The secret of staying in touch after a long distance move

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    The moving period can be very stressful! Especially if we are moving far away. Now, we already built ourselves our little worlds with a lot of good friends! So the question of knowing the secrets of staying in touch after a long distance move! Especially if we are moving anywhere within Florida. But do not worry, we will give you more than enough ideas on how not to lose touch with our loved ones! After reading our article you will know just how easy it is to maintain your friendships and relationships!

    One of the ways of staying in touch after a long distance move is using your phone

    Now, this may be the most obvious choice and the most reasonable one! But, when you have to balance between your work, family, partner and new people in your life, there are just too many things to do, that you may end up not calling them at all. But, in order to avoid that, the most simple solution is to organize weekly, or monthly calls to your friends! Always set a date when you will call them because they are probably also stuck with work and other obligations. This will show them that you care for them and value their time! If you need to stay in touch with a couple of them and you all are close friends then why not use conference calls on either Skype or Google Hangouts or any other platform? This is a perfect tool you can use in order to catch up with all of them!

    A phone you can use for staying in touch after a long distance move
    Staying in touch after a long distance move is easy when if you use your phone

    One way you can bond with your friends, even more, is when they are helping you with your relocation. Packing, loading into a moving truck and other chores are great if they can help you. But, what we meant is, making dinner or bbq so you can all enjoy it. Also, they can provide you with enough help to find reliable movers Davie FL! Maybe they already know someone who moved or they used their services and know for fact they are good!

    Use social media platforms

    Now perhaps one of the best ways to maintain friendships with your long distance friends in 2019 is over social media platforms. You could maintain a daily touch with them even if you are living in the same city! That’s right! Social media provided us with instant contact with our most close friends we value and love. Some of those platforms are:

    • Facebook – The largest one and probably the best one you can use for staying in touch with your friends
    • Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram – all these platforms are best described as “visual social media platforms” because they revolve around arts and something similar

    These platforms are good because they do not ask for any additional money to provide you with basic communicational services. They are free and they are easy to get and install to your PC and mobile phone! Make sure you know more about them and learn more about how to properly use them because they can be sources for much other information. Sometimes you can even search for movers over Facebook! Yes, that’s right! You can find groups that provide feedbacks on long distance movers Florida that can help you locate and hire ones for your relocation!

    mobile display showing social media apps icons
    Social media platforms are perfect for catching up with your friends

    Using an e-mail

    Now, this may be an outdated thing to do because people are used to instant messages and chats over social media, but it can also be the most interesting ones! Remember, staying in touch after a long distance move wasn’t that simple just 20-30 years ago. You didn’t have cell phones as advanced as they are today. What you could really do is rely on your writing skills. Yeah, its like writing a letter to your dear friend and anxiously waiting for their reply. But, you know what can leave your friends breathless when you write them that loving e-mail telling them how much you missed them? Knowing how to perfect your writing skills so your e-mails will sound more interesting to read is the best thing you can do for yourself! Since we won’t be sending them with 2-3 sentences.

    Create Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram groups

    This is maybe the easiest way of staying in touch after a long distance move! Because all it requires is a few clicks and there you are, with your old friends in your new online chat group. This can be a good thing because it leaves you with the opportunity to talk with them whenever you can and stay informed about the current events in your old hometown. Also, they may help you with a lot of things when you finally move in. IF you are one of those lucky ones who can decorate your office by yourself you can always ask your friends for bits of advice on how to decorate your office!

    A cartoon man pointing to Viber icon
    Viber groups are excellent for maintaining contact with your friends

    Plan activities with them

    Now, this mostly revolves around yearly activities such as camping, summer vacations, etc. You probably won’t be able to do much of them since the distance can be a real problem. But, at least once or twice a year is a good way to catch up and talk about everything you missed. This is a perfect opportunity to relax and renew your friendships that you love and value that much! You probably already know this is one way to relax after a busy work year, but do you know there are ways to relax after a stressful relocation! Use them for your advantage and to call your friends!


    The secret of staying in touch after a long distance move is easy enough to figure out! And we pointed it out here in our article for you, our reader, to find out! This will help you stay in touch with them in the easiest way possible and maintain those lovely friendships!