Tips for moving musical instruments properly

    Music notes.

    It does not matter if you are a professional musician or it is just your hobby. You need your musical instruments with you in a new home. For some people, music is passion, life or their escape from problems and stress. So, moving musical instruments is a must if you really love it. But, the question is how to move a piano, guitar, drums? It is not simple, luckily we have some tips on how to do it properly.

    Preparing for moving musical instruments and equipment.
    Find a good mover and you will solve your problem. But, some of the things you should do on your own.

    Find reliable movers for moving musical instruments

    This is a very first step. Finding a local moving company Miami is a probably necessary thing to do. It is almost impossible to move your instruments all by yourself. A moving company should be reliable.

    • Make sure they have a good feedback from previous clients. If the past clients are satisfied it is a good sign.
    • Moving musical instruments or any other delicate items is a job for professionals, for sure. Check if the workers are trained for this type of move. You do not want to end up with damaged drums.
    • Insurance and license is a must. Do not hire a company without these 2 things. Anything could go wrong, unfortunately. Better safe than sorry.
    • Book them as soon as you can, especially if you have a concert. Notify them, because some instruments are sensitive to temperatures, so think about it and plan ahead.

    A storage unit for your musical instruments

    During a move, you will maybe need a storage too, until you find a music studio or house. It is not a big problem because moving and storage Florida have it all. The storage units may be temporary or permanent. If you do not want to play your instruments right now, store them in the safe place. Renting a storage unit is a smart idea because you can’t walk around with your instruments while you looking for a new house or new music studio.

    How to pack and move musical instruments

    You have packed your furniture, kitchen, clothes, shoes…but, how to pack music instruments and to deal with it. We have simple and easy tips for you. Even if you hired a moving company, which we highly recommend, you have some work to do. So, how to pack properly and what should you prepare:

    • Original case – if you have an original instrument case it is the perfect solution for packing.
    • Bubble foil and wrapping tape – to secure items.
    • Boxes – collect a lot of moving boxes. You will need them for smaller music instruments and music equipment.
    • Packing peanuts – also for securing items and prevent them from damaging.

    These are common music instruments people move. Avoid moving mistakes with these tips.


    A piano.
    A piano is one of the most difficult instruments for moving and packing. Especially a grand piano.

    Prepare your piano for moving. Moving professionals are trained for moving pianos, do not worry about that. The only thing you can do here is to prepare for it. Lock the keyboard and remove the removable parts (music stand, for example).  Provide enough air bubble foil, tape, blankets, and towels. Of course, you do not want any scratch on your piano. Also, do not forget to put additional bubble foil on the legs and piano pedals.


    Drums are for hitting, but you do not want to hit them during moving.

    For drums, the protection is the most important thing. Buy a packing box a little larger than a drum. Then wrap it and put it inside, separately. Percussion instruments are not difficult to move (like pianos are). Do not forget to put packing peanuts in the box. This will protect your drums from damaging or breaking. Also protects the legs, spurs and tension rods. Put them and the rest of the equipment in the separate box.

    Instruments with strings

    Guitar and a violin.
    Strings instruments are so breakable and sensitive. Prepare them for moving and give them a special service.

    Violins, guitars, ukuleles, bass guitars, cellos…there so many different instruments with strings. Moving musical instruments requires to be gentle and to pay attention to the details. This rule applies to string instruments too. These are fragile and sensitive instruments. Any bump in the road can damage or break it. Before you pack the, loosen the strings a little bit. If you do it, the high or low temperature will not affect your strings. The best box for this type of instruments is the original hard case. If you do not have an original hard case, wrap it with plastic foil or dry cleaning bag. Then, after that, wrap it with a lot of bubble foil (wrap it a couple of times) to secure it well. Pack it like you pack fragile items.

    Brass and woodwind instruments

    The Clarinet.
    You can easily find a hard case in the store for those type of instruments. But, if you do not, it is not a problem.

    Most of the wind instruments have big parts, which make them easy to move. If you do not have an original case, do not worry. They can be easily found in the store and after that wrap it with bubble foil. If you cannot find a case, again, it is not a big problem. Take the entire instrument apart and wrap each part separately with bubble foil couple of timer to secure it and use towels to prevent it from hitting.

    Moving musical instruments do not have to be difficult. The key is to find a good moving company with experience. Yes, moving can be so stressful life event when you do not what are you doing. So, be prepared and organized and avoid the biggest moving mistakes. Make a plan or checklist and you will not forget anything. Not even the smallest details. Good luck with moving and packing musical instruments.