The challenges of moving abroad in 2020

    A man on airport who has overcome all challenges of moving abroad in 2020

    If you are planning on moving abroad you will need to overcome a lot of challenges. This is especially true in 2020. Because of the world pandemic situation, traveling is difficult and for that reason moving abroad has a lot of obstacles. However, we prepared the moving guide which will help you overcome the challenges of moving abroad in 2020. If you are interested in moving abroad this is the article you will need to read. Also, keep in mind that good moving preparation will help you move with ease. Moreover, if you follow our guide you will organize your move abroad like a pro.

    The challenges of moving abroad in 2020

    The first challenge you will face is that many expat-friendly countries are having strict border controls. Also, you will have to do some tests before you can get on the plane. Another problem is that there are many flights delayed or not even going to travel. Therefore it might be hard to move abroad. If you are planning to arrange your relocation during a global pandemic you should know a few things first:

    • Find movers that are dealing with relocations abroad. It is not the same to hire movers for moving from Texas to Florida for example and finding movers that will help you move abroad. You need to do your research and find the best company for the job. If you have good movers by your side, the challenges of moving abroad in 2020 will be significantly easier for you and your family.
    • Make sure you have all the needed healthcare documents. Healthcare documentation is various from county to country. You need to ask around which healthcare documents you need to enter the country you are planning to relocate in. For that reason, it is best to contact the embassy and ask them about health protocols. They are obligated to give you information about the needed documentation.
    • Follow the government regulations regarding traveling. Before you can start planning you need to make sure you can enter the country you are planning to live in. No matter if you are moving for a career or you just love Spain beaches, you need to check if they are open for ex-pats in the moment of the pandemic. If in any case, you need to stay in quarantine during your move you will need to be prepared for that as well.
    Documents on the table
    Make sure you have prepared all needed documents

    How to prepare for a move abroad?

    If you have all “technical issues” sorted out you should start planning your move abroad. As we have already said hiring one of the best moving companies Hollywood FL has to offer should be a good start. You will need to arrange travel options and make sure you have all above mentioned healthcare documents. Also, you need to check the new customs regulations country you are planning to move in. Moreover, some items are forbidden in some aboard countries. When you have prepared everything for your relocation you should start packing.

    Packing supplies are the most essential part of preparing for relocation. In order to do that you will need to have good packing supplies. However, if you do not know how to pack the proper way and to fill up a list of inventory, we advise you to hire professionals to help you. Ask your moving company do they have packing services you can use. If you have professionals to help you with packing you will have more time to arrange your relocation. They will help you and teach you some of the best packing tips. In this pandemic situation, hiring professionals will help you overcome all challenges of moving abroad in 2020.

    Other things you need to do while organizing the move

    If you have all clearances you should know how to disinfect your home before and after the move. You should disinfect your old and new home. For that reason ask your real estate agent in a foreign country to find you a good cleaning company. They are professionals and they will disinfect your home before you arrive. And entering a safe and disinfected environment in a moment of a global pandemic is more than an essential step. Yet another thing, you should make sure to clean your old home when your movers finish with loading the moving trucks.

    A woman cleaning her kitchen
    Entering the disinfected home is a must during a global pandemic

    However, if you want to do disinfection on your own, here are some tips on how to do it the most efficiently. You should start with the bathroom first and then you can move to the rest of the home. Keep in mind that you need to disinfect everything including the inside of the cabinets and drawers. Also, you should clean from top to bottom.

    Renting storage is a good option

    In order to move with ease, you should rent a storage unit. Pandemic might not be the best time for big shipments for foreign countries. Therefore, you should pack only the essentials you will bring with you and for the rest of your belongings, you should rent a storage unit. Moreover, they will be safer in a storage unit than in some cargo shipping, For that reason, the best thing you should is to rent a storage unit and when the situation becomes better you should send the rest of your belongings.

    If you are not sure where to find storage services we advise you to contact moving companies like for example Purple Heart Moving Group and ask for storage services. They as many more companies offer storage services among other services to their clients. Therefore you should contact them and arrange your storage expenses to be included in your relocation. That way you will be prepared for obstacles you can find on the way of moving abroad.

    A storage facility
    Having a storage unit while moving abroad during pandemic is a must!

    This will conclude our article on the challenges of moving abroad in 2020. If you are not in a big hurry you should wait for the next year for your abroad move. For more information feel free to contact us or your moving company. We wish you the best of luck with your move.