Tips and tricks for packing your kids’ toys

    child playing with two assorted-color car plastic toys on brown wooden table

    Moving is a special time in the lives of anyone who has or is going through it. It is not easy for a variety of reasons, but then again, it also has a lot of positive aspects. No matter the angle you look from, it is not easy to organize it. Packing your kids’ toys is just a part of a much larger process and it is important to dedicate your attention to each of those if you want to have a smooth move. Hiring a moving company should be on top of your to-do list, particularly if you are moving over a longer distance. No matter the distance, you should pay special attention to choosing the moving date, as it directly influences everything else. Depending on the closeness of the moving date you will have more or less time for everything else.

    multicolored learning toys
    Perhaps your kids can help you with packing

    Packing is generally a very important part of moving, so you should make a plan

    When people think of moving, there are two images that instantly stick out in their brains. The first is that of movers carrying a bulky piece of equipment down or up the staircase. The second is an apartment full of packed and semi-packed boxes. Without packing your belongings, it is virtually impossible to actually do the moving part of the move. So, before you start actually packing your kids’ toys, you should make the overall plan of the packing process. The best way to do this is to create an inventory moving list. Though some people tend to underestimate the importance of an inventory list, it is not easy having to pack all of your belongings without any sort of plan. The inventory list gives you that.

    How is it of use to you?

    Well, firstly, you should make a separate inventory list for each of the rooms in your home. That way you will have the ability to see all of the things you possess and the plan the order in which you are going to pack them. That does not sound like much perhaps, but it is actually extremely useful. You do not want to overburden your boxes. The best solution with this particular problem is to find a middle ground regarding weights so that the box won’t burst, but that it also won’t feel empty, while another box is too heavy and is in the risk of bursting open. With an inventory list, you can make the packing process an efficient and orderly one.

    Packing your kids' toys can be quite a sensitive operation
    Having a list of all your belongings can make a huge difference in packing

    Now, that is just one of the usages of the inventory list. You can also use the list when it comes to unpacking your belongings. It will make your life a lot easier if you, during the packing section, mark in which box you put which item. This will make packing your kids’ toys a lot simpler. Especially as you will be able to make a selection of their favorite toys easier. Furthermore, by having an inventory list you will be safe in case of having to file an insurance claim, as the list is one of the documents that you have to submit when filing the claim.

    So, now how to approach packing your kids’ toys according to their type?

    Vehicle miniatures

    The famous modeled metal and plastic toys such as trucks, cars, planes, etc, must be packed separately as the stronger ones will damage the weaker ones.  You should also wrap up each of the metal toys separately. The best choice would be the bubble wrap. If your kids have any vehicles that they can operate with radio control, you must take special care because they are extremely delicate.

    The stuffed animals and other stuffed toys

    In order to be most efficient with them, you should wrap them separately. Use wrapping paper or clean cloth pieces. After you wrap them up, you should [pack them in waterproof plastic bags. Since these toys your kids like to hug and even kiss, it is important that they stay completely clean. That is why you must take into account dust and water. Do not place them in boxes without proper protection, especially if you have hired long distance movers Florida offers, as that means you will be traveling for a while. 

    Dolls, action figures, jigsaw puzzles, model kits, and construction sets

    When it comes to packing dolls and action figures, you should use wrapping paper or (and) bubble wrap. These can be really delicate, so it is important that they get the best protection from potential damage. For things such as jigsaw puzzles, model kits, and construction sets the best way to go is to use their original packaging if at all possible. These were specifically designed to provide protection for their respective items. If this is not possible, then you can use boxes that are similar in size with the original ones. Make sure that they have a working lid! 

    stack of jigsaw puzzle pieces
    When packing your kids’ toys such jigsaw puzzle, you must be really careful

    Another thing that you should do here is to disassemble them. Every construction set, or a jigsaw puzzle or a model kit that can be disassembled, should be disassembled. Take each of the sets, puzzles or kits separately and put them each in their own re-sealable storage bag with a zipper or some other way of closing it. Then put each of them in appropriate boxes. These things are generally extremely sensitive, so be sure that you are patient and gentle with them. Each of these will most likely be ruined if you lose or damage just one of their pieces. This is one of those cases when you could think about using packing services Florida movers offer. 


    Depending on the age of your kids, they may already possess certain electronic devices. Things such as computers, consoles, smartphones, tablets, and others. When thinking about packing your kids’ toys, these are probably not the things that you would think about first, but this is the time we live in. That is why it is quite likely that these items are the most expensive of all of your children’s belongings. These must be handled with the utmost care and dedication. It is best to transport them by yourself if you are able to. That way you know how those items are being treated and no one is going to go to the same lengths as you will, except if you hire some of the very best moving companies.