The items you can leave behind when moving from NYC to Florida

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    There are many obstacles while moving. Small, seemingly trivial things that end up delaying and stressing you. Deciding what to keep and what to throw away is often one of those things. Even though it may be difficult letting go of some items, it is unavoidable during a move. Making these difficult choices is important if you want to save time and sanity. Hiring one of the best moving companies NYC to Florida will certainly make your move smooth and effortless. However, before you hand off your items for transport, you need to pick the items you intend to leave behind.

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    Moving to Florida will be a breeze with fewer items in the truck!

    Dealing with items you can leave behind is simpler than you think

    To effectively declutter, you must start by writing down all of your items, and decide what you definitely intend to keep. After this, it’s a simple matter of dealing with the discard pile. Everything that is in good condition can be sold. Host a garage sale in your yard or take a few photos and post everything on an online auction. This will greatly help improve your moving budget. Alternatively, you can donate your items to a charitable organization in your area and do a kind deed. All items either too old, damaged, or with no good purpose, should simply be thrown away. With fewer items to pack, you’re helping both your Miami beach movers and yourself.  Make sure to recycle your waste property, and don’t get too attached when making these decluttering decisions.

    So what can actually be left behind?

    As we previously mentioned, choosing what to keep and what to throw out can be very difficult. However, you need to remain dedicated and get rid of unnecessary baggage. The less you own, the less you’ll have to pack. This is why your move from New York City to the wonderful state of Florida will be much easier. Here are some suggestions on items that you can leave behind:

    • Old clothes. When packing clothes, you can get carried away quite easily. If your items are in too rough of a condition or out of fashion, you may consider leaving them behind.
    • Old furniture. Furniture is difficult to pack and transport in most cases. Use your move as a perfect opportunity to get rid of some of it. If it is in fairly good condition, donate it to charity. You can buy new furniture in Florida and make your home look even better.
    person writing a list of items to leave behind when moving
    Making a list of items you are not attached to is a great way to start decluttering
    • Paper. Naturally, you want to save the important paperwork. Items such as financial records and personal documents should be packed in a separate box and stored away. Everything else like old newspapers, notes, or old books can be sent in for recycling.
    • Household items. All you have to do here is take a walk around the house. See what is actually being used and what is collecting dust. There is no better thing to sell at a yard sale than household items. Collect those old rugs, lamps, and figurines, and find them a new forever home.

    Once you’ve downsized your home, it’s time to hit the road

    As you can see, there are plenty of items you can leave behind when moving from NYC to Florida. What we listed here is just a small portion of the decluttering list. With good planning and dedication, you can effectively downsize your home, and rid yourself of a major moving problem. All you have to do now is call your trusty Florida packers and let them work their magic while you catch a moment to relax. We hope this guide helps you on the amazing journey to your new home in the Sunshine State.