Tips for packing a queen-size bed

    A close up of a bed with yellow bedding.

    How many times in your life have you been faced with a move? And how many of those times did you dread packing your entire home, not to mention your big and bulky items? When it comes to packing, there is no task as difficult as packing a queen-size bed. Well, a few can compare, but it’s hard to say which one takes the title as being the hardest one to relocate. The only way to avoid packing altogether is by opting for professional packing services FL. If for some reason or another that is not an option for you, pay attention. Here are some tips on how to easily pack a queen-size bed (or as easy as it can be.)

    Gather the necessary gear

    You will have to be well-equipped if you wish to pull off an endeavor as difficult as this one. Even the pros such as us, Purple Heart Moving Group, who has been in the business for many years won’t have an easy nor enjoyable time moving a queen-size bed. In order for you to do it, you need to be well-equipped. So, what will you need?

    Call in the troops

    Even if you are a professional bodybuilder, moving and packing a queen-size bed will be impossible to do by yourself. You will need a lot of muscles and a lot of people helping you in this undertaking. So, give a call to some friends or family members and ask for a favor. There is no reason for them not to help you.

    A group of people talking.
    Gather your team and let them help you with packing a queen-size bed.

    Gather the necessary packing supplies

    A crucial factor for any move, among other things, is how well equipped you are with packing supplies. If you were to hire a local moving company to help you with packing, you wouldn’t have to worry about the supplies. Professional moving companies Miramar FL and other areas already have everything necessary for this endeavor. But, if you wish to do it on your own, make sure to hit the local store on time, and gather the following items:

    • A mattress bag
    • Furniture blankets
    • Moving straps or rope
    • Packing tape

    Remove the bedding before packing a queen-size bed

    No matter how much money you have invested in those silk sheets, they will only be a disturbance on your moving day. We understand you want to showcase them to the world but leave that for some other occasion. When it comes to packing your big bed, you need to have a clear path. So, before diving into the packing supplies, first, remove all the bedding. You can use vacuum seal bags to pack the things you remove, and they’ll stay nice and fresh for further use. And now we get to the hard part.

    A toy on a mattress is a disturbance when packing a queen size bed.
    Leave nothing but the mattress on your bed.

    Dealing with the mattress

    Together with your aforementioned friends, lift the mattress off the bed. But, be careful. You don’t want to push yourself, as you want to avoid moving injuries. Moving straps will be very beneficial in this situation, as they will put less strain on your body. Once the mattress is off the bed, put it in a plastic mattress bag that we also mentioned. A mattress bag is highly useful. For one, it will keep the dust away, and this quite expensive possession will arrive safe and sound. Believe us when we tell you that to relocate a king-size mattress is no easy thing. All the help you can get will be needed!

    An added tip: feel free to further secure the mattress bag with packing tape. It won’t allow any part of your mattress to be exposed to the outside world.

    Once the mattress is safely placed in a box, all that’s left is to take it outside and load it into the moving truck. If you hired movers and you were sure to choose loading and unloading as a relocation assistance option, you don’t have to worry. Your movers will take it from there! 

    Disassemble your queen-size bed

    Step by step, and we got to the last one. But, don’t be delusional – your job is nowhere near done. The time has come for you to disassemble your queen-size bed, which can prove to be a very difficult task for just about any average person. So, what’s the procedure?

    A white bed with white pillows.
    It will be a challenge to disassemble your queen-size bed – but that’s what we are here for.

    First of all, remove any detachable parts, such as drawers. Your goal is to only be left with the things that absolutely can’t be taken apart aka the bed frame. When disassembling, it would be good to have an assembly manual of your bed next to you, if you have any. It’s quite clear how that could help you, so we won’t get into any further details.

    Next, unscrew several bolts to remove the headboard from the main bed frame. If your bed has any ornaments, it is a must that you remove those, too. Finally, once every part is safely removed from the main bed frame, wrap each one of them into boxes and bags. Remember, it’s important for all of them to arrive in one piece and without any damage.

    An added tip: you’ll want to hold on to all the small parts, like bolts and screws. Place them in small bags, and seal them for safekeeping. You will need them as soon as you arrive at your new residence.

    The conclusion

    If you are faced with packing a queen-size bed, now you have a solution. There are no packing obstacles we can’t solve, and this is certainly one of them. Just have in mind that if you want the easiest move, you should hire the pros. There is nothing to be lost, but plenty to be gained. And whatever you do, watch out for moving injuries. They happen precisely when moving large items, such as a queen-size bed.