The importance of checking movers’ reviews

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    Deciding to move can be a stressful thing. Especially considering the number of companies that are just waiting to scam you. They take advantage of you when they have all your items in their trucks and have a lot of ways to squeeze money from you. In order to avoid situations like this, checking movers’ reviews is one of the most important things you should do. Before you decide upon a moving company there are a series of steps you should take just to make sure they are reliable. We have gathered experts that will talk about the matter and help you make the right decision. Without further ado, let’s list those steps.

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    Check movers’ reviews online before making a decision!

    Determining your budget is a step you should take long before checking movers’ reviews

    A vital part of the moving preparation process is determining your budget. When you want to hire a company you need to know how much you can spend on their services. Some companies may offer better services but for a higher cost. Knowing your budget will make you able to make quicker decisions and make everything proceed smoothly. That’s something we here at Purple Heart Moving Group always advise those that approach us.

    Steps you need to take when choosing a moving company

    There are thousands of moving companies you can choose from when deciding who should do your move. Many of them may try to scam you as well. That is why you need to be extra careful when hiring a moving company. The first thing you should do is check their reviews. There are some websites you can use to find moving companies and see how well are they rated. Websites such as Yelp and BBB offer such services.

    The moving companies often list what services they offer and their contact numbers. Always look for companies with overly positive reviews. However, this is another thing you should be wary of when checking movers’ reviews. Some companies use fake accounts to give themselves good reviews but offer poor service or are a scamming company instead. A good way to avoid this is by checking if the company has an office you can visit.

    Calling the company before checking movers’ reviews

    The first thing you should do is call the company and see if you are talking to a company representative or a broker. Scammers may use brokers to make deals with unsuspecting customers. The broker may tell you that the services the moving company offers are cheaper than they actually are. When you make the deal you are no longer the broker’s responsibility, but the company’s. And you can’t pull back from the deal because you have signed a contract. Then the company may give you insane prices without worrying about you declining their offer. However, there are still some reliable companies that use brokers. The best way to make sure that the company is reliable is to see if they are offering you to come to their office to discuss the deal in detail. If they have an office it is one of the signs that they are reliable.

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    The company should invite you to their office.

    Checking if they are licensed

    Depending on which type of move you require, there are certain licenses your company needs to possess. There are two types of moves, interstate, and intrastate. An intrastate move is a move to a city or town within the borders of your state. An interstate move is a move to somewhere beyond the borders of your state. The FMCSA offers details if the company has a license for an intrastate move. They also hold records of all prior transgressions done by the company. This is something you should do after checking movers’ reviews and calling them. Just go on the FMCSA website and enter their license number to check everything.

    See if they can handle your type of move

    Some companies may not have stated with what types of moves they are proficient with. They may not be ready for a long distance move, or an artwork move, or even moving to a high rise building. Maybe they are not experienced in moving to a beach house. However, there are some companies that offer moving services Hallandale Beach, and their expertise is grand in moving to a beach house. This is why you need to ask them if they can do it. Better to ask the way than go astray!

    Did someone refer you to the moving company?

    This is something that you can use to maybe bypass checking movers’ reviews. If your friend or a family member has used the services of a moving company, it may serve as an indicator that they are reliable. However, you should still check their reviews online and call them to see if they fit you. Maybe your friends or family members did not require the same type of service you require. Maybe the movers aren’t experienced with moving during hot weather. If you need relocation assistance Florida, they absolutely must be proficient in this. Make sure to check a moving company’s reviews before deciding upon a company.

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    Call the moving company and ask everything you want to know!

    What kind of estimate do they offer? Find out before you check the movers’ reviews.

    This is a big one. Certainly, a way that the company can prove that they are reliable. You need to see what type of estimate does the company offer. An estimate is when the company determines the price of your move depending on your weight, distance, and special services you require. These estimates are:

    • A non-binding estimate: This kind of estimate is the one most scammer companies use. They may give you an estimate over the phone without actually weighing your items. And when the actual weighing day comes, the price increases. They can also offer some services you take for granted and make it a lot more expensive just by adding this kind of additional assistance. However, do not be discouraged if a company that you deem reliable offers you something like this. Not all users of non-binding estimates are scammers!
    • Binding estimate: This is when the moving company representative comes and gives you an estimate in person. It will be a fixed price based on the weight of your items and all the additional services combined. There will be no change in the price once you sign the contract.
    • Binding not-to-exceed-estimate: This one is proof that the company is reliable. It is when they give you an estimate, but when the actual weighing comes, if the weight is higher than estimated, the price will not go up. In addition, if the weight is lower, the price will come down, which means that you will find the best moving rate. This is proof that the company is reliable because they are willing to give up profit for customer satisfaction.