The professional way to load a moving truck

    The professional way to load a moving truck

    You might think that loading a moving truck is the easiest part of the move. What can there be to it? You simply take your stuff and load a moving truck. There is nothing more to it, right? Wrong! To properly load a moving truck you need to have knowledge, experience, and skill that few amateurs have. That is why it is useful to consult top movers and packers Florida so you will know all the little details regarding truck loading. You also need to do some online research so that you will know what you are doing and so you will know which questions to ask. Here is everything you need to know.

    Types of moving trucks

    There are different types of moving trucks? Yup. See, we are already making progress. Moving trucks come in different sizes. It is very useful to know your truck’s type so you can better consult with your movers and pack it properly. Different trucks have different specifications regarding size and weight distribution that are vital when loading them.

    Moving truck
    There are many different kinds of moving trucks.

    Light trucks

    We consider a truck light if they weigh between 0kg and 6350kg (0lb – 14000lb). These trucks are suited for smaller moves that usually include just the basic elements. You will not be able to fit a larger piece of furniture or personal belongings of three or more people. Trucks that are in this class are:

    • Minivan
    • Sports utility vehicle
    • Panel truck
    • Pickup truck
    • Tow truck

    As they cannot hold a lot of weight, it doesn’t really matter how you distribute it. Just make sure that you protect your possessions form rain if the truck is normally not covered.

    Medium truck

    This is the most common size of a moving truck. Their weight is between 6351kg and 11793kg (14000lbs – 26000lbs). For some types of medium trucks, you are required to have a special state-issued license. Make sure you have the proper paperwork and that you know about any legal boundaries before you start driving. Trucks of this type are:

    • Box truck
    • Cutaway van chassis
    • Van
    • Medium Standard Truck
    • Medium Duty Truck
    • Platform Truck
    • Flatbed Truck

    These truck require a bit of skill and finesse when packing and driving. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are up to the task.

    Heavy truck

    As far as on-road truck go, this is as big as they can get. Normally these trucks are not used for moving as they are too heavy and complicated to handle. But, some moves may require their use. These trucks are between 11794kg to over 14969 kg (26001 lbs – 33000 lbs).

    Huge moving truck
    Some trucks are huge but are not usually used for moving.

    How to properly load a moving truck

    Now that you know how to classify your truck it is time to learn how to load it. The best way to move your possessions is in one go. Therefore it is in your best interest to have a truck that is properly sized. But, if that is not the case, you might need to find good storage facilities Florida so that you would relocate properly.


    Packing is arguably the most important part of the move. That is because most moving accidents happen because of improper packing. Before you even start to load a moving truck you need to make sure that everything that you want to move is properly packed. Start by sorting your possessions. Sort them by type, but even more importantly, sort them by weight. You do not want to have all the heavy items in one box, as that will compromise the safety of the box. Try and disperse the weight as much as you can. That will make loading much easier. Also, make sure that every box is properly labeled. You need to able to identify heavy boxes and boxes that contain fragile items on first glance.

    Moving equipment

    You need to get yourself moving equipment. Unless your move is as simple as possible (just clothes and books) you are going to need some moving equipment in order to properly load a truck. Get some working gloves, boots, belts, and harnesses so you do not risk your safety and you avoid damaging your possessions. You will save yourself from a lot of trouble if you invest a little money in proper moving equipment.


    The biggest risk for an untrained person happens when lifting heavy objects. You can easily hurt yourself in you do not use proper tools and technique. Before you start moving heavy items keep these guidelines in mind. First off, do some warmup. You want to avoid getting your muscles sore or even needlessly spraining a joint. Some basic warmup will make sure that your muscles are ready for action. Rember to take your time. Do it gradually. If you rush you will increase the risk of accidents tremendously. Go at it slow and steady. Also, remember to lift with your legs. Keep your back straight and rest when you feel tired.

    Weight distribution

    Before you start to load a moving truck you need to have a plan. The total weight of your possessions needs to distributed as evenly as possible inside the truck. That is because if one side of the truck is overly burdened it will cause the truck to handle poorly. The weight will also compromise the trucks ability to amortize the bumps in the road. Therefore, your possessions will be at a greater risk of damage. You should place heavy boxes first and spread them apart evenly. After them, you can gradually stack other boxes. When you are finished, take a look at the truck. If it is leaning on one side it means that it is not in optimal balance and that you should reload it.

    Asians on a moving truck
    People can be very creative when they load a moving truck.

    Fragile items

    You need to place fragile items last. Make sure to properly pad the items so that the risk of damage is minimal. If you have to, get additional wrapping equipment. It is better to be safe than sorry.