Tips for packing your home library

    Owning a home library is great. Lots of worlds to get lost in and enjoy those rainy afternoons. As the moving day approaches, you are still blissfully unaware of the challenges packing your home library can bring forth. After all, how hard can it be? Books are fairly regular in shape and seem simple enough to pack, right? Well, kinda, but if you want to keep your library in its meticulous state, it’s best that you continue with the read.

    Perfectly looking stack of brand new books
    Do you like their state of utter perfection? Would you like to keep them in the same condition? Do continue with the read.

    Time to pick your favorites

    Every move is a perfect time for a complete home decluttering process. Your home library shouldn’t be an exception. Now, getting rid of books is not obligatory, don’t get us wrong. We are merely suggesting that this would be a good opportunity to gift, donate or even sell books you no longer want to keep for any number of reasons. Additionally, as you are going through your shelves, you will probably notice a lot of newspapers, flyers, envelopes and such. Use this occasion to get rid of all redundancies. However, if you want to move every single booklet you own, by all means, do so. You can even hire moving services Miami to help you out.

    Packing your home library comes with a bit of organization

    Now that you’ve sorted your books, it’s time to separate them by size and cover types. Hardcover books and paperbacks shouldn’t go in the same book for the sake of their safety. Sorting your books by size will ensure that you pack as much as you can in a single box.

    The right type of material for this undertaking

    Strong boxes are the right and only way to go here. It is of the highest importance that you get small packages rather than big ones, and here’s why:

    • books are light individually, but as heavy as lead when combined into a bunch. Smaller boxes will ensure that you are not overloading
    • lots of books in one box are at a higher risk of getting damaged
    • smaller boxes are easier to fill, thus reducing the possibility of any unnecessary shifting during the ride

    Next to boxes, you ought to get wrapping material. Newspapers will do fine. However, if you want to splurge, get bubble wrap as well as packing paper. You will use these materials to fill any gaps that are left in the boxes. This will prevent the books from moving during any part of the loading, traveling and unloading.

    A stack of newspapper
    Packing your home library comes with acquiring proper padding material.

    Books that are heading to the storage unit

    If these pieces will stay in the storage unit for a while, they will need additional protection. We suggest that you leave a silica gel packet inside the box that has your books. Cover the books with a plastic cover before you close the box and make sure that you tape it shut. See that the packages are kept on higher shelves, in case a flood occurs. You want your books away from any moisture or flame, so see that the storage unit you are picking is properly equipped and secured. 

    Special and delicate pieces

    First editions, collectible books, family photo albums, or other more delicate books deserve and require special treatment. The way to ensure their safety is to add layers of stiff cardboard between each book so that the spines will remain straight. You also want to separate especially sturdy boxes for these valuables. A well-padded box will prevent any potential damage that can happen during transport.

    If bigger boxes are unavoidable

    We find this hard to believe. Still, we will give you the benefit of the doubt and provide additional advice. Fill those boxes up to 2/3 with books. Leave the rest for soft and light items, such as clothing pieces, sheets, pillows and such. You don’t want a box full of books to break during transport due to a mistake you made during the packing of your home library.

    Additional options

    Those sturdy boxes we mentioned are best found in liquor stores. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, seeing that glass is the most fragile material. If you are having a local and short move, consider using reusable grocery bags, storage baskets, or even brown paper bags. Suitcases with wheels are also a rather smart choice. Pad the bottom and edges with clothes and you are good to go.

    Pack strategically and carefully

    If your books are up for a long road or some time in a storage unit, make sure to pack them spine down in order to protect them. You can lay them flat or pack them standing up, just make sure that not one book is carrying a heavy load. The biggest mistake you can make is packing them an angle or if they are bent in a strange way. This is basically a highway to disaster. If you feel confused or unsure about your capability and knowledge of doing this right, hire movers and packers Florida, and have your mind at ease.

    A line of damaged book covers
    Ultimately, this is the kind of damage you want to avoid. Do not restrain from asking for help. After all, the books should come before your pride.

    Make your unpacking easier by strategically packing your home library. Books that are shelved together should find their place in the same box if any way possible. That way you won’t go digging for that one book of a 7-piece collection that sits perfectly above the television. It would also be wise to label your boxes in a sensible way. Write its contents and leave a clear mark if the box is particularly heavy. This will also ensure a stressfree unpacking. You will rather enjoy bringing your new place into a home.