Staying healthy while moving – simple tips

    Blueberries in a basket for staying healthy while moving

    Staying healthy while moving has to be your priority. It may seem that a couple of weeks or even months of stress will not do us any harm, but this is not true. Life moves on even while we are moving, and we need to remember this on a daily basis. If you are moving to Florida, there is a lot of sunshine waiting for you, and you must stay healthy to enjoy it.

    Take time off from work

    The greatest hazard of ruining our health is in the week prior to moving. People tend to be very nervous at that point and forget to eat and sleep properly. This is why you should definitely take all the days you can off from work and dedicate them solely to the moving itself. You will not have to rush home from work, and you will be much better organized for the move. Staying healthy while moving requires you to have plenty of time for your everyday tasks.

    Make a plan

    Making a plan is an unavoidable tip if you want to preserve your health while moving. First off, you will write down everything you need to do about moving, which will reduce your stress levels. You will have a clear image of what you should do. Furthermore, you should write a plan for your nutrition while you are moving. Make a shopping list of the food you will buy.

    Eat healthily in order to stay healthy while moving

    It is of paramount importance to retain good eating habits while moving. Do not fall into the trap that you will order takeaway food just once. Before you know it, you will find yourself indulged into pizza or Chinese food all the time. However, there is a simple tip to avoid this situation.

    Make a shopping list, go to the grocery and eat food from home every time you can. Buy everything that you need for the upcoming week, including healthy snacks, meat, vegetables, fruit, milk. Plan weekly meals and then eat only that healthy food that you bought. Another great thing about eating healthily is that you have food in your freezer that you haven`t had the chance to defrost and eat. Now, it is time to take it away from the freezer and save yourself time for preparing the food. It will pay off, for sure, you will feel less tired, and less under pressure. And, let go of the expectation that everything has to go smoothly and be perfect.

    Choose your food wisely and your body will be grateful

    Ask for help

    Whether it is about maintaining a healthy diet or packing your belongings into boxes, help from your friends and family is always welcome. Learn how to ask for help and most importantly learn how to delegate. Don`t be shy to ask your parents to cook for you and bring you over some healthy food. You may feel uncomfortable at the beginning, but eating healthy will keep you in the good spirits.

    Most importantly, you will have the strength you need for all the work ahead of you. Furthermore, while packing, call your friends or family to help you. It is maybe a couple of hours for them, but they will save so many hours of work for you. And lastly, do not be afraid to delegate. We tend to think that if we do everything by ourselves that it will be the best. But this does not have to be true. Teach your children if they are older how to assist you in the best possible way. Give everyone a task, become the facilitator of your moving.

    A man carrying moving boxes
    You should always ask for help when it comes to lifting heavy boxes

    Staying healthy while moving – don`t stress out

    This is definitely a tip easier said than done, but be persistent. You should take the stress out of moving, and you most certainly can find an activity that will help you lower your stress level. There are several ways to unwind and enjoy your day.

    • Read a book – find twenty minutes a day at least to get lost in your favorite book and forget about the work and the moving entirely. You will feel like you were reborn.
    • Watch a movie – watch a comedy or a movie that everyone praises and enjoy yourself.
    • Physical activity – for staying healthy while moving, this is definitely the best way to unwind. Whether it is a short walk around your neighborhood, jogging or yoga, the benefits are numerous.
    • Get enough sleep – this cannot be overstated. Only when you have had a proper night of sleep can you successfully fill out your daily tasks. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep and your body will be grateful.
    • Eat healthy as much as you can, but don`t stress out if you order takeaway food from time to time. We are all humans.  
    A woman jogging and staying healthy while moving
    Staying healthy moving tips – Go jogging or take a short walk around your neighborhood

    Staying healthy while moving – avoid injuries

    Be very careful with all the things you will move, carry in your hands, pack, unpack, sort and throw away. It is fairly easy to forget that moving is a physical activity and you need to be in shape to perform it. If your back hurts when you go to bed at night, that means that you have overdone it. Make sure to stretch your muscles before you start moving things around. Prepare for heavy lifting in the right way and avoid injuries. Most importantly, when you are in the business of lifting boxes, clear the path ahead of you and avoid tripping over. Remember, if you will be in pain afterward, it is not worth it. After a half an hour of physical activity, drink a glass of water and relax for five minutes. These simple moving tips will turn your life around.

    Hire a professional

    Last but not the least tip is to hire a professional. Staying healthy while moving can be made much easier if you hire a professional to do the job for you. Take the burden off your chest and let the professionals do their jobs. Nowadays, you have companies for packing and moving, for cleaning and storing. Everything you can think of, everything you need can be done by an experienced employee from a Florida moving company. By delegating work you will be less under stress, you will eat better, sleep longer, have time for physical activity and be happier.