Tips for moving interstate with pets

    A dog looking out of a car

    If you ever thought that moving was difficult, try moving interstate with pets. This brings a whole new dimension to the move. Because, why would anything be simple? It is no fun that way. It doesn’t really matter what type of pet you are having. Moving interstate with pets will bring a new set of troubles that most don’t anticipate. On the other hand, you may have anticipated all of this but were too afraid to realize that it is there. Well, we are here to bring an unfortunate reality check. Moving with pets is real, and it is difficult, but it is far from impossible, especially with some tips from us – Purple Heart Moving Group.

    There are just several additional steps that you have to anticipate when moving interstate with pets. The deal is, you are most likely going to have to consider hiring professional movers Coral Springs FL. If you are doing a DIY move whilst having pets, you are going to have a rather bad time with the process. You should not do all of this alone. It is difficult as it is without having any professional help. Sure, it will cost a little bit more money, but it is money well invested.

    Moving interstate with pets – difficulties

    It doesn’t matter what type of pet you have. The only moment where this could matter is if you are moving large fish aquariums. This is a whole new set of troubles. But let us first discuss the most common ones – dogs and cats. There are certain pet mentality elements that you need to consider. If you do, the move will become a lot easier. Otherwise, the move remains the same. You will just have to have a vehicle of your own, or a lent one, with which you will transport your pets yourself. This is our top advice. Otherwise, the option is to store pets on a moving truck which would bring forth a tremendous amount of stress to your beloved pets.

    A couple preparing for moving interstate with pets.
    Your pets read and imitate your stress levels, so they won’t be happy with the move if you are unhappy and stressed out.

    Moving is stressful for you. Imagine how stressful all of this is to your pets. You owe them the fact that you should make it as comfortable as possible. The best way to do this is to organize a vehicle with which you would transport yourself and your pet. Everything else is still possible, however, it is very traumatic for your beloved pets.

    Moving professionals make a lot of difference

    Hiring long distance moving companies Florida will allow you to have more time to ease the transition for your pets. This would mostly mean spending as much time with them as possible throughout the process. Your pets do not conceive this event as clearly as you do. Furthermore, there is nothing you can do to explain to your pets what is happening. To them, this is a rather scary event. The best way to soothe their anxiety throughout the process is to be there and ‘hold their paw’. They will harvest a sense of security from you. Remember, your pets will usually reflect the emotions that you feel. If you are sad or angry, there is a good possibility they will be too. Furthermore, if you are anxious or nervous, most likely they will be too.

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    Professional movers have one goal: they dedicate themselves to getting your move done quickly and safely so you can focus on your pets.

    There is nothing you can do to stop yourself from being nervous while moving interstate with pets, but there is plenty you can do to help your pets with the relocation. Let moving professionals take care of all the heavy lifting, and you can just assist with finesse, guidance and pet sitting.

    Pet mentality

    The most important thing about pets is that they love routine. If you disrupt this routine they are having they will be distressed. This is why you should do everything in your power to try to maintain their daily routine. It is bound to be a bit different because movers will be carrying stuff in and out of your home, but you should try to at least keep their most common activities uninterrupted. This means that feeding time should be at the same time every day. Furthermore, if you are having a dog – you should take the dog for a walk more or less at the same time you normally do. This will instate a sense of security in your pets and they will feel less threatened by the event.

    A brown dog
    The best way to have your pet behave calmly is to stick to its daily routine. This should keep it calm during the trip.

    Another thing you can do is get them ‘close to the action’. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should let your pets run around people moving your furniture because someone could get injured. Someone could drop something on your pet, or step on them. However, there are things you can do to keep them aware of what is happening. Stay close to the house or be in rooms that are not having furniture moved out of. This way you are not restraining them or pulling them away from their current home. Remember, they do not yet understand that you are moving.

    Prepare for the long journey

    Make sure to stack yourself with water and pet food. Moving interstate with pets might last longer than you would anticipate, so make sure to keep all supplies close at hand. Also, make sure you bring your pets’ favorite toys and pillows or similar items. These are their items and they should not be alienated from them. This will give them a large sense of security and is bound to reduce their anxiety by a large margin. Everything else is different from pet to pet. They have their own personality so it is hard to tell how they will react. One thing is certain – they draw their strength from you. So, make sure you are there for them!