Tips for anyone moving to Orlando

    Tips for anyone moving to Orlando

    So, you’re getting ready to relocate to the “Theme Park Capital of the World” aka the city of Orlando? With such a cool nickname, and the fact that it is home to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, and ICON Orlando, you know that you will be having tons of fun living in this town. While entertainment is an important feature of this city, there are some other things to consider when moving to Orlando.

    Disney World in Orlando
    Living in Orlando is an epiphany of fun.

    Explore the important logistic features before moving to Orlando

    Don’t let the fun factor blind you. There are many things that you should consider when you’re deciding to move to a new city.
    Before you book your Florida movers and start packing, think about these features of Orlando:

    • The living costs – It’s nice to dream about living in some city. Making it a reality is quite different. Your biggest obstacle for moving to Orlando can be your budget. It’s not cheap to live in such an entertaining city. In fact, the living costs of Orlando are slightly above the nation’s average. Still, determining are they affordable to you will require a bit of research on your side. Anyway, don’t start planning your relocation until you’re positive that you can afford it.
    • The unemployment rate – When it comes to available jobs, Orlando is one of the leaders of national employment growth. With the unemployment rate of just 2.7%, this is the city where you can easily and quickly find a new job. Job opportunities are vast in whole industries, so many young professionals are moving to Orlando each year.
    • Transportation – While driving in Orlando can be a nightmare due to the traffic jams, its public transportation is really reliable. It has a traditional bus system, LYNX system, and the SunRail, that are pretty frequent. Since it’s an attractive tourism spot, Orlando has a train and bus station, as well as two airports.
    • Crime rate – When it comes to safety, Orlando is safer than 2% of U.S. cities. Still, with the property crime that is at the 81 (while the US average is 35.4), Orlando is the city that has the largest number of this type of criminal activity in the entire country.

    Think about the climate in Orlando

    Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen when moving to Orlando. If you wish to live in the Sunshine State you have to get used to a lot of warm days. And, well the sun. That shines most days of the year. 345 days of the year, to be exact.

    Orlando is one of the warmest places to settle in Florida, but it also has a monstrous thunderstorm in the summer season. Central Florida is the lightning capital of the U.S., which some people find a bit intimidating.

    Still, when you take the possibility that you can enjoy the great outdoors every day into consideration, a couple of storms that pass sooner than they come is not such a big disadvantage.

    Plan your move to Orlando early

    The minute that you finish exploring the features of Orlando and you decide to move there, it’s time to start preparing for your relocation.

    Set the moving day and start organizing everything. Don’t be misled with the fact that you have several months until your moving day. You never have enough time if you don’t start to prepare right away.

    You will need every spare moment to make a moving checklist, budget plan, packing plan and list of all the packing supplies. Not to mention researching the possible movers and finding the best ones for your relocation.

    Don’t waste time even if you’re moving to Orlando from another Florida’s city like Miami. While it seems close, that kind of relocation still requires a big preparation. Surely, reliable local movers Miami will help you immensely, but it will still be up to you to choose the perfect neighborhood, find a new place to live and notify everyone about your move. That can take a lot of your time, so start dealing with those moving tasks right away.

    The clock is ticking, bringing your moving day closer and closer with each minute.

    Say your goodbyes

    When you’re moving to a new city or a state, that will come with a big emotional toil. Especially if you’re moving from your parent’s house for the first time. It’s never easy to leave your family and friends behind and move away.

    While you’ll be staying in contact with them, you won’t be there for their big life events. So try to spend as much time as you can with your loved one before moving to Orlando.

    This isn’t goodbye forever, but it’s important to say your farewells before the moving day. When you delegate your relocation to your movers, you will even have time to organize a farewell party. That way, your departure will be happy instead of a sad memory.

    People at a beach party - Organize one before moving to Orlando
    What better way to honor your relationships than to move with a blast?

    Don’t take your eyes off the prize

    Relocation can be very stressful, and after it, you can feel exhausted and overwhelmed. The feeling of homesick will weigh heavily on your heart, and you can feel the first signs of depression creep in. Shake it off by remembering why moving to Orlando was the best thing for you. Keep your eyes on a goal that you are aiming to achieve by relocating here.

    Explore this amazing city that has so many options to offer. From the best entertainment parks in the world, trough superb restaurant scene, history, culture and abundance of outdoor activities. The day in Orlando can be boring only when you decide that it should be. When you take advantage of so many fun possibilities, you will shake that relocation blues in no time.