacks

    If you run out of cleaning ides, we have a few more.

    • Declutter. In order for these spring cleaning hacks to work, you should make sure to declutter your home and clear out space. In case you have too much close and don’t enough room for it, you should sort it out or find additional storage space.
    • Sell unnecessary items. While cleaning your home, try to find out all the unnecessary items that might be of some value to sell. You can donate them (if they’re toys or clothes), or you can make a spring garage sale.
    • Do small repairs. Spring is the perfect time to do small repairs around your home. Check all of your door frames and make sure that there are no visible nails left. You can also repair and repaint one of the walls. Besides the spring cleaning hacks, this can also help you refresh your home and make it look nicer.

    Clean after the move

    If you just moved to Florida from another state, you might need to handle all the unpacking and cleaning of your new home. For example, if you are moving from Texas to Florida, you should focus on getting rid of all the packing supplies and cleaning our new home in detail. A long-distance move can bring some dirt and dust along with all the moving boxes. Make sure to read more spring cleaning hacks and take your time to freshen up your new home.