Summer moving precautions you should always consider

    Summers are known for their sweltering heat, and your long distance movers Florida know this better than anyone else. When the sun is burning outside and the asphalt starts being unbearably hot, you know it’s time for some summer moving precautions. Of course, these summer moving precautions need to have a logical basis. Let’s see how we can minimize the damaging effect of the star that gave life to our green Earth…

    One of the most important summer moving precautions is brightly-colored clothing

    If you have traveled in Africa or in the Middle East, or even just watched a documentary, then you probably know that the people that live over there dress primarily in bright colors. They also display a preference for the color white. This is no coincidence. You see, the brighter the color is, the more sunlight, and therefore heat, it reflects. The darker the colors are, the hotter the person will be because darker colors absorb light and heat. That is why they cover themselves head to toe in white. Their white tunics protect them from heat stroke, which is a serious health hazard in those parts of the world if you aren’t careful. I’m not asking you to dress like a Saudi prince for the moving day, but lay off the jeans, and put on a white t-shirt.

    One of the smartest summer moving precautions is brightly colored clothing - such as this bright ornate dress.
    One of the smartest summer moving precautions is brightly colored clothing.

    Do whatever you can to avoid a heat stroke

    Heat stroke and it’s effect has been known for the past two millennia, however, there’s very little we can do about it when it occurs. We do not yet understand it completely, and it has a staggering mortality rate of 10% – 50%. We recognize that this is a serious problem, even among moving professionals. We also believe that preventions are better than a cure… or, even worse, an attempt at cure. That is why summer moving precautions are so important. One of the most effective ones is having a steady supply of cold water at hand, however, this is not always possible, nor feasible. That’s why you should take additional summer moving precautions every time you step outside to work for a prolonged period of time…

    Bottled water should always be at hand during a summer move.
    Bottled water should always be on hand during a summer move.

    Know the risk factors

    One of the most important things to know are the risk factors. Without them, you cannot assess a situation and estimate a rough outcome. Some of the most prominent risk factors when it comes to heat stroke are:

    • Old age – senior citizens are a significant risk factor group;
    • Vigorous exercise – if you’re outside, take it easy;
    • Cardiovascular disease;
    • The previous medical history that includes heat stroke;
    • Lack of air conditioning.

    Keep in mind that they’re not a guarantee of heat stroke. If you’re careful and prudent, you will not suffer a heat stroke, no matter the risk factors. But, that can only be done if you’re aware of all the possible summer moving precautions.

    Make every step of the move a group activity

    Yes, it may sound impractical, but in case something goes wrong, you will want someone to be there for you. For example, if you feel unwell, the last thing you want to happen is for you to be miles away from the nearest person who can aid you. If something bad happens, you want to react quickly. That’s why you want at least one person to be near you. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry.

    Bring lots of water with you

    Dehydration generally isn’t fatal, but trust me, it’s not fun either. One of the most important things to remember during a summer move is to stay hydrated at all times. I need not emphasize why this is important. In extreme circumstances, dehydration may send you to a hospital for a prolonged period. Human body literally runs on water in its various forms.

    Consider immunization

    What do you think is the deadliest animal? Shark? Bear? Giant Hornet? Nope, it’s actually the common mosquito. Mosquitos have the largest death toll by far. And every summer, mosquito migrations spread infections across the globe. Now, we understand that the level of public health safety in the West is high. However, keep in mind that you may not be immunized against some diseases not native to North America. This is why come summer, you should consider getting some additional flu shots. Allergies and other forms of disease sprout in summer like mushrooms after rain. For this reason, it is recommended that you consult your doctor. This especially applies if you’re traveling to a tropical area, such as Mississippi or Southern or coastal Florida.

    YOur doctor should ascertain about your immunization by writing down about it in a notebook like this one.
    When it comes to tropical immunization, ask your doctor for advice.

    Do not expose electronics to excessive heat

    One of our wisest summer moving precautions relates to your electronics. As you know, most electronic devices generate heat, at least their processors do. It is imperative that such electronic devices do not stay out in the heat too long. They’re mostly made of plastic, which can, and in most cases will melt under extreme heat, especially if said devices are turned on.

    Finally, if all else fails, call a reliable moving company!

    Yes, we’re aware that this sounds like giving up. But keep in mind that, biologically speaking, humans aren’t built to operate under extreme temperatures for prolonged periods of time. Sometimes the heat will be too much to handle. At other times, fatigue will grip you and your friends as you try to load the heavy boxes in. All of these situations are perfectly understandable and nothing to be ashamed of. When it comes to situations like these, it would be for the best to call your moving company that offers their professional packing services Florida. 

    For you, it’s superhuman effort, and that’s a-OK. But for them, it’s no significant effort. Just another day at work and nothing to fuss over. So why don’t you give us a ring?