The advantages of professional pool table movers

    The advantages of professional pool table movers

    Why hire professional pool table movers? What can they do that you can’t? How hard can it be to move a pool table? Sure it is a bit heavy and it has some sticks and billiard balls that go along with it. But, at the end of the day, it has four legs and a wooden surface on top of them. It is a table. And all tables are easy to move, right? Wrong! Moving a pool table properly requires skills, knowledge, and equipment that few people outside of the moving industry have. Therefore, you’d be smart to get some professional help instead of going at it alone. It is definitely not of the belongings you should personally transport. Here is why.

    Money issue

    Look, let us be honest. The only reason why you’d ever weigh out whether you should hire professional pool table movers is the money. Professional services seem to cost much more than it would cost you to do it on your own. Well, seem is the most important part of that sentence. If you try to do to it on your own you will soon find out about all the little costs that professional movers usually take care of. And those little costs pile up. It is not easy to find yourself paying a much larger amount than you would have to pay if you hired professional pool table movers.

    Professional pool table movers vs DIY
    Professional pool table movers tend to be less expensive than the final bill of DIY.


    And that is not counting the costly mistakes. And you are going to make them. No doubt about it. The seemingly simple pool table has a complicated disassembly procedure that can differ based on its age and condition. The odds of you doing it right of the first try and minimal at best. As every rookie has done before you, you are going to make mistakes. And you will have to pay for them. Professional pool table movers are rightfully confited in their skills and will offer you moving insurance. Therefore, if anything happens, you’ll be covered. Now, isn’t that much better than needlessly risking your table in order to seemingly save a few bucks? We certainly think so.

    How does moving a pool table work?

    Just so you would have an idea about what goes into a moving a pool table, here a quick rundown. We don’t recommend that you try to do it. But, if you do, be sure to thank friends that helped you out.


    You cannot move a pool table without proper equipment. Yeah, you might have strong friends that are willing to help you out, but don’t you dare risk their health by moving a pool table without the necessary equipment. You will need four dollies so that the table can be rolled on the floor. This is if you want to move your pool table in the simplest way possible, and that means that you will not disassemble it. For every other move, you will need disassembly tools like screwdrivers, hammers, and pliers. Not to mention the protective gear like working gloves and boots so that no one gets hurt during relocation.

    Gloves and screwdriver
    You will need to get a lot of equipment that you probably will never again use.


    For every pool table, there is only one way to properly disassemble it. And it differs based on the type, age and the condition of the table. First, you need to find online what kind of table you have and how to approach disassembling it. Then, you have to do it with care in order not to damage any part of it. Pool table parts are hard to fix or replace and will cost a lot of money. Next, you need to follow instructions and not lose any small part of the table.


    Now comes the transport. You need to find a truck that can transport your pool table, ideally in one go. Then, you need place it safely into your truck so that it doesn’t get damaged during the transportation. Therefore, you will need to get wrapping and padding materials to reduce the effect of vibrations and speed bumps along the way. No part of the pool table should be moving around during transport. You either need to tie them down or place enough padding so that they have no room to move. Place the heaviest parts on the bottom and work your way up to the lightest. Once you are transported them, simply unload them in the opposite order in which you loaded them.


    If you’ve done all of that properly, and that’s saying something, you need to deal with the last part of moving a pool table. And that is reassembly. Some pool tables have parts of it held together by glue or nails. If that is the case, you need to get even more equipment so that your pool table get assembled. Follow instructions for assembling your pool table and make sure that you are attentive and focused. One small mistake can lead to a badly assembled pool table that may be impossible to disassemble without issues. If you get confused at any time, stop and contact professional pool table movers so that you don’t ruin your pool table needlessly.

    Pool table
    You’d be surprised by how hard it can be to assemble a pool table.

    How to find professional pool table movers

    Now that you know what goes into moving a pool table, it is clear that you are much better off hiring professionals to deal with it. But, how do you find reliable and sort moving companies Pembroke Pines? Here are a couple of hints.

    Start local

    Start off by looking locally. If the movers a local you can more easily ask around about their quality and, if you like them, organize a move. They will probably be cheaper than online movers as they will be close to your place. This is true even for long distance movers Florida. If you are having trouble finding any local movers, go to a place that a has a pool table. There you can ask about their experience and get a contact number. Soon you will have a nice pool of potential pool table movers to choose from.