The ultimate unpacking guide

    cardboard boxes leaning against a wall

    You’re standing in your driveway, watching the moving truck pull away and disappear in the distance. When you turn around, you see the enormous pile of moving boxes in front of you, and reality sets in. The dreaded time to unpack after the move has come. Where do you even begin? But don’t worry, as this is a pretty common occurrence. After using the services of long distance moving companies in Florida, unpacking simply can’t be avoided. To help you through this process and make your life simpler, wе’ve prepared the ultimate unpacking guide for your convenience. With it, settling into your new home will be an absolute breeze. So let us begin!

    Before you start, look at the bigger picture

    Don’t look at the unpacking process as one huge task that needs to be done in one take. Because really, that is far from the truth, and our ultimate unpacking guide will help you realize that. Your home consists of many different rooms. And in turn, your pile of items consists of a lot of smaller parts. This means that you absolutely don’t have to rush the unpacking process. Work through your boxes bit by bit until you unpack the whole house. Start with the most important items, and work your way towards the edges, just like in a puzzle. Soon enough, you will have a beautiful home to relax in.

    living room after following an unpacking guide
    Take your time with the unpacking, and soon enough you will have a beautiful home

    The ultimate unpacking guide begins with the vital items

    Before hiring one of the reliable moving and storage Florida companies, it is always advised to pack a box of essential items. This box will allow you access to things like toothbrushes, phone chargers, and a few changes of clothes. Once you move in, you can open these boxes and slowly start working on the rest of your home. In addition, labeling boxes before your move helps a lot in the unpacking process. Knowing what belongs in which room will drastically save you time and make moving in much smoother. Another good tip is to start with the largest items in the pile. Place your beds, closets, and dressers in their respective place, and then work on the other items. Placing these large items where they need to be will help you work around them towards a fully unpacked home.

    Utilize storage space and don’t be afraid to ask for help

    Through the process of unpacking, you may realize that you don’t have enough room for certain items in your new home. If you didn’t declutter before the move, now is the time! Everything that is too old or never used has no place in your new home. Anything that is in good condition can be donated to charity, while everything else can go towards recycling. If you still lack space, it is wise to consider renting out a storage warehouse to temporarily place your items in. Use storage until you make more room in your home, or just keep using the unit indefinitely.

    four friends sitting together
    Everything is easier when you have a few friends to help you

    To make the whole process go even faster, call a few friends to help you out! Going through our ultimate unpacking guide will be quicker with a few helping hands on deck. Give your friends and family a call and see if they are able to help you out. Give everyone a different task, and your home will be fully unpacked and ready for enjoyment in no time. Just make sure to thank your friends for helping you move with a warm meal and cold drinks! With this helpful guide and a bit of hard work, you will go through that pile of boxes quicker than you think. After that, all you have to do is relax and enjoy your new home.