The ultimate packing checklist

    A person writing down a checklist

    Your moving day is so close you can actually smell it. But you still haven’t properly packed yet and that can be a bummer. Most people do not comprehend how much stuff they actually have until it is time to pack them and move. And that can be very stressful for everyone. Our ultimate packing checklist will guide you through some of the basics of packing. This will ensure a smoother transition and relieve you of some of that moving stress.

    General tips to start our ultimate packing checklist

    There are some things you should have in mind when you start packing. It doesn’t matter on your packing strategy some general rules should be followed. Packing services Florida can provide you with everything you need. If you decide however to do it alone the ultimate packing checklist starts with these tips:

    1. Pack your first aid kit for the first night in the house with essentials you need
    2. When packing, pack together similar items so you don’t get mixed up
    3. Never overfill your boxes
    4. Label everything
    5. Pick a room in the house to store all your packed boxes
    A first aid bag for after the move as required on The ultimate packing checklist
    The ultimate packing checklist requires having a first aid bag

    Do not start without a plan

    Planning is an essential part of the most complex stuff in life. For something that takes effort to work, you need a plan. Create one with your family according to your priorities and work from there. Moving services Miami will do their part, you and your family the rest.

    a person writing down a plan
    For an easy move, you need to have a plan

    Start with items that are out of season. For example, if it is hot, start with a winter wardrobe. What you can, save for packing. Because jackets and blankets can work wonders to protect fragile items when moving. Label that as we said and store it in the corner of the room. What you are sure you won’t need a store in the harder to reach places. Once you start packing your house can become a mess and this will help you stay organized.

    Gather up your supplies

    Moving supplies are the number one priority in your ultimate moving checklist. We cannot stress enough how important it is to invest in supplies. It is better to buy even more than you need than to run out in the middle of packing. What is left you can store or give it to someone who needs them. To save some money you can hop by some local stores early in the morning. They restock then and you can take some boxes for yourself.  Boxes that you will label as we mentioned. It is best to label them according to the inventory in them and the room they belong to. This will help you and good moving companies to get by when unloading at your new place.

    Saving money on boxes is not your only option. As we mentioned, you can use your winter clothes, blankets and towels to shield your fragile items. Wrapping them up and securing it with tape is a good move.

    Pack room by room

    This will ease your life quite literally. Packing room by room follows our rule to pack similar items together and much more. Start with the rooms and items you use the least. We mentioned too you should store that item in the corners of the room and work your way to the door. Our ultimate packing checklist is going pretty nicely we’d say!

    When packing like this you will notice some items you do not really need anymore. What is still usable, donate it to those in need. What is broken you may toss. Getting rid of unnecessary stuff will be like a stone lifted from your chest. It is important to start fresh with more room for new memories and items you will acquire. Learn what you should start with when unpacking.

    A man staring at his notes
    Think about what room is easiest to pack

    Do not forget to label fragile items that need special care. That will remind you and the movers to take care of those items more. Breaking something mid-move can be a huge bummer. Better be safe than sorry! To be extra careful, make sure you put the lighter and more fragile items on top of the boxes. And wrap them up good.

    Get your documents in order

    An important part of the ultimate moving checklist is to set straight every piece of paper. Make sure to schedule your moving company on time and to buy moving insurance. Your first-aid bag should hold the most important personal document and document you need at the site. Change the address for your internet, subscriptions, and everything coming to your home address. What you do not need, cancel. Inform the bank about your relocation so they can change the address on your accounts and cards. Transfer your utilities and pay what is left at your old place.

    a person signing a document as the part of The ultimate packing checklist
    Gathering important documents is the part of the ultimate packing checklist

    Do this a bit early in the process. There is so much to transfer and so many companies to call. Along the way, you will probably think of something else. A week before you move you should call again and check if everything is in order.

    Do not forget to have fun

    Having fun while moving and packing will make the whole process a lot less stressful. Making a moving day playlist will get your spirits up and boost your energy levels. This ultimate packing checklist would be what it is without some music on it. Throw in your family’s favorite songs and get moving! Quite literally. Being in a good mood will make this so much easier.

    A girl listening to music
    Uplifting songs are good when you have a lot of work to do

    Make planned breaks every few hours. At that time relax, eat, have a drink or play a game. You will feel refreshed.

    Out ultimate moving checklist is over and so are your worries. We know this is huge but there is nothing to worry about. Starting on time and having a plan is essential, everything else can be changed and managed. It is important to stick to your plan and be clear with your family members and movers. We hope we have helped you pack all that stuff of yours!