Tips for saving money on corporate moving

    We cannot stress enough just how stressful moving can be. It is nothing short of quite challenging. It is overwhelming. Furthermore, it is a time eating giant. And lastly, it is quite expensive. Still, it is here to stay and nothing is changing that. You can moan and weep about it, but the fact will not change that you will have to face it. The sooner you step over that initial denial and deal with the fact that you have to prepare for it, the sooner the next stage of it will begin. Luckily, you have us to help you prepare for the move with some advice on saving money on corporate moving.

    In comparison to residential moving, saving money on corporate moving is a different ballgame. However, as with everything else in life, you can prepare for this as well. Just follow the steps we have prepared for your upcoming move!

    Saving money on corporate moving – myth or reality?

    The first things corporations and organizations think is the fact that this is just an urban legend. The project is expensive and there is nothing they can do to make it otherwise. Wrong. It is expensive, this is true. However, there are ways to make it far less expensive. Or not expensive at all.

    We have prepared some tips and tricks to help you achieve this. None of them are impossible to follow. Some may be a bit tedious, true, but none are unachievable. One of the tricks is to find the right movers, but first, you need to know how to recognize them.

    Pick out the equipment you don’t need and – DONATE

    You are moving. This involves a lot of packing. Trucks too. People carrying stuff around, all the good stuff. This is the absolute most brilliant moment to actually pick out the outdated stuff and get rid of it. You are bound to upgrade sooner or later, might as well make it now.

    Select all the dated equipment that is soon to hit the museum shelves and get rid of it. Donate it to schools or other similar places that might benefit from it greatly. You will save money on packing and transportation since you will be carrying less stuff with you. One of the places where you can donate your things is Goodwill.

    And once you arrive at the new destination, purchase the equipment that you wanted to upgrade at the first place. Voila! Money saved – equipment upgraded!

    Hire a moving company, seriously

    There is no way to stress this more than by giving it a full section. I know what you are thinking. The article is supposed to be talking about saving money on corporate moving. And trust me, by taking the more expensive route (hiring a moving company), you are actually saving money! How?

    If you are keen on saving money on corporate moving then use professionals for the job
    Hiring a moving company for your corporate move is like finding a partner for your business

    True, on paper, moving on your own seems cheaper. But in reality, it really proves not to be, especially if the move is more distant than a few blocks down. First of all, when you are doing it on your own, you are wasting very precious time. The time you could spend still being operative and doing business, you have to spend packing, loading the trucks, unloading the trucks and unpacking. In some scenarios, this could even take days, or weeks even, depending on the size of the company. For example, you can hire commercial movers Florida that will make sure you are in good hands.

    Furthermore, add to this the risk you are taking. Unless you are very experienced, you will be winging a lot of things. If you are handling expensive equipment, the risk is absolutely not worth it. Any damage that could get caused to the equipment will instantaneously outweigh the money initially saved by not hiring a moving company.

    Speaking of moving companies… Get insurance!

    Another thing that we strongly advise that you do, aside from hiring a moving company, is to purchase insurance. Regardless of whether you are doing this on your own, or you are hiring some professional assistance, insurance is always needed. No matter how professional the person handling your move is – accidents always happen. And there is no amount of professionalism that can prevent this. You are already aware of this.

    There are many things where you can look for cost cuts, but consider that insurance isn't on of the things that you should save on
    Saving money on insurance is just puts you at risk in the long run.

    By purchasing insurance, you are getting a get out of jail free card in case anything goes wrong. Especially if you are dealing with very delicate, precious and expensive equipment. Any damage caused to the equipment could get fully compensated if you are insured properly. This is something you really do not wish to save money on. In case something really does go wrong, God forbid, you will be completely safe and covered. Plus, you are basically paying for a large peace of mind. Those are always welcome. So, saving money on corporate moving means also thinking how to save money in the long run.

    Make a checklist!

    Saving money on corporate moving is all about being well organized. The more organization there is involved, the more money you are bound to be saved. And the best friend of a good organization is very simple – a checklist! 

    Checklists will definitely be your best friends. Make sure you dedicate enough time to making this checklist as it may end up saving both time and money. First, make a complete inventory of the items that you will actually be moving. In this step include all the items that you intend to sell and/or donate.

    You can grab a tablet, a piece of paper or a smartphone and start a checklist to help you organize.
    Start a simple checklist to help you organize, and you will save yourself from many headaches.

    Second, within the checklist, include the sequence in which you will pack the items. This means that you will begin packing with the things you need the least and end the packing with the things you are using the most. Two good things come out of this. One, you will be able to use your most used equipment up until the last moment of the move. And two, you will have those things at the top of the truck when you start unpacking, allowing you access to them momentarily.,

    Careful planning, hiring professional assistance, having insurance and deciding what stays behind are the tricks to a successful, money-saving corporate move. Also, calling moving companies Miami Gardens ahead of time to get your quote makes things much easier.

    Good luck!