Here at Purple Heart Moving Group, we understand the true value of your belongings. You spent a lifetime working hard to be able to afford these things. Another very important aspect of this is the priceless memories that go with your belongings. We are a family owned and operated moving company and we try our best to spill our family values into our business ethics. One thing is certain – you will get the best possible care for your items while in storage Florida. Call us today for a free quote!

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We understand the true value of your belongings

PHMG Florida storage units

Purple Heart Moving Group is a broker in the moving and storage industry. We do not simply offer exceptional moving services but we also have an extensive network of class-A agents that have warehouses located throughout the United States. One of our best locations is storage in Hallandale Beach. Why pick us among all the others? It’s simple-our level of care for your belongings is unparalleled. We will probably do a better job than everybody else would. So, let us tell you more about storage units in Hallandale Beach.

Why do people use storage Florida?

There are many reasons why people require storage services. Long distance moves in Florida are the usual reason behind the need for storage. Facilities with Florida storage units are on every corner, and it’s becoming harder and harder to know which are the good ones.

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There are many different reasons why people need extra storage

For example, you decided to declutter a room or two in your house to make more space for something else, what do you do? Get a small storage unit. Or, you decided it’s time to downsize from a 3-bedroom house to a 1-bedroom apartment. What do you do? Get a slightly bigger storage unit. Here at Purple Heart Moving Group, we do a lot of military relocations, so we know that people get deployed and need a safe storage for their belongings. Whatever the case is, the first step is to determine what’s the right size of the self-storage unit for you.

The business value we offer here is the care and appreciation we will dedicate to your personal items. Choose us and you will choose one of the best movers and packers Florida! The best part is that you can call one of our licensed agents right now and they will assist you in any way and answer your every question.

What does Purple Heart offer at storage Florida?

We understand that your belongings have different qualities and therefore, need different storing conditions. With our long experience at hand, we created top-notch storage services that will exceed your expectations.

  • Affordable Storage Units Hallandale Beach rates
  • Ability to accommodate any clients’ request
  • Easy, around the clock access 
  • Safe, clean, dry and climate-controlled units 

Why are these features important? Simply because your items in need of storage are different and need different types of care. Some are big and hard to fit in, while others are small and easy to manage. If you are looking to store electronics, you need climate controlled conditions etc. It all comes down to the fact we are highly equipped to handle any customer request. Call us and see for yourself!

Things you should consider regarding storage Florida

There are things you should know before contacting one of our agents regarding storage units in Hallandale Beach. Before you do, consider making an inventory list of your belongings. Include all your large items and if you find the time, try to measure them so the agent will have a clear idea of how to store them. Once you are able to visualize your storage requirements, think about the time frame. Do you need a short-term storage unit or the long-term accommodation? For example, long-term storing is best done in warehouses or sealed containers. Once you have all these figured out, you and your agent will be more successful at picking the right storage unit for you.

taking measures before renting a storage Florida
What size storage do you need?

Commercial Storage Florida

Another important service we offer is commercial storage for your business. You need to be able to rely heavily on your mover during the crucial times of relocating your business.  That’s where we come in ready to accept the full responsibility! Purple Heart Moving Group understands what a big step this is for you and your business. Time is money and we are here to save you time, do a quick move and get you all set up to continue your work. If you, by any chance, require storage during the process of relocation, we are the right company for you! We know how to store your important papers, documents and electronics in a safe and responsible way. 

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Your business is safe with us!

Why choose us for your storage solution in Hallandale Beach?

The answer is simple. We have a customer satisfaction approval rating of over 98%. Why? Because we are simply the best, as the song goes. Joking aside, we truly are! Our family values and business ethics are combined in a supreme customer service. Your items will be handled with love and care. We are responsible and we value your belongings because you are the biggest value to us-you are our customer. Call us today or get your free quote right now here on the website. We are looking forward to sharing a pleasant experience with you.

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