Things you should unpack first in your new home

    Having an inventory list can help you decide what things you should unpack first in your new home

    Going through a move is a complex task.  There are so many things from big such as hiring a group of reliable Florida movers or choosing a good moving date, to those smaller ones such as picking up your outfit for the moving day, that this can be truly the stuff of nightmare in some cases. Packing itself is one of the essential elements of any move that you have to deal with. It can be really challenging in many ways. What a lot of people don’t think about is what they will do once they actually come to their new home. Thinking in advance about what things you should unpack first in your new home are really important.  This decision can dictate a lot of factors in the whole move. That is why you have to take it very seriously. 

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    Planning properly in advance is the key to a smooth move

    So, how do you determine what to unpack first in your new home?

    When going through a move, you have to plan everything properly, otherwise, you are bound for trouble. Simply do not leave things to chance and do the planning part of the task properly. One of the crucial things when planning a move is to put things on paper (a virtual or a real one, it does not matter). So put every phase of the move there first and then deconstruct each of them one by one. Have each of the phases have their own separate sheet. For instance, looking for movers Davie FL offers can be a section of its own as it is a really important element. Then think about all the administrative things that you have to take care of. These are things such as moving your family’s medical records and your kids’ school records. Be diligent with this and this will be a lot easier for you. 

    The inventory list is the next step

    Once you do that, it is time to plan your packing process and the best way to do that is to create an inventory list. Now, people often do underestimate the importance of it, but inventory lists are crucial for determining what to unpack first in your new home. They are useful in more than one way and can make your move a smooth ride really quickly. Give yourself enough time during the planning phase for this particular task. It may take longer than you expect. But, once you do finish it, it will be a lot easier to plan what goes where during packing. You can make a separate inventory list for every room of your home. Then as you pack, you can mark each box with the letter denoting room of origin and then add a number for each box.

    having an inventory list can help you decide what things you should unpack first in your new home
    The inventory list is an amazingly useful tool

    This way you can put down the designation for each item and know exactly what is where. Also, this means that you can more easily decide which things go into which boxes. This will make your packing more efficient instead of chaotic. This will enable you to plan your unpacking process a lot more efficiently too. Furthermore, your inventory list can be a crucial item for another reason. Hiring the best moving company is usually enough to have you be able not to worry about things. However, sometimes unlucky things happen and some of your belongings can end up broken or even lost. In such cases having your inventory list if you have to file an insurance claim is a must. That is why you should also have the estimated prices of at least your most valued items approved by the company’s representatives.

    The essentials list

    A really useful and a must-do thing that you should do is to make an essentials list. This is the list of all the items that you should unpack first in your new home. Using your inventory list you can create this list in an easy, sure way. On the basic essentials list, you should put the items that you are going to need the most on the first day, or two. If you are moving over large distances and the move is going to take more than one or two days, then you will have to plan accordingly. Basically you need to pack things such as clothes that you will need during this time, personal hygiene items like toothbrush, shampoo, etc, your medicine if you need any and your electronic devices.

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    Make sure that you have packed everything on your essentials list

    After you are done with your personal list of the most important items, you should make a list of such items for every room of your home. For instance, you should unpack electronic devices as soon as you are done with unpacking the furniture needed for those devices to rest on. If you have kids, then there are certainly important things (besides clothes) that you will need on the first day. For instance, things like bed sheets and blankets are something that you will need on the first night in your new home. Also, unless it is the time of summer vacation or a holiday, they will need their school books.

    Furniture should be given the advantage

    Think in advance how different pieces of furniture will fit in your new home. Are you going to simply replicate the order from your old home? Or are you going to make some changes to that order? Talk with your movers and have them place the furniture to your chosen spots, if possible. Setting up your furniture is really important as it gives you the grounds for unpacking all the other things. After furniture, the appliances are the next thing on the “things you should unpack first in your new home”. Ideally, you should have them checked and set up before you go to your new home. After you do this and the furniture you can use the inventory list to see what things are the priority for you and act accordingly.