Storage ideas for your spare room

    For an average human, having a home is one of the most essential things in life. We all need a place in which we feel that we are on our own and we belong in. For a lot of us, having a childhood home is like that. Some stay there, some move on and create a new home for themselves. One thing that all those places have in common, whether you have stayed at your first home, or had to move over a long distance, is that what makes that place feel like home is the fact that you have made memories in it and it has through them become a part of you. Thinking of storage ideas for your spare room, renovating the entire house, or just one section of it – it is all that makes that structure our home. 

    So, what is the first step towards executing your storage ideas for your spare room?

    Well, what you need is a good plan first and foremost. For instance, if you are moving then you should hire one of the best moving companies in Miami. That is, simply put, one of the best possible decisions that you can make when it comes to organizing a move. However, it is just one item on your moving to-do list. There are many other things that require your attention as well. Things such as choosing a moving date and canceling subscriptions are there also. The thing is true when it comes to planning a renovation of a room or a house. In order to choose the best storage ideas for your spare room, you should put them all on a piece of paper.

    white ceramic mortar and pestle
    Shelves are among the most important storage elements

    Then you should find out what are the requirements of each of them and then start planning accordingly. Remember to take your time with this, because you do not want to rush with it all. If you do, you may end up having to backtrack and redo everything. This can mess up your budget, especially if you have not planned to spend a lot of money. We have prepared a list of the ideas we think are the best for a spare room. They are not too expensive, but it is still important the have the budget set up. Planning the expenses ahead can actually reveal that you can afford more than you previously thought. So, let us now go through the storage ideas for your spare room that we have prepared.

    First and foremost, you have to do some decluttering first!

    One of the key things when it comes to creating storage space is managing your space beforehand. This means that you should not allow yourself to keep things that you do not need anymore. It is human nature to hoard things and it is practically impossible to fight against it. We all keep things that we think we may need one day. We also keep a lot of items that we consider memorabilia, which are in fact useless and devoid of real emotion. What you should do is to go through all of your belongings that you have been storing who knows where and make a list of all of those. This is where decluttering comes in handy.

    white wooden cabinet near table inside room
    Get rid of the junk that you do not need

    Some of those items you can simply throw away. Some of those you can perhaps give away or donate. Others you may sell. What is left is what matters. Getting rid of this junk will give you a lot more maneuvering space to plan with. This means that you can more easily store your belongings. It is worth mentioning that if you plan on renovating a part of your home, and/or you are actually moving, you can do yourself a favor and find some cheap storage Florida movers offer. There you can put away all the things that require a lot of space. They can be there until you have successfully created your storage room.

    Using multifunctional furniture is a great idea

    This one is a generally really useful thing to do. Think of your phone. In it, you have a multi-level communications device, a music player, calendar planner, alarm clock, camera, etc. In this situation, we are talking about a storage room. The point of a storage room is to put in it as many things as possible that you do not need in your everyday use in the most efficient way possible. So, you should get some minimalist furniture that has multiple functions and is simple to use. A trip to Ikea may be just the thing that you need. You can also combine things by yourself. For instance, getting drawers out of your dresser and making it instead a shelving place is a really simple, yet effective tactic.

    Your bed can be a storage space also

    Yes, we are talking about those beds with platforms underneath. They are a perfect example of a multifunctional furniture unit which makes it one of the best storage ideas for your spare room. They can cost, that is true, but they are super useful. Furthermore,  if you have a bed that has this space underneath free, then you can create your own storage space underneath it. All you need is a couple of plywood boards and some wheels. Get some screws, strong and quality glue and knob and you can make it on your own.

    When it comes to Storage ideas for your spare room, using your bed is a really good one
    You make your bed a storage space on your own

    Shelves, shelves, shelves

    There are never enough shelves. They are basically the essence of the storage room ideas. What you can see in most homes is that people have wardrobes and shelves that do not reach the ceiling. This is aesthetically sensible, but on a practical side, it is actually not. So, what you should do with your spare room is to get those shelves as high as possible. This, of course, makes the most sense if you know that you won’t be changing the purpose of the room any time soon.