Packing and moving bulky items

Thinking about your upcoming move brings you a lot of excitement. Moreover, you are happier than ever since you decided to move to the place you were dreaming of for so long time. However, when you start thinking about packing and moving bulky items, the excitement starts to slowly disappear. Whether you are moving or moving your items to storage, there is a lot of tasks in front of you. From planning and organizing to packing and moving your items, the moving process includes complex phases, according to Miami beach movers. Regardless of whether you are performing a DIY move or hiring moving service, packing and moving heavy items can be smooth or demanding. Depending on your budget, needs, and priorities you have to decide what kind of help you will enlist. Anyway, this task is not supposed to be done with only one pair of hands. Continue reading “Packing and moving bulky items”

Renting in Miami – a comprehensive guide

Miami is an amazing place to live in. With long beaches and never-ending nightlife, it is perfect for the younger population. However, the only downside of living in Miami is that real estate is expensive. If you are planning on moving to Miami we have prepared a comprehensive guide on renting in Miami. We also advise that you choose a good real estate agent and moving company by your side. It will make this whole process a lot easier. Moreover, you can use these tips if you are renting an apartment anywhere. Continue reading “Renting in Miami – a comprehensive guide”

Pros and cons of moving to Florida these days

Some relocations are impossible to postpone. So despite the global pandemic, people are still moving to Florida these days. For the most part, moving companies NYC to Florida are still operating (albeit with extra precautions) and you can still travel in most states. So it is definitely possible to move to Florida even now. But is it smart? As always, there are pros and cons to this decision. Which side wins out will depend on your situation and priorities. To help you weigh your options, we’ve put together a handy overview of everything you need to know about relocation to Florida and how it works during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Should you tip your Florida movers?

Tipping your movers is one of those questions that many people have. You might not know how Florida movers operate – are they like waiters, whose pay often is connected to their tips, or do they function differently? If you are very satisfied with the service, should you tip your Florida movers? This is a natural question to ask – after all, these people will struggle with your furniture and spend day(s) moving it! So, today, we solve your dilemma – and answer your questions!

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How to know where to find Florida to New York movers?

Moving from Florida to New York requires a lot of planning and a lot of work. But even when you know what to expect, something can catch you by surprise and ruin your whole experience! This is why expert Florida to New York movers are always a must – even though finding them can be tough. You will need to screen your movers and get an estimate – but before that, you need to figure out where to find Florida to New York movers! But worry not – Purple Heart Moving Group has the answers you need – and we are sharing them with you in this article!

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Tips for finding perfect Florida storage units for your business

Did you know that Americans, on average, own close to 300,000 belongings? It is no surprise that such a multitude of items is causing us a few problems. 23% of people pay their bills late because they can’t find the bill to pay for it. One way to deal with all the clutter in your office is to get rid of it. But it doesn’t have to be for good. You can move items you don’t need every day to one of our premium Florida storage units. That is why we are here with our tips for finding perfect Florida storage units for your business! You don’t want to get a unit that’s too big or too small. So keep reading to learn what to look for in a storage unit. Continue reading “Tips for finding perfect Florida storage units for your business”

Should you be afraid to move away from Florida in 2020?

This question might seem confusing if you forget about Corona Virus Pandemic. Don’t underestimate the instructions you have to follow in order to stay safe and sound. Although you have been planning to move away from Florida for a long time, now you are not sure how clever that is. What you can find out if you contact our long distance movers Florida is that we are proceeding all moving processes with caution. We will give our best to help the process be as stress-free as possible. Nonetheless, it is natural to be afraid to move away from Florida in the middle of the Corona Pandemic. You may wonder how does moving during a pandemic work though? And more importantly, are moving services even still available? Yes, they are but under changed safety rules. Here is advice on how to proceed safely with hiring movers, packing, and unpacking your belongings. Continue reading “Should you be afraid to move away from Florida in 2020?”

Cheap movers Florida – the traits to look out for

Saving money when moving is every person’s dream come true. You want to relocate to a different place, and you don’t want to spend a fortune doing so. That’s quite understandable. But, if you want your movers to be both cheap and reliable, you’ll need to look quite a bit. In 1995, the U.S. reduced federal oversight of moving companies. As a result, many companies have risen up as there was less government constraint. Unfortunately, some of them started to scam people. And it is usually the people who want to find cheap movers in Florida, that get scammed the most. Here is what you need to know. Continue reading “Cheap movers Florida – the traits to look out for”

Top cities for raising a family in Florida

Florida is a dream state for a lot of us. When we think about raising a family in Florida we must choose only the best. That choice can sometimes be hard especially when you have a ton of great choices! Trust us when we say you won’t be wrong choosing any place from this list. So let’s see some of the best choices for you and your family. Continue reading “Top cities for raising a family in Florida”

Step-by-step guide to moving to Florida

The process of moving can sometimes be very confusing for a lot of people. Where to start and what do you need to take care of is different for a lot of people. But, some things need to be taken care of in general. This guide to moving to Florida should make your relocation a lot easier, so let’s dig in. Continue reading “Step-by-step guide to moving to Florida”