The items you should never keep in your storage unit

    The items you should never keep in your storage unit

    Whether you are moving, downsizing or you just need more space in your home, a storage unit can be a great option. So, after you decide to stow your belongings and get some space for any reason, you will start your search. Although there are many companies that offer their storage services, it seems like you can opt for any of them. But unfortunately, this is not a good idea. When you need any moving or storage service, make sure to cooperate with reliable ones. As a reputable moving company, our company offers Florida storage units. Besides, we are at your disposal and ready to answer all your question.  Thus, for sure you will ask about the list of items you should never keep in your storage unit. So let’s see recommendations from our experienced team.

    What about the items you should never keep in your storage unit?

    Unfortunately, storage units are not the place for all your stuff. It is better to sell, donate, or keep things you can’t put in storage. It is also a good way to trim your relocation costs. Besides, there is a list of forbidden items you should not keep in your storage. This list is created by the law and certain features of storage you are going to rent. For example, climate-controlled storage units allow storing items that require certain temperature conditions. On the other hand, if you are looking to store your artwork or electronics, you need climate-controlled conditions which means you will have to pay about 20 percent more than for the regular storage. Make sure to know your budget and what are the items you should never keep in your store and then decide what to do.

    The items you should never keep in your storage unit
    Identify the things you should better skip when packing.

    Pay attention when signing a contract

    As we what to remind you of the importance of this, our Florida movers will share with you our knowledge. Of course, our simple advice is applicable to most of the cases, but make sure te get as more information as you can after you chose certain storage services. You may notice we recommend you paying attention to the contract you sign. Always read before you sign, remember? But if you are one of those people who usually spot charges and expenses, you probably don’t know what you committed to.

    Read your contract once again.

    You might not be aware that when you rent a storage unit, you agree to never store certain things. However, breaking this rule can cause serious troubles. Some items do not belong in storage facilities for safety reasons while others are straight-up illegal. Additionally, storing prohibited items can cause damage to the rest of your belongings. But that is not everything, it can cause damage to the items in neighboring units. Unluckily, you can get evicted from the storage facility in some cases, but also even face legal trouble. That is why it is good to know ahead what are the items you should never keep in your storage unit.

    Put aside the items you should never keep in your storage unit

    Every time you plan to move, downsize, or remodel your home you just need to prepare well. When it comes to preparations, the best thing you could do is to create a few lists that will make your planning process easier. So, it will be good for you to create a to-do list that will include gathering moving supplies and materials. Our ultimate packing checklist could save you time. Regardless of renting storage for the first time or not, you will have a list of concerns. So before you start packing things you are just not sure about, make sure to check with your service. Make sure to put aside all things that may be forbidden for storing.

    Put aside things inappropriate for keeping in storage.

    Keep them or get rid of them

    As we mentioned, you will find a way to sort, keep, or donate them. As you don’t want to get in any trouble you will rather follow the instructions and rules. This is definitely better than headaches and taking consequences after breaking the rules. If you get wanted space in the end, you may want to remodel your old space that looks like a new space now. For instance, you can set up a home office or decorate space for recreation. One of the shelves in this corner could be a place where you can keep family heirlooms or super expensive items you should never keep in the storage unit. 

    Stay away from putting these things in your storage unit:

    • Food and perishable items. Even if you plan to pack and store these goods, better don’t. Most food products including pet food are one of the goods that you should never keep in your storage unit. But why is that? It is because the food spoils and rots fairly quickly. It does not matter how tightly you pack it, or what type of container you use, it is going to go bad or attract pests. This will leave your unit at risk, but also it puts everyone else’s units at risk, too.
    • Hazardous materials. This includes fertilizers and certain cleaning chemicals that can be harmful if they are not stored properly. Maybe you did not know, but there are certain household items like baby powders and hair dryers that can carry asbestos, which if released and inhaled can cause serious diseases.
    • Liquids. Apparently, it is best to keep any liquids out of your storage unit. If you can’t realize the reason for this we will explain it. Well, it is because it can easily cause a leak that can damage the other items in the unit. Not only could it ruin your once-perfect items but also cause additional troubles. In case the liquid is hazardous, you could have another slew of problems on your hands.
    • Plants, animals, or anything else that is living. This is the most obvious thing on the list of the items you should never keep in your storage unit. Moreover, those items are absolutely forbidden to store within your unit. But, believe it or not, some people still try. Think twice, things that need air to live will not do well in a storage unit. If you don’t have enough space to keep it in your home, don’t keep it in your storage unit either.